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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"So officialy Global Warming is BULLSHIT! " - UFO Message Board Finds, 6/14

NASA asks staff to prep for emergencies, natural disasters, and 911-esque events.
Forums picked up on a recent video posted on the site about the urgent importance of emergency preparedness. Take it for what it is.

 Okay, so what's going on with the sun already?
We may finally have some official answers. Forums got hopping after put out a news report that an announcement was coming down the pipeline about recent solar activity. In a nutshell: solar activity will hit its peak in 2013, with a very unusual solar minimum (a sleepy sun) to follow, to affect space travel and the climate...which we can infer would mean longer winters and shorter summers, after a few years of intense solar flares. Is there more to climate change and global warning than what we've been told?

"So we'll have prolonged periods of winter and shorter summers ... Just Jiffy! The Sun is in competition with the volcanoes and tectonic plates... Who will effect the weather the *most*. HA!"
-User ID  1391353

"So officialy Global Warming is BULLSHIT! I am confussed as why they were talking about shutting down electrical grids, in the lkast few days, NASA releasing a video on preparedness and NOW saying we could be in a solar minimum in its maximum? I really think there is a lot more info going to be released soon, everything at the moment seems very contradictory, also all the current earthquake/ Volcanic activity is VERY unusual. Maybe it is to do with the Comet/Planet and that is affecting the SUN as well as the other planets and in particular the Earth. I believe we are in uncharted times, and Science does not have answers. Its about time the Scientists and the media realised that it is impossible to find a solution to everything and the cycle of nature and the Earth are obviously of an uncontrollable form. We are in a period of unknown and unpredictable things and we need to focus on solutions to the problems that will arise, not a solution to a problem that we can not even attempt to understand or control. Less wars more information of preparedness for ALL UNCERTAINTIES and a togetherness approach will help us survive any future disasters be them of a NATURAL or MANMADE nature!"
-User ID 1293441

Meanwhile, the sun gives us a "fresh blast."

"it was yesterday, but nasa said it was not earth directed. Now they showing something else. So they even cant lie :) or had mass mess in office."
-User ID 1398949

Do we have some extreme flooding on our hands?
While the South is drenched with nothing but a drought, the Omaha metro area (Missouri River basin) will be releasing water from the dam, along with increasing precipitation.

"Here is the scoop.... for the next 7 days Montana and Alberta have heavy heavy precipitation forecasts. Major precipitation. Now, after this system passes... if we get a heat wave, which is very likely, it will cause a HUGE melt off of the snow packs. There will be MEGA WATER headed down towards the Fort Peck Dam. MEGA."
-User ID 1418572

-User ID 1004066

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Alien Footage from Roswell, Cool Shit or Bull Shit? 5/3

I have no clue where this came from, but apparently it's some leaked footage of an alien chilling out after the Roswell incident. Great CGI, puppetry, or great evidence of ET visitation? Check out this comment:  

But all this new about Osama Bin Laden being dead, is just a prestige build up for Obama to set him up to be the ET Disclosure president of the world. His prestige is going to shoot to the roof; did everybody notice all these sorry ass people cheering around the country last night in to the early morning. I hate to break to y'all but 9/11 was a inside job, people was cheering over a complete LIE a CHARADE.I hope I'm not the only one seeing this. WinduChi6 20 hours ago 37

Update: has tracked down the original uploader of this video and this one, called "Disclosure leaked ufo alien case video confidential documents old footage." What an SEO-friendly mouthful! Anyways, his name is ivan0135, he's from Russia, has a meager 105 subscribers, and has uploaded just these two videos. Is this part of a viral marketing stunt, as UnknownCountry suggests (for no apparent reason, by the way)... or something else entirely?

Here's the super interesting word on the GLP street:

"looks fake to me"
 Well, it looks fake to me - like a puppet. That being said, my grandfather used to work for Rocketdyne, I think in the 60's, and his supervisor showed him some "eyes only" documents (which he wasn't supposed to have done) about three crashed UFO's in New Mexico and in California. Apparently some of our radar systems caused them to crash.Anyway, I don't know much about it but I guess they were trying to figure out how the propulsion system worked. My grandfather worked in rocketry, but I doubt any UFO would use such methods. This was told to my mom back in the 70's or 80's I think and he never mentioned Roswell by name, but my mom assumed that's what he was talking about due to the "New Mexico" thing. He could've been bullshitting her I suppose, she was telling me the truth and he definitely worked for Rocketdyne. -USER ID 1367746 

It was already posted before. It's faker than fake. The 3D textures might be good and the model very detailed, but the movement isn't natural and the effects to make it look old are just hilarious, especially the film ticking like if they would digitize an old film, they would include the noises from the projector!!! - USER ID 1367813 
only about 20 seconds of footage here. Most of it panning, not on the face. Not to mention dark enough to not reveal too much detail as well as the annoying audio. Why are we hearing a projector click? LOL Sorry but look like someone had just enough money to make a 30 second clip (a very good one) and worked very hard to make it look old. The points above are giveaways in my book. P.S. as the other poster mentioned the velour adidas track suit didn't work so much. - Revo/elation 

Debunking the Debunkers

couldn't someone have filmed it with an old camcorder right beside the projector playing the film? would that explain the timestamp and the sound? might also explain the moire in the video as well as someone still had to capture the video off a TV screen.. thats the opinion I had while watching it.. that would explain somewhat why they hid the year in the timestamp because the date it was VCRed was far different than the date that original footage was 'filmed'.. just some possibilities to consider - Two-R-one

Not a Stereotypical Grey

These guys who fake the vids (like this one) can't even do the minimal research. Never in all of the alien abductions has anyone said the aliens blink their eyes. In fact, they point out often that the aliens DO NOT blink. - USER ID 1366346 

This could very well be fake.
Some people mention "why would the aliens look like our stereotypes?"
Hmm maybe because the "Grey" stereotypes come from real encounters!
Also, this isn't a stereotypical Grey. This is a different being (perhaps benevolent) altogether. The grey's I've seen were a little less "organic" looking.
But still could be part of the same collective.
I watch with interest (has not seen the entire GLP thread, so sorry if this has been exposed as hoax). -Hehe

Prep for Project Blue Beam? 

I believe this is a preparation for project blue beam. The increased videos of UFOs and all the recent disclosure is all prepared even though I know how 90% of you guys WANT to believe in all this. Nothing can convince you otherwise but it's a FACT that the government knows how to build flying saucers and it all started with Nikola Teslas' blue prints for flying saucers. Also don't forget that the Elites are 50 years ahead of us in technology. They have technology to run an entire house by using a small battery. They know how to use gravity for their own benefits. These government UFOs can use gravity to steer in any direction and make fast 90 degree turns and can fly extremely fast. I'm not denying that the UFOs spotted all over the world are fake. Some of them are fake and some of them are even CGI but the ones who aren't fake are simply government flying saucers and not "visitors" from other civilizations trying to stop us from nuclear wars bla bla bla. Then my next question pops up. What is the purpose and benefit of doing this? Research Project Blue Beam. Although it cannot be proven it's a very interesting theory which I believe the chemtrails are for. To be used as a "screen" or a monitor on the sky to project images from the satellites.  - Vinyard 

Check out more recent alien encounters, and do some contrast and comparison yourself.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Ummmm, we sure we (the public) are supposed to have access to these photos??" - UFO Message Board Finds, 4/5

This helpful GLP-er put together a group of seven UFO fleet videos, quite compelling.
However,I know at least one to be a dud, but these UFO sightings are understandably misleading! Scroll down for some great convo and even more UFO videos.

Puerto Rico did not have a great day today, as far as earthquakes go:
"[link to]
What the heck is going on now?"
WTF is this, NASA? Space debris?
Well, some new NASA pics are in, and they led to more pics!
This discussion revolves around a mix of exclusive GLP leaks and public, though possibly-meant-to-be-private pics from
"Someone please explain to me what that is? If you can't see these pictures above please go to and click Cntrl + F and put in "STS103-734-58_3" it will find the picture in the list.I hosted these on my photobucket high rez for anyone not able to see them above>>>>[link to] [link to] [link to] From NASA/ISS:​​ "
I am an Astrophysicist, and I can fully appreciate your need to have such an anomaly truthfully explained . This is actually a Photon Spectral Retrographical Spike. This occurs when something, or rather, someone who is as full of shit as I am, makes up crap on GLP.
Is that Mercury?
Meanwhile, what's going on with Mercury's orbit? 
"tell me why mercury changes directions today, then changes back?
go here
[link to]
Click on "LASCO C2", then click "Search"
it will play the images from today in a movie on the screen for you
now, pay attention the the planet, that is what they say is mercury
(at the 7 oclock position)
now we know it is mercury because thats what we are told and i have always thought it was as well. but right now im questioning this because of what i saw it DO
around the 04:00 time, you can CLEARLY see this damn planet that has been moving kinda fast to the right, TURN BACK TO THE LEFT for 1 whole frame, then, go back to the right again
wtf is that shit? planets DO NOT suddenly go the oppisite direction, then change back
yet, that is what the photos show it do
here are the 3 links to the frames i am talking about
if you open each in a new tab, let them load, then go from each tab 1,2,3,4 you can see the planet change direction in the 3rd frame at 04:24, then change back in the next frame
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]"
"I dont think it could be mercury...I went back 88 days from this sign of Mercury on those images...Mercury has an 88 day orbital period, I would think we would see it 88 days prior to this, and 88 days prior to that...etc.."
What's that UFO, and what's that planet?
More photos ... apparently, "not for public viewing," get analyzed.
"Ummmm, we sure we (the public) are supposed to have access to these photos??
Check these out from further down the page. Make sure you zoom in with high res, if possible.
IMAGE ( [link to] )
IMAGE ( [link to] )
IMAGE ( [link to] )
IMAGE ( [link to] )
IMAGE ( [link to] ) IMAGE ( [link to] )
IMAGE ( [link to] )
IMAGE ( [link to] )"
Planet X caught on cam?
Of course there's a healthy fresh debate going on about Comet Elenin, or Nibiru/Planet X - which has apparently been caught on cam. The backdrop? A feud between two astronomers, one pro-Nibiru, one anti. It's outright Dramatic.
"Now we have two sources tracking inbound objects that appear to be on or near the ELEnin Comet JPL Orbit/Flight Path: [link to]
5T4RSCREAM Video: [link to]
5T4RSCREAM Channel: [link to]
Now compare those objects to those in the Astrolpatriot video.
Astrol's Video: [link to]
Astrol's Channel: [link to]
GLP Topic: [link to]
My hypothesis says that these two astronomers are tracking the planetary/moon/asteroid field objects that are in orbit around the high-density dwarf star that nobody can yet see. These objects are near the ELEnin Comet coordinates that seem to be tracking the dwarf star gravity well from the ELEnin Comet NASA Psyop: [link to]
Below are links that others find helpful in waking up to the truth that a dark star is using the ELEnin JPL orbit/flight path on route to an orbit around our Sun.
[link to]
Nibiru Timeline: [link to]
What Google/NASA are Hiding: [link to]
[link to]
25 Symptoms of Nibiru: [link to]
Nibiru Safe Zones
: [link to"
Check out this nifty investigation into Alison Kruse, a so-called UFO fan...or fraud
"My purpose is to announce that I am back...and I will continue to fight the good fight and debunk her videos as they become readily available. I will not bore you with the details and or beg you to join my fight. All I ask is for you to keep and open mind and absorb the evidence at hand. Only you can make up your own mind.
"My purpose is to announce that I am back...and I will continue to fight the good fight and debunk her videos as they become readily available. I will not bore you with the details and or beg you to join my fight. All I ask is for you to keep and open mind and absorb the evidence at hand. Only you can make up your own mind."
"i posted this video recently as a test to see how many people would just blindly accept
this as a ufo ...... not the youtube version shown here ... that was some other user
that downloaded my copy.
after 7,700+ views and 6 pages of comments someone who lives in brighton knew what this was.
3 cranes with red lights on top ...... now all those belivers that blindly accepted this
may hopefully examine their belief system.
it was always my intention to expose this video next week but it only lasted for 5 days
but still it got a lot of views !!! thanks dodgedeamon71 for your unintended support
please do not be mad at me i had no malicious intent."
 And finally, here's a conversation between Leonid Elenin and a few fans of his. 
First I can use any free domain name, and SpaceObs is not your property.
When I register my domain name I'm not thinking about your site. You should be
more modest :)
Second, my blog was unavaileble by technique issues and if you want, you can

find on previous address -
About my name... Many people known me on comet-ml and MPML long before the

discovery of my comet.
Clear skies.


Monday, April 4, 2011

"Dunno about anything called Nibiru. But there is a brown dwarf and I'd not be shocked to discover it has planets of its own." - UFO Message Board Finds, 4/3

As Comet Elenin and theoretical ET disclosure gets closer, the world's getting weirder.

UK map catches alien on camera by accident
Forget gnomes, aliens like your garden, too.
"On Saturday (19/03/11, 2 weeks ago) I was round at a friend's house who lives in Preston, UK. I have agreed to do some garden maintenance for them, put some flower beds in, bird table etc. It was in the mid afternoon around 2:30 PM that I was out in the back garden making some sketches, taking notes, and suggesting a few ideas to my friend. I also took a number of photographs for later reference. The weather was cloudy/sunny outbreaks, my Samsung SGH-D900 Digital camera was set to fully automatic, and the photo I send is of the side of the house, it was taken while I was stood back at the far back of the back garden, roughly about 20-25 feet from where the photo starts, the digital zoom was applied, roughly half zoom as far as I can remember. It was only a couple of days ago when I was going through the photos that I spotted on the photo in question what appears to be a small, strange figure moving across the bottom of the garden brick wall. I did not see anything at the time of taking the photograph, and nothing unusual showed up on any of the other photos which might explain the figure. I have no logical explanation as to why the figure would appear on a random garden photo I took, the only rational explanation that I can think of is that the thing must be some kind of living creature and was moving? Only trouble is, it does not resemble any kind of animal I have ever seen. I am pretty sure that the object is not a glitch, reflection, lens flare, shadow, etc, as the object looks too well defined as a shape of a figure, as one can clearly see on the close up a head, arms, body, legs, and what clearly looks like a walking figure can be seen. The object looks like it is close to the brick wall and reflecting daylight, and looks to be behind the sun rays and glare. I showed the photo to my friend whose house it is, he said it is rather interesting, but also rather disturbing at the same time. I am baffled as to what the object is and to why it would show up on a random garden photo I took"
-VAEROSPACE says spring is "fireball season" - has the disinfo begun?
"Dunno about anything called Nibiru. But there is a brown dwarf and I'd not be shocked to discover it has planets of its own. NASA STEREO images of the brown dwarf near our (traditional) Sun in Feb:

[link to]
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]

Not sure why anyone would assume it DOESN'T have some planets of its own. Virtually all - if not all - suns do have planets. And if someone wants to call one of them 'Nibiru', doesn't matter to me or change reality one bit."

The sun is acting up.
No matter what's going on with ET disclosure or Comet Elenin, we can all agree there's something strange going on with our planet. 
Here are a few threads, among many, about the odd solar activity of late: thread 1 & 2.
And more talk about Comet Elenin (or according to some, Nibiru/Planet X) - how close will it really get to earth?
"If the .0004 au is accurate, it will be well within the obrit of the moon.
If the .03 au is accurate it'll be about 10x distance of moon.

.00256 au = 1 LD

I wonder what it would take for the comet to be captured by Earth's gravity and fall into an orbit?"

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The weirdness on Planet Earth continues - UFO Message Board Finds, 3/23

The Earth is still rumbling, weird stuff is still hanging out by the sun, and people are still really confused about Comet E.L.E.nin (elenin).

Wow, stuff is just getting weirder and weirder! I myself am an alien/planet X agnostic, meaning I'm just searching for the truth with an open mind and I don't know what that truth is just yet. I wanted to see what some of the ideas were about Planet X before Comet Elenin showed up on our radar (in December 2010) to see what was going on before the massive government disinfo. I recommend you educate yourself with as many unbiased resources as possible, but if you're new to the story, check out these two videos: Planet X update May 2008, Planet X flyby scenarios (we know now that we'd be #7, E.L.E according to video...before comet ELEnin was discovered).

Is the sun about to blow, and does a UFO have something to do with it?
"SOHO hiccuped revealing large UFO and something else!"
"Re: BREAKING: 5 hours ago, came up with the biggest explosion ever seen in the Sun Quote [+] #
BREAKING: 5 hours ago, came up with the biggest explosion ever seen in the Sun

Starting at

2011/03/29 20:48
Very similar to the one on the movie 2012"
"I live in southern Norway and I've been noticing increased auroral activity down here for the last year or so. Before that, aurora borealis was a once-in-a-century happening."
The debate about the existence of Planet X/Nibiru (or according to NASA, Comet Elenin) rages on...
"Right. That is called closed minded. I on the other hand have the ability to say that if credible evidence every surfaces on the existence of a planet that fits the properties ascribed to Nibiru, I can change my statement. You base your statement on no logic what so ever and cannot change your mind. That is why your belief is psuedoscience."
"The CONCEPT of a Px type object is immensely intriguing and fascinating to me. I have an almost Fox Mulder like "I want to Believe" attitude on the subject......but alas.. In well over a decade, nothing but crap has been served up as 'proof' so far. Tell me, tell all the AA's [amateur astronomers] where to point our scopes, and there will be so much proof that the PA's, NASA and the almighty PTB will not be able to stop the tsunami of evidence from overtaking the internet."
"Hey guys...check out these 2008 videos about Nibiru, pre comet elenin-discovery, discusses different orbit/scenario possibilties...the 8th worst case scenario is ELE and planet x could be comet-like object:[link to] also apparently there were youtube videos posting photos of nibiru from south pole telescope, that got removed?"
That mysterious rumbling noise I talked about a week or so ago is still making its way around the world. WTF is going on? Someone's even made a petition to get to the bottom of this!
"Hi there, I heard the same thing, I live in Miami and heard it around 4 something pm yesterday.
I have made a petition online for all of us who has heard it to sign to demand an answer from our representatives. I know it is not perfect english not being my first language but I tried my best.
"I have been noticing that, at least here in Portugal, numerous sightings have occurred near big microwave antennae. The microwave field could in some way interact with the propulsion system of the craft, revealing them to the naked eye. Or, it could be that they are attracted to those places for some reason."
"I live in Dollar, Scotland - yesterday at 2.30am i was having a cigarette out the back, this is the 3rd night in a row i've heard the heard the rumbling, sounds like thunder but it definately isnt thunder. "

Did the Yellowstone earthquake prediction, made by various forum posters, actually come true?

Speaking of predictions, 9Nania - the lady who accurately predicted the March 11th quake, and warned folks to get off of fault lines that day - is now worried about the 31st, as that's when Comet Elenin will be aligning with our Earth in an interesting way again. She's specifically concerned about San Francisco. And so are others:
"I'm in Northern Calif. I'm a little concerned because my 13 year old cat is really acting terrified tonight. She was hiding in her bed and wouldn't come out to eat. She's never done that before in the 13 years I've had her. She just acts totally scared to death. It has me a little concerned. She finally ate after stroking and cuddling her for a long time but still acts wide-eyed and freaked out!"
Meanwhile, compasses still seem to be tripping up...are the poles really shifting?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Earth is Ringing ! - UFO Message Board Finds, 3/23

Wow, guys. So every week gets more and more confusing when it comes to this alien, doomsday stuff! Really relieved that none of the predicted earthquakes played out, but it seems there's still increasingly funky things happening with our planet.

Loud Rumbling, Ringing Noise Heard Around the World
People are getting together on the internet to map out where they've heard a strange, loud, unusual rumbling sound. It seems to be happening all over the world right now. Is this a result of the Japan earthquake, or HAARP, or god forbid - "Comet" Elenin? Here are three great threads about it: 1, 2, & 3.
"He felt the sound itself was coming from the electrical lines, thus why he says it would sound like it is all around you. He felt that this "ringing", which is caused by a spike in a sine wave, is responsible. Please use the word ringing loosely as this is a technical term for the vibrating sound that comes from this spike. It doesn't mean it is high pitched. The depth of the sound depends on the frequency of the source it is harmonizing/phasing with. He felt this could happen as a result of:
- geomagnetic harmonization (from the core of the earth)
- radio frequency harmonization (HAARP)
- geomagnetic solar storm (I'll throw in Proton bombardment)
He also said it could be coming from cell towers.
He explained the sine wave could be simply a microsecond but would not interfere with electricity as it would not significanlty increase the amount of power in the line, but would cause a hammering sound effect. You would need a oscilloscope to check out your electric line to see if you notice anything. Since he is not currently working in the field of electronics he does not have one at his access."
Anonymous Coward
Yellowstone Is Acting Weird...
Check out this active thread about the anomolies going on at Yellowstone right now. Also, did someone post a fake thread about Yellowstone blowing, or is there a cover up going on?
"I have google alerts set up for Yellowstone just got one in my email that said YELLOWSTONE JUST EXPLODED with a link to GLP but when I clicked it it said the thread had been removed. Any truth there or just bullshit."
-Riders on the Storm
More Heated Discussion on Comet Elenin
The web is abuzz with the Comet Elenin mystery. Is it really just a comet, or is it a comet with some neighboring comets and meteorites NASA i s concerned about? Why is NASA tracking the orbit of this comet, when it says it's not even a significant event? Why did believers in the Planet X/Brown Dwarf star predict Japan earthquake, while others didn't?

And if there's something to the 2012 apocalypse conspiracy, is there something to this?
"Thats the magnetic south pole, and it should be centered on Antarctica, not Antarctica on its edge!"
Anonymous Coward