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Friday, June 17, 2011

Red Ball or Lens Flare Near the Sun? - New UFO Sightings, 6/17

Well, this will get the Planet X believers intrigued. Regardless, sounds like a neat UFO sighting. Someone captured a red ball with a ring around it on their camera phone, right by the sun. It wasn't visible to the naked eye, but showed up in his camera over a period of a few nights.  Could it be a simple lens flare? The local Action 4 News of Rio Grande, TX, is all over it.

Check out these comments:
its a ufo or something strange. i seen it too. Go outside after 11 pm, When its really dark, You can see something in the sky that keeps blinking & turns red sometimes. Its strange!

As an expert in both photography and UFO's, I'm sad to say this is merely a lens flare. He can re-create the phenomenon again any time he uses this camera, though the colors may be different. If you want the truth on UFO's watch this: You can also google to read files released from various other countries, including UK, Sweden, Canada, China, Russia, France, NZ, Brazil and many others. The USA still has most evidence under lock and key, feeling disclosure will bankrupt oil companies and end jobs once free energy is utilized across the board. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Russian Military Transports Fyling Saucer - Cool Shit or Bull Shit? 6/16

Well, this is quite an interesting video. It features a helicopter transporting what looks to be a flying saucer. Could the object be something more mundane, or is this a hoax? With all that's going on in Russia right now, anything's possible. This was filmed in Bodaybo, Russia.

Jamie Maussan Revisits Recent Poland UFO Fleet - New UFO Sightings, 6/16

Awesome paranormal investigator Jamie Maussan takes a second look at a recent Poland UFO sighting. Several witnesses, several orbs, and lots of movement. What's going on here? Are these flares, as one YouTube comment suggests (read below)? Or perhaps Chinese Lanterns?

YouTube description:
Marilu Carrillo Reporting UFO fleet last night in Poland on May 21, 2011

YouTube comment:
(translated) I repeat: The lights are flares launched Mexicali U.S. border to detect illegal immigrants, is very common to see them. Not that insist on presenting evidence UFO. I am a follower of the program, but these situations make me doubt their research.
(translated reply) We would like to take some kind of image they appear these flares, we have already presented some respect and do not look anything like what he says. We would greatly help your videos or pictures.

Saucer Hovers Over Japan - New UFO Sightings, 6/16

We haven't heard much from Japan of late, but here's a new saucer-like UFO. It's pretty hard to see, no zoom, but still interesting.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GREAT UFO Orb Flying Around in PA - New UFO Sightings, 6/14

Check out this amazing Pennsylvania orb hovering and moving around, nice close-up shots. The YouTube description provides a lot of context about similar sightings.

YouTube comment:
"So glad to see this! My daughter and I have become regular sky watchers and we see these EVERY night in our area. They are starting to come in lower. SOOOOO AWESOME! For the nay sayers, this is absolutely real. What started as 1 every now and then has turned into 20+ a night. They used to be very high, now very low. We have asked them to pulse up and they GLOW as bright as the moon. Last night, our first ever solid craft! 200 ft straight above our head! we have a connection with them now."

"Every year, they come closer and closer," Lake Erie UFO Sightings Con't, 6/14

The Lake Eerie UFO sightings just won't stop... there have been multiple news reports coming out, and here's one of the latest.

Colorful Blinking Triangle UFO Over Taiwan - New UFO Sightings, 6/14

What a pretty sight! Is this some kind of light show that just was mistaken for some UFOs, or an ultra-legit UFO sighting? It looks like these orbs are hovering in triangle formation, changing colors and blinking in and out. 

YouTube description:
Beautiful UFO:s shifting colours filmed in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2011-06-05


"10 Unidentified Cigar-Shaped Crafts 'Glide" Over Hillsville, VA" - MUFON UFO Sightings, 6/14

Looks like Michigan's a hot spot right now...some pretty intriguing sightings reported into MUFON recently.

California (2)
Unknown City: UFO preenting crash with other UFO

Unknown city: low flying fast light in sky

Illinois (2)
Addison: Multiple sightings all day and night while chemtrails were being sprayed
Chicago: Strange Shape Shifting Anamoly Over Chicago Search Youtube 1080p Video

Indiana (2)
Logansport: Ball of light-Hi-8 video recorded of object.
Fort Wayne: three white lights traveling together

Florence: very bright very fast moving object

Michigan (3)
Lansing: Lights moving in sky 4th night in a row, hovered above my house. Cigar Shaped Object got very close
Chelsea: Bright, star-like object moves quickly west to east, zig-zag/wobbling
Bay City: Very bright white light low over Saginaw Bay

St. Anthony: A ball of light that travelled slowly and made no noise.

Tupelo: A single bright white light no sound at all

Knoxville: Star-like bright blue orb lazily drifting downward & to the north-east

Virginia (2)
Roanoke: weird thick low huge cigar cloud 30mins, poof gone in 5min re-check
Hillsville: 10 Unidentified Cigar-Shaped Crafts 'Glide" Over Hillsville, VA

West Virginia
Huntington: Silver bullet-shaped object crossing sky from North to South

Kirkcaldy: My friend Emils and i were taking some pics of the burnoff from a local factory

Monday, June 13, 2011

UFO Passes Through Cloud Above Orlando Airport - New UFO Sightings, 6/13

Check out this interesting sighting over the Orlando International Airport. First glance, you'll probably just see some weird cloud behavior. But a closer look reveals a UFO passing through the cloud. Sorry for the obnoxious music. has cut out some screen shots for us to give us an even better look oh how fast-moving this UFO was. This would be a weird hoax to pull, any ideas?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Amazing Pulsating/Disappearing ORB Flies Down to Lake - New UFO Sightings, 6/10

This is a pretty amazing sighting, and of course it's coming from Russia, where all kinds of amazing sightings have been taking place (before that, Japan). What's going on here? Any takers? Location: Minsk, Belarus, Russia.

YouTube comment:
I don't speak that language but it sounds to me like one guy is telling the other "I want to see the UFO" and the other guy is telling him "Shut up and go back to fixing our flat tire. I am videoing the UFO and you can view it later. Right now your efforts need to be on changing the tire."

"Two large orange fireballs observed in the eastern sky over Wichita KS." - MUFON UFO Sightings, 9/10

Oakdale: Dark medium size like a car, looked like a jellyfish

Saskatchewan: Cigar-shaped UFO over Moose Jaw

Illinois (2)
Naperville: Picture of something orbiting the sun
Chebanse: White lit object of unknown shape lined with red lights sitting stationary over a graveyard.

Kansas (2)
Wichita: 2 pairs of silent craft with multiple yellow lights
& ... Two large orange fireballs observed in the eastern sky over Wichita KS

Grosse Pointe Woods: Star like lights flying over the Grosse Pointe Woods area in Michigan.

St Louis: two unusual stars

New Jersey
Newark: there were two (one of them was just a light like a circle that sat in the sky for a long time.  

New Mexico
Albuquerque: Pictures of sunset in ABQ. , N.M. on 06/09/2011

North Carolina (2)
Durham: 2 objects approached from southwest
Holden Beach: Lights

Ohio (2)
Columbus: The Sound
Saint Marys: Extremely Bright Light Zipped Across The Sky

Pittsburgh: Orange Glowing Disk

South Carolina
North Myrtle Beach: From 9:35-10:35 saw multiple Red-Orange spheres light up from N. Myrtle Beach   

2 UFOS Dart Through Bangkok Sky - New UFO Sightings, 6/10

What's interesting about this UFO sightings is it features two white orbs flying very quickly, totally parallel together - as if they're locked. Are we looking at aircraft lights, or something else? Location: Bangkok, Thailand.

Strange Fireball in East London - New UFO Sightings, 6/10

Check out this strange flying fireball that's going up and down, in East London. Is this some kind of flare, or military "mistake,"? Any ideas?

YouTube description: I Recorded This From "The Greenway" In Stratford East-London, Memorial Grounds, What You Cant See Is That There Is Actually TWO Objects, And What Was Not Recorded Was The Third, If You Know What This Is Please Comment.

And If Anybody Else See This Please Inbox Me, I Would Like To Know

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Bright, saucer shaped, oblong, slow moving." - MUFON UFO Sightings, 6/7

Sorry for not keeping up with MUFON reports - I'll try to be more consistent from hereon... here are all the RECENT sightings reported to MUFON. Lots of great sightings, including a bunch of triangles.

Bentonville: fiery light flew across the sky - south to north east

Exeter: Looked like a star,got dimmer & brighter,moved in all directions

Alberta: Triangle seen at  Spruce Grove 

Lakeland: Appeared as an extremely fast moving, bright pale blue, circle possibly with a trail.

Illinois (2)
Chicago: I noticed a almost dim white object in the sky above my house moving n to s at low altitude below the clouds  
Morris: Numerous high and low altitude spheres

Auburn: A star=like figure suddenly appeared in sky

Cedar Rapids: 3 orange lights hovering over Shueyville

Maryland (2)
Walkersville: Bright, saucer shaped, oblong, slow moving.
Baltimore: orange glowing ball silently moving across the sky  

Lee's Summit: Bright Star-like Figure

Lincoln: Orange to Red ball of light moving above North east Lincoln NE

Rhode Island
Woonsocket: lights in trees primarily, caught on video and eyewitnessed.,etc... shiny moving object in sky.

Nashville: 3 bring lights in triangular form hovering and disappearing

Funston: Silent/Hovering Triangular-Formation of Lights Suddenly Took Off

Blinking Lights Interact in Hungary - New UFO Sightings, 6/7

Check out these blinking lights that seem to be interacting with each other. Is it something that can be simply explained, or more?

Translated YouTube comment:
Non-detection of írtatok anything, so may even feleresztett lanterns as well.

Very Cool Blinking Craft in the Philippines - New UFO Sightings, 6/7

Here's a red, blinking UFO hovering in the sky in Boracay, Philippines.

Here's a very nice detailed description of the sighting from the witness:
I spotted this in the night sky over Boracay Island in the Phillipines at about 9 pm on June 5th 2011 (about 8 hours ahead of BST). I managed to catch it on my Casio Excilim GPS 14MP HD camera. I got about 25 hi res stills at 10X optical zoom, and a further 25 stills at a total of 27X (the additional 17X coming from digital zoom). I also took some HD footage at different zoom distances, this footage is at 27X. This video shows the last three minutes that the UFO was visable. It was visable for a total of about 25 minutes.

This video is taken from prone position on the beachfront facing South-South-West, with the camera positioned in the sand so that it didnt move. I made a couple of adjustments as the UFO went off screen, but you can see that it isnt totally stationary.

I also took some photos on long exposures (ISO 1200 +) which show multiple lights on the screen due to the exposure length. Colours were mainly blue, green and red individual dots, with a blue, more fuzzy centre. This video only really shows the red lights, with green lights shooting off at about 2:09. I will try to get the HD photo's online shortly.
It was over the water (I reckon APPROX 2000 metres away based on comparitive photo's I took of 30 ft yachts at similar distances). Lots of people on the busy beach saw it and couldnt explain what it was. Several people stopped to take photo's.

One guy on the beach said he had seen something similar about 2 weeks ago. I was eating in a restaurant when I first saw it, and the local waitress that was in the restaurant said it had also appeared last night for half an hour, that time due South.

The lights flashed at different speeds, sometimes about 1 per second, other times much more rapid, at about 5 per second. In this video the UFO mostly stays in frame, but earlier when I was watching it then it also straffed straight to the left and straight to the right and then remained in those positions.

It flashed red, green and blue, and was bright enough to notice in the clear sky among the stars. it was clearly visable by eye. It was at the height of the lowest stars in the sky.

The flashes seem to pulse in all different patterns, out from the centre, towards the centre, from left to right, and in random colour configurations. Most of the time I noticed red flashes surrounding a blue centre, but the photo's I took show a whole range of colours.

I will be on holiday in the Philippines for one more week, this time on a different island about 15KM to the north. Its a lot quiter, with less light polution, so I'm going to keep an eye out for the next few nights in case I can catch anything more.

Finally, you can hear me speaking to a Korean couple that were on the beach watching the UFO with me. They can be heard asking 'What do you think this is?' I say 'I'm not sure, but I saw something similar about 10 years ago. I was looking up at the stars and I something come into view. It was a small white triangle about 1km up in the sky. I watched it for about one and a half minutes. It moved in straight lines, instantly accelerating and decelerating to incredible speeds, changing directions at 90 degree angles. Then it simply flew straight up into the sky and I could'nt see it any longer'. The Korean guy goes on to explain that he saw a similar light in the sky for a long time (half an hour?) a couple of weeks ago. We both go on to say 'yeah, this is a UFO!'.

2 Pairs of Lights Over California - New UFO Sightings, 6/7

Here's a set of lights hovering over San Bernadino, California, seemingly stationary with some blinking action going on.

Interesting YouTube comment:
I saw something so very similar to this around 11:30 p.m. central-standard in Aurora, IL on Sunday, June 5, 2011. My girlfriend and I had a very similar discussion. We saw 2 pairs of lights like this.

Funky Stuff on Mars - Breaking UFO News, 6/7

A lucky Joe was browsing Google Mars when he stumbled across what looks to be a clear structure on Mars' surface, located at 49'19.73"N 29 33'06.53"W. Many are debunking this sighting as simple glitch, or artifact created by Google Mars. But we've yet to find a perfect explanation.

Obviously if this was a real structure, NASA would already know about it. Hopefully people will do some more digging and we can find out what we're seeing here.

Meanwhile, take a look at some other odd Mars anomalies found using NASA's JPL photo lab. You be the judge if this author's making something out of nothing, or if there is more to Mars than we think.

I'll leave you with this Buzz Aldrin quote, where he reveals that there's a monolith on Mars' moon:

Friday, June 3, 2011

UFO Fleet Over Paris - New UFO Sightings, 6/3

We've got some new white orbs floating around in the sky - are these distant birds, balloons, debris? These are awfully reminiscent of the Japan UFOs, which we've linked to the Earthquake Light phenomenon.

Here's a translation of an apparent YouTube comment from the witness:
"Hello I am the author of this photo and UFO Sighting-turned it into a videoclip. I do not claim that he saw a flotilla of vessels but white spots very high in the sky that came up the wind.

We were on Saturday. On the day of marriage ...

Meanwhile, in my case I'm looking for more evidence of what I observed"

Retired Police Officer Reports Alien Encounter - Cool Shit or Bull Shit? 6/3

Somehow I missed this sighting from a few days ago. A retired police officer noticed some strange lights outside his home, and then blinked out suddenly. What he then saw was a 50-foot black triangle UFO. And then this:
"He aimed his flashlight in the direction of the sound, but saw nothing. He then proceeded back to the yard, and focused his flashlight toward the direction of the original sound.
He was totally in shock of the sight before him - a very strange, short (approximately 4' tall), gray, humanoid-looking creature with big eyes standing there looking at him.
This unbelievable sight lasted only a second or two, then it just disappeared. He looked up into the sky - the triangle craft was also gone.
The policeman was baffled by what he had seen. It had frozen him in fear, and he also was puzzled by his dog. The Shepherd would not go outside, when normally he would at the drop of a hat.
Although he had received training from the FBI, in addition to his other training, nothing could have prepared him for what occurred on this particular night
Until his anonymous report to MUFON, he had kept many things to himself. He never woke his sleeping wife, and never told her what he had seen that night.
He thought the entire ordeal had lasted about 15 minutes, but in fact, he was gone from his bed for about an hour and 30 minutes. His face was also red, like sunburn.
Although he cannot understand why these things occurred, he knows exactly what he saw."

Not sure if this is a new MUFON report, as I'm behind on those, so I wanted to call this out in case anyone else had any info. Is this one heck of a tall tale, or did the story of a credible witness who doesn't want to get ridiculed?