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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lights Over Florida - New UFO Sightings, 4/26

Check out these blinky, multi-colored orbs. Now, compare to this account of a fleet of orbs over nearby Tampa, not a new sighting but I've found it helpful to do more UFO comparisons of late. So, this is just one random stab at that.
On the morning of August 20th at approximately 9:15am I woke up to an incomming summer thunder storm. Since I had just moved to Florida these types of storms were new to me and I went outside to get a good look and take some pictures. I was standing right outside of my apartment which was on the water in the Normandy Isle part of Miami just off of the 79th St. (J.F.K.) Causeway looking south.
Almost immediately I saw a a couple very bright spheres flying by my apartment. They were not far away at all, and looked to be spheres. Its hard to estimate distances, but I would guess they were less than a 1/4 mile away and were approximately 30-40 feet in diameter.
Click the photo for a bigger version - the orb, some zooming around, are unmistakable! And quite similar to what we've been seeing in Japan.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Japan UFOs on Volcano Cam - Some of the Mystery Solved ? Breaking UFO News, 4/18

Hey guys, here's a video from March 11th minus the poor quality. Does this explain the sightings? I think it explains some of them. I'll need to do more research to match up these "reflection" orbs to the ones witnessed on cam and find out what was going on with their movements and the ones I saw ZOOM into volcano. Unfortunately, this footage is from a past date, so we can't compare it to the recent sightings exactly.

What it seems we were seeing is different perspectives of the sun, and the sun's reflection as the day went on. However, I'd love to find the source of these higher quality cams to do some more observation.

It hardly explains everything, though...
Check out the orbs - some flash, and then one flies out of volcano. 

The brigade of UFOs that has made their way around Japan from before and during the disaster are still unexplainable, and so still are some of the earthquake lights and happenings (see above). If it weren't for these sightings, I reckon no one would have even noticed these web cams too much. There are still a few "oddities" - like the orbs I saw zoom into volcano, that was in real-time...and here are still plenty of things that keep me scratching my head. I'll continue researching this phenomenon, but we can at least breathe a sigh of relief that most likely, the Sakurajima Volcano was erupting in a totally natural way.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Japan's Sakurajima Volcano UFO Update - New UFO Sightings, 4/17

All kinds of funky UFOs are showing up on the live web cam (when there is a time stamp, it's live - otherwise it is a alternates) of the Sakurajima Volcano eruption in Japan. Sometimes the UFOs aren't there, sometimes they're REALLY there. As of 8:53 central time this morning, there were a few white orbs around.

Following on the heels of Japan's UFO "outbreak," which correlated with the earthquakes and tsunamis, this is especially interesting - or disturbing. I am no geology expert, but I have scoured the Internet for information on what could be causing these lights! Are we witnessing earthquake lights and/or ball lighting? And if so, why are these same sightings showing up all over Japan, but in other contexts, and why aren't they behaving like earthquake lights or ball lighting?

Check out this recent Japan UFO sighting...from the local news:

Look how this orb glides across water, and then disappears in mid air.

Wow, it's a whole fleet! Those are not birds, guys... 

UFO fleet over Iceland Volcano

Now, compare to the UFOs spotted on the volcano:

What I've personally witnessed so far....and keep in mind these types of UFOs, however natural they are, are typical around ley lines, important historical events, and natural disasters...
  • White orbs blink in and out, wiggling around, hovering in mid air, occasionally changing positions, or zooming down into volcano
  • Fiery lights at bottom of volcano that, at first, look like car headlights, but on closer inspection, clearly are not. I watched two fiery lights, for example, interact with each other than then explode into a gigantic ball of light that sat on volcano for a long time, and then broke up into two lights again. This same ordeal happened at a different Japan volcano recently, too!
  • Strange colored balls of lights hovering over volcano for long periods of time.  
Are there internal earth processes creating these effects, or is there something more intelligent going on here?  Here are some other sightings, from the message board tracking these viewings.
"Blue orb on this cam...^^^^"

"there are hundreds of ufo's on the screen now."
"What is the light at the bottom of the mountain moving back and forth?"


Crazy lights and orbs all over the place - New UFO Sightings, 4/17

Have you been following the Japan UFO sightings? They picked up right before the earthquake disaster, and then showed up on local news reports like there was no tomorrow. Now, they're showing up on the live Sakurajima Volcano cams.

As far as the rest goes... it's really hard to keep up with all the new UFO sightings, considering most don't come with photos and videos, are written in to MUFON, tweeted about, or talked about, but generally not reported on. Never mind that the media is of no help, but recent UFO sightings, in particular, are becoming SO frequent (certain varieties, even, showing up in certain parts of world in "waves"). Thanks for your patience. : )

Red Lights (and more) Over Moscow

Multiple Mult-colored Lights over Southern India

 UFOs Inspect UK Chemtrail

UFO Over Tijuana

Pulsating blue lights over Buenos Aires

More lights over South America, this time in Rio de Janeiro

Object hovers over (Spanish?) City

Super weird lights over Western Australia

Orb pulsates over Ottawa Canada highway

Friday, April 15, 2011

Video of Sakuraijima Volcano Eruption & UFOs - New UFO Sightings, 4/15

You're gonna wanna order this video extra-large - pop on over to YouTube to watch.

Check out the different varieties of white orbs!  
Someone has recorded the live cams of the Sakuraijima Volcano UFOs. Check out the many Japan UFO sightings documented on this blog and then compare to this footage. Keep in mind those lights at the bottom of the volcano are not from cars - I watched them morph into a giant ball of light that hovered in middle of volcano for what seemed like hours. Is this a natural phenomenon, is this ball lightning? Or is this volcano under attack? Please compare this video recording to my screen shots below, and keep in mind that this UFO orb phenomenon is not unusual and is TYPICAL around ley lines (think Stonehenge, Great Pyramid, military sites), and natural disasters... and have been showing up in DROVES in Japan up until and during the earthquakes and tsunamis.

I'll be back soon with a bunch of new UFO sightings, MUFON reports, UFO tweets, a Comet Elenin update, a Jerusalem UFO update (apparently there's even more evidence of hoax, and this is just the wackiest, strangest, most irrational UFO story I've ever come across).

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Second Fireball Zooms Into Japan Volcano - New UFO Sightings, 4/13

Hey guys, so I was pretty ecstatic to experience my first UFO sighting...via the live web cams of the erupting Sakuraijima Volcano. The UFOs that popped in and out of these web cams, seemingly randomly, resemble very typical and consistent UFOs that have been spotted along ley lines (Stonehenge, pyramids, etc), and during natural disasters. This particular brand of UFOs has been all over the place in Japan right before and during the earthquakes and tsunamis.

This Isn't A New Thing In Japan
Here's just one of many examples of these orbs showing up on local Japan news. Watch how this orb glides across the water and then disappears in mid air. This is apparently normal behavior of UFOs like these.

My Second UFO Sighting
Well, I already shared screen shots with you of one of the moving orbs. Well, here's another! So not a fluke.

Well, as I took in the lights hovering around the Sakuraijima Volcano (again, via a live web cam, which admittedly had some rebroadcasts), I was lucky enough to watch two different orbs zoom into the volcano two different times. The first time it looked like a shooting star, and the second time the orb was a bit bigger and was extra fiery. Another point I saw a really big glowing ball that was unmistakable.

So, what's going on here?
As I mentioned before, there is a correlation with these types of UFOs, ley lines, and natural disasters. Is there an internal earth process creating this spiritual or perhaps mundane natural phenomenon? Is the volcano sucking the orbs into it, or are the orbs moving around in somewhat of an intelligent or intentional fashion?

Either way, we've got some true-blue UFOs on our hands. I suspect if this is a natural effect, it's one we're not privy to - perhaps it relates to Tesla's free energy technology, which also has strange ties to ley lines!

I welcome and and all logical explanations. I've done some research, but I'm no geology or volcano guru, so if you are - please chime in!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Watch Japan "UFOs" Live! I just saw one shoot across cam! Breaking UFO News, New UFO Sightings

So, I was watching the live Japan Sakuraijima volcano cam to keep tabs on the UFOs currently hovering there, pulsating white orbs specifically. I really wanted to see something move or act "intelligent," sure enough I saw an orb of light shoot right down into the volcano. Similar to the other sightings we've been seeing! Here are some screen captures. Check out the top right - see that streak? That's a moving orb - I saw it dive down into volcano with my own two eyes.

Japan UFOs, Hovering Over Volcano RIGHT NOW - Breaking UFO News, New UFO Sightings 4/11

Okay, guys, the Japan UFOs have been as out-of-this-world as they've been out-of-control. Following on the heels of a number of amazing UFO sightings around the world, this latest batch is really a doozey. What's going on here? Is there a natural explanation for these white orbs congregating around the Japan earthquake and tsunami disasters? Why do some zoom around like they're under intelligent control, while others just blink in and out of existence, remaining stationary? (These orbs are similar to those that often pop up along the Earth's "Ley Lines," featuring sacred sites like Stonehenge and the pyramids.) Why do some flat out disappear in front of our eyes? Is there something going on with the cameras, or the time lapse? Is this an illusion?

And if this is no illusion, what are these orbs doing in Japan? Are they friends or foes?

Before we get into the live footage, here is a compilation of some the recent UFO sightings in Japan:

Here's a link to camera 9 of a certain Japan volcano (not sure which, URL is not labeled), and a screen shot below if it doesn't load for you. I've been watching the cam, and the orbs are mostly not moving, but they seem to pulsate a little bit and occasionally will move around. Is this something happening on the lens, or on the ground?

Live Cam Footage of Volcano UFOs

Friday, April 8, 2011

Even MORE Japan UFO sightings at volcano !!!! - New UFO Sightings, 4/8

Wow, so I thought we had an end to the massive Japan UFO outbreak that started a bit before the earthquakes and tsunami, but it seems the trend is just increasing. This Sakurajima Volcano footage is amazing.The sky is littered with unmistakable orbs!

And this next footage is just as amazing, but not quite as believable. Is this a UFO landing in Japan?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Japan UFOs Just Won't Quit - New UFO Sightings, 4/6

Man, after all those intelligently moving orbs showing up around the Japan earthquakes and tsunamis, it's anyone's guess as to what's next. And fortunately, we've got even more compelling sightings coming out of Japan...still! Below: some weird floating saucer like thing, and then two ubiquitous glowing lights.

Mexico & South America - New UFO Sightings, 4/6

It seems like the midwest, Asia, Australia, and then Russia were getting all the UFO love. Now it's Mexico and South America's turn. We've got a flying saucer-like object, and weird lights.

Is this a flying saucer? "UFO seen over Tamaulipas in Mexico"

Several lights show up for thisMarch 2011 sighting in Michoacan, Mexico

Lights in South America.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mayborough's Orange Lights Stlil Unidentified - New UFO Sightings, 4/5

Remember those lights that hovered over Maryborough, Pennsylvania in early March? Well, they never got identified. To make matters more interesting, they're showing up once again.

Youtube description: The lights are said to change from a broad spectrum of colours, including orange, lue, green and pink. Mr Kluytenberg told the Chronicle he was willing for the mobile phone and footage to be scientifically assessed to try to determine the answer to Maryborough’s UFO riddle.

UFOs All Around Russia - New UFO Sightings, 4/5

UFO sightings are frequent and mysterious in Russia of late. Remember that loud glowing UFO that showed up in Siberia two nights in a row, but was never followed up with in the press? Well, what do you know...we've got another glowing Russia UFO!

Okay, so this next sighting isn't quite in Russia, but nearby Kazakhstan. These are your typical orbs, very much like the recent ones around the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

Anyways, this blog got derailed with my Leonid Elenin investigation, so I got behind on some sightings. To say the least, these haven't been the only Russia sightings. And we'll end this post on an even more astounding Russia UFO video, this one's clearly hoax...or clearly alien visitaton.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Triangles and orbs everywhere - New UFO Sightings, 3/22

From the Netherlands to Denver, aliens - if that's who's manning these UFOs, after all - have an interesting way of saying hello, don't they?
These UFOs keeping showing up around Denver.
Wow, multiple bright orbs in Clearwater Fl.
Check out this lone orb in the Netherlands.
Three UFOs form up in the UK.

UFOs Love SuperMoon - New UFO Sightings, 3/22

Folks have been looking up into the night sky at the SuperMoon, and that's resulted in a string of new UFO sightings. Are these weird stars, crafts?
What star is this? Mars, or something else?
Are these UFOs interested in our moon?

Japan Earthquake UFOs Can Disappear?? - New UFO Sightings, 3/22

White orb zooms over water and disappears.

So, we've got another Japan UFO showing up on the local news. This time, it disappears in thin air (or into the water). Reminds me of the slithery UFO that came out of the ocean and then disappeared again.

As with the other Japan orbs we've seen like these, people are saying it's merely a helicopter that's distorted. But even distorted helicopters don't disappear?

The more of these orbs we see, and the weirder their behavior gets...the harder it is to pass these off as helicopters.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Trendy Triangle UFOs - New UFO Sightings, 3/18

Familiar Triangle UFOs & Lights Make Comeback
UFO fight in Denver.
Check out this UFO light formation in Las Vegas
Look, another Triangle UFO in California.
The Minnesota lights return.
Oswego Fireball Leaves Locals Wondering
So, a guy took a shocking iPhone photo of a flaming UFO that seemed to hurdle toward earth, and then suddenly change directions. The witness' daughter was there for the sighting, too. Locals are still perplexed.

Mysteries Bright Lights in the UK
A man witnessed some very inconspicuous car-like lights hovering over the road while driving, and he's sure other motorists saw it, too.

Poland & China UFOs get funky - New UFO Sightings, 3/18

International Sightings Intrigue
 Hovering orb in Tel Aviv.
Frantic ball of light caught on Chinese cam
I'm not even sure this Poland UFO knows what it is. (video recently removed)