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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chris Brown believes in aliens - Twitter UFO Sightings, 4/19

Don't have too many UFO sightings, per say, but a lot of buzz about UFOs and aliens on Twitter due to FBI release of documents, the alien body found in Russia, and tweets by famous people about the topic. A few days ago, it was Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus. Now a well-known fan of UFOs and the like, Chris Brown is tweeting.

@chrisbrown I believe in aliens!!

@antoniaunan I saw that UFO video that chris brown retweeted ages ago and I just saw it now again which reminded me how scared it made me :( omg

@HolaRayy All these ufo videos are scaring me!! We probably invaded their planet why shouldnt they invade ours, hope theyre friendly

@MedsVoice @Classic_GQ yeah seen it on CNN iReport. Apparently a UFO crashed in Russia about a month ago.

@ChayTee Ya'll need to go on worldstar and watch thr UFO sighting video..shit is scary and will turn you into a believer I promise.

@Niburu_2012 They say the UFO sightings are happening to warn people in certain places. You guys should spend a vacation day googling planet x

@jcaoagdan RT @LaurenAntonette: I want to see a #UFO

@OfficialLeander Is there an Adventist stance or belief on UFO's?

@MotherNatureNet Our #1 article on Google News right now: "FBI opens Roswell vault" (proving that you can never guess what will hit :)

@Chris_Moody The world, explained. RT @Drudge_Report REPORT: JFK Demanded UFO Files 10 Days Before Assassination...

@OVONiko This UFO/ Alien talk is tripping me out.

@realniggaz1987 I'm starting 2 believe in UFO! SMH it's coming 2 an end Believe it or not

@kobouz I saw a strange green light across the sky during a jog, I asked some friends of my daughter "UFO seen!" It seems that a lot of yelling and that. (translated)

@reecesko Y'all better watch out for these UFO's, they gone invade our world and fuck us up like on independents day......

Saturday, April 16, 2011

UFO Over LA Yesterday? So Say Nick Jonas - Breaking UFO News, 4/16

Update: We've got a second celebrity witness, Miley Cyrus. She replied to Jonas' tweet with "yes I did! #UFO 100%." You can follow her under @MileyCyrus.

Nick Jonas tweeted from @nickjonas "Did anyone in the Los Angeles area hear and see that aircraft fly over over 15 minutes ago? It was crazy loud, and it looked insane! #UFO?" yesterday evening. From what I can tell, however, he's the only who's mentioned it. What I find interesting is that sightings like these have increased in recent weeks (think Japan). Check out this read about recent LA UFO sightings:
"For the last few weeks people have been reporting UFO sightings over LA. I got an Email last week from a Stevie Locks from LA who reported to me an oval shaped UFO that had been seen over LA at approximately 5:15 pm on March 28 2011, and asked me if  I heard of any other UFO sightings. At the time of the Email I didn't know of any but once I looked into it I found quite a few reports of UFOs over La in the last few weeks like this one from this website (HERE) that was witnessed the same night of Stevie Locks."
Is it all related? 

Friday, April 8, 2011

"You know what, there was UFO sighting and aliens landed and they used the whole government shut down as a diversion." - Twitter UFO Sightings & Buzz, 4/8

@CP_time You know what, there was UFO sighting and aliens landed and they used the whole government shut down as a diversion. #ISeeYou.
@BeccaStrang I never publicly acknowledged that on April fools I fooled my rocket scientist room-mate into believing I saw a UFO. Suuucka!
@coriechamp I just saw a UFO.
@FallenOracle there´s a documentary on history channel saying the same thing ... they were saying exactly that though, that triangular formations of ufos have been seen at U.S sky

Monday, April 4, 2011

Twitter UFO Sightings & Buzz, 4/3

@Zerbog I had a dream about a UFO last night that used a very peculiar air propulsion system out of holes at the bottom of the craft.
@seinaruyukiyuki (translated) Ah! Usou that! Just when you come back, shooting star?? UFO?? ψ s the view like a great light (`∇ ') quite large and fast blue tip pictmap ψ?? green? like I was looking for colors like ... A person staying or what? It was a moment
@stavrosfilm (translated) A friend told me in elementary school when I suddenly remember the UFO story. Went down in the coast of Kamakura. Adamski Shitarashii witnessed a group of type. UFO or sauce on the bottom of the base? Present there right now, and what do they think about him? I vaguely, Kenya nowadays, and more.
@jackie0010 ummm im pretty sure there are aliens&ufo's #justsaying
@VegasReportCard I saw a UFO other day?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Twitter UFO Sightings & Buzz, 3/30

I've been a really bad blogger of late, so have missed out on some Twitter UFO sightings. Here are the very latest tweets, though!

@BigChuckyC Dreams about UFO's at least once a week.
@nugzy @sydsouthworth Ever heard of/ seen vids of blue ufo's or know what could be blue flying around in the night sky?
@davido242 @hannahz UFO over #LA ???

Friday, March 18, 2011

Twitter UFO Sightings & Buzz, 3/18/11

@tammyshee I saw Ufo
@mazetic can anyone else see the lights in the sky? located near yishun, lol. my uncle/aunt/grandma are like UFO!!!!111111
@ogink i saw a UFO and nobody believes me, i was sixteen miles from home with nobody in sight
@Hemingray I think I seen a UFO this morning
@MrssCalderon WE JUST SAW A UFO OMG!
@ufoWatcherbot RT @Bongzeez @JonahHill I saw my first ufo ever today

The latest UFO sightings tweets.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Twitter UFO Sightings & Buzz, 3/14/2011

Local New Jersey news looking for UFO witnesses, new Marfa lights...

@cosmostv I liked a YouTube video -- UFO Over TOKYO 13 March 2011 Must Be Huge
@AlienUFOs Possible UFO sighting Northampton UK
@TomsRiverTV we are still receiving emails and phone calls about the recent sighting. If you or anyone you know witnessed this...
@PrettyWikked I thought I saw a ufo in memphis once though.
@ufoWatcherbot RT @graphicsexpress UFO emerges from volcano in Sakurajima, Japan 13-Mar-2011
@conspiracyboy Latest-UFO-Sightings: UFO emerges from volcano in Sakurajima ...
@BlakeVE Just saw UFO in Lafayette.
@graphicsexpress Daytime UFO activity over Phoenix, Arizona 13-Mar-2011
@alexsossah UFO in Paris sky #mothafuckinaliens
@marfak9 Sadly, the Marfa #UFO is now an IFO. :(
@TheUFOInquirer UFO in Marfa, TX! RT @marfak9 @TheUFOInquirer Lights are stationary, 2nd night visible will try for video tonight