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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Funky Stuff on Mars - Breaking UFO News, 6/7

A lucky Joe was browsing Google Mars when he stumbled across what looks to be a clear structure on Mars' surface, located at 49'19.73"N 29 33'06.53"W. Many are debunking this sighting as simple glitch, or artifact created by Google Mars. But we've yet to find a perfect explanation.

Obviously if this was a real structure, NASA would already know about it. Hopefully people will do some more digging and we can find out what we're seeing here.

Meanwhile, take a look at some other odd Mars anomalies found using NASA's JPL photo lab. You be the judge if this author's making something out of nothing, or if there is more to Mars than we think.

I'll leave you with this Buzz Aldrin quote, where he reveals that there's a monolith on Mars' moon:

Monday, May 23, 2011

MSNBC Weather Cam UFO Moon Flyby - New UFO Sightings, 5/23

Here's a great webcam from MSNBC that features a strange craft zooming by the moon, and it's been discussed on MSNBC as well. Some think it's an aircraft with double lights, while others are convinced this behaved nothing like an aircraft that we currently know about. What do you think?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

UFO Orbs by the ISS - New UFO Sightings, 5/1

Someone watching the live ISS cam caught a glimpse of this fleet of red unidentified flying orbs. Check out the amusing comments: 

there was some kind of special meeting planned for yesterday and Captn Kelly missed the party when Obama scuttled the shuttle after touring Tuscaloosa. But make sure to watch the next one as I bet dollars to donuts, these objects will come back for him. There's something freaky about Captn Kelly and I just have this feeling that there's more to this shuttle launch and mission than is being told to the public. The shooting of Gabby Giffords: was to delay or derail this flight?

@kapesun Yeah did you see the video from yesterday where I caught Obama putting something sneaky in his pocket after that captain dude shook his hand/handed it to him at the same time? That was weird, and hella obvious. Something doesn't want this flight to happen. Probably because they are messing with the universe in a way that could harm it. Maybe time-travelers came back to stop them. Maybe the aliens know whats up.. who knows. it's a particle accelerator, atom-smasher they are sending..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Forget the Moon, Mars Has Way Cooler Stuff - Breaking UFO News, 4/26

Man in the Red Planet? 
So, apparently there are all kinds of faces, or landmarks that look like face, on Mars. The the European Space Agency Portal and the Mars Anomaly Research Society have recently discovered two new anomalies on the red planet. 
According to the observation of Basiago, the close resemblance of the profile to human beings can be used as evidence to confirm earlier speculations. The assumption that a group of humanoid beings on Mars are genetically related to Earthlings is now more founded. This is based on the similarities in their physical appearances.

SETI's Not in the Budget
Don't get it. The more and more evidence we get that there's life out there in the universe, and more and more warnings we get that it won't necessarily be all that friendly...the less and less funding SETI gets?
Astronomers worldwide are mourning the loss of the Searth for Extraterrestrial Intelligence program after funding was finally cut and resulted in the closure of the Allen Telescope Array that once gave hope to mankind that we would one day intercept an alien signal from space.  But while some are suggesting the shutdown is a sad sign of our times, others are suggesting we're pulling the plug for other reasons.  While the shutdown is termed temporary by the institute, others are afraid this could mean the end of one of the greatest undertakings the human race has ever embarked upon.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

NASA discovers millions of new objects in our solar system, & media spins FBI Roswell story - Breaking UFO News, 4/17

94 Brown Dwarfs Discovered by NASA
Want to know what's out there in our solar system? Are you sure? Well, NASA has just unleashed data from its amazing W.I.S.E telescope, giving the public a whole new perspective. Although W.I.S.E couldn't find everything, it found a whole lot - 350 million+ new objects in our solar system, alone!  

Among W.I.S.E's discoveries are 133 near-earth asteroids (21 could be dangerous), 17 new comets, and a whopping 94 brown dwarf stars...these are big, invisible beasts and actually what many suggest Planet X to be.
 Fortunately, GLP-ers are on the trail and looking up coordinates left and right. They've already found some interesting things

Media Spins FBI Release
I'm starting to really 'get' how these UFO stories get spun in the media. We get a tease of disclosure, and then some follow up that confuses or blurs reality - just enough to keep people in the dark. Remember when that NASA dude said he found proof of alien life in a meteor, and this proof was packed in one of the most peer-reviewed documents ever? NASA then disavowed it later, saying it wasn't proof "enough." You will see this media cycle happen over, and over, and over again. Info reaction...disinfo. Repeat.

I can give you all kinds of examples of how this is done, and the usual culprits are Fox News, Discovery Channel, and - they will put out stories and then everyone and their dog will re-iterate it across Internet, no matter how valid they are.

Facts about the FBI document are as follows.  
  • The FBI has declassified a number of documents that you can go and research on This happened a little while ago, but for whatever reason FOX News decided to make this a story out of the blue (I work in media industry, stories are never random like this).  
  • The press originally reported the Roswell incident as a flying saucer crash, with or without this FBI document!
  • The FBI docs include info about 911, Hitler, and other UFO sightings and concerns (including cow mutilations) - not just regarding Roswell
  • But of course the document that's caused all the discussion did concern Roswell. It was sent from an FBI agent to the FBI director, and told of an air force investigator's report of how 3 flying saucers crashed, and three 3-foot beings were inside each saucer. This is a real report.
It is undebunkable, and there is not a single other source that's come forward to prove or disprove it. Does this report mean that 3 flying saucers crashed? No. But there is also no proof that this report was hoaxed, or false. Except that it doesn't line up with the official story. That's all.  

There is another player who AOL News loosely connected to the "hoax" theory, but if anything, I find more proof the report is real, than not real, in this story. Read it closely. NO WHERE IN THE STORY IS THERE EVIDENCE OF HOAX, BUT THAT'S THE HEADLINE.  Disinfo doesn't work as simply as you'd like to think. It only takes one major media org to put a spin on a story, and it will then get perpetuated throughout whole sphere - as you're conditioned to believe MSM, even as a trained journalist. I'm still open-minded about this document - taking it at face value, wondering why FOX News made it news. I hope you do the same! Meanwhile, check out Michael Cohen's take on it all.  

Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus Are Sole Witnesses to Recent LA UFO
Guys, if they are gradually leaking out info about UFOs and ET life, this might be part of it. A recent tweet by Nick Jonas (@NickJonas), of the Jonas Brothers, read: "Did anyone in the Los Angeles area hear and see that aircraft fly over over 15 minutes ago? It was crazy loud, and it looked insane! #UFO?" Then Miley Cyrus, or @MileyCyrus, replied: "yes I did! #UFO 100%." What's curious is no one else has reported about this. What are the odds the only two witnesses are pop artists? Are these sponsored tweets?