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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"10 Unidentified Cigar-Shaped Crafts 'Glide" Over Hillsville, VA" - MUFON UFO Sightings, 6/14

Looks like Michigan's a hot spot right now...some pretty intriguing sightings reported into MUFON recently.

California (2)
Unknown City: UFO preenting crash with other UFO

Unknown city: low flying fast light in sky

Illinois (2)
Addison: Multiple sightings all day and night while chemtrails were being sprayed
Chicago: Strange Shape Shifting Anamoly Over Chicago Search Youtube 1080p Video

Indiana (2)
Logansport: Ball of light-Hi-8 video recorded of object.
Fort Wayne: three white lights traveling together

Florence: very bright very fast moving object

Michigan (3)
Lansing: Lights moving in sky 4th night in a row, hovered above my house. Cigar Shaped Object got very close
Chelsea: Bright, star-like object moves quickly west to east, zig-zag/wobbling
Bay City: Very bright white light low over Saginaw Bay

St. Anthony: A ball of light that travelled slowly and made no noise.

Tupelo: A single bright white light no sound at all

Knoxville: Star-like bright blue orb lazily drifting downward & to the north-east

Virginia (2)
Roanoke: weird thick low huge cigar cloud 30mins, poof gone in 5min re-check
Hillsville: 10 Unidentified Cigar-Shaped Crafts 'Glide" Over Hillsville, VA

West Virginia
Huntington: Silver bullet-shaped object crossing sky from North to South

Kirkcaldy: My friend Emils and i were taking some pics of the burnoff from a local factory

Friday, June 10, 2011

"Two large orange fireballs observed in the eastern sky over Wichita KS." - MUFON UFO Sightings, 9/10

Oakdale: Dark medium size like a car, looked like a jellyfish

Saskatchewan: Cigar-shaped UFO over Moose Jaw

Illinois (2)
Naperville: Picture of something orbiting the sun
Chebanse: White lit object of unknown shape lined with red lights sitting stationary over a graveyard.

Kansas (2)
Wichita: 2 pairs of silent craft with multiple yellow lights
& ... Two large orange fireballs observed in the eastern sky over Wichita KS

Grosse Pointe Woods: Star like lights flying over the Grosse Pointe Woods area in Michigan.

St Louis: two unusual stars

New Jersey
Newark: there were two (one of them was just a light like a circle that sat in the sky for a long time.  

New Mexico
Albuquerque: Pictures of sunset in ABQ. , N.M. on 06/09/2011

North Carolina (2)
Durham: 2 objects approached from southwest
Holden Beach: Lights

Ohio (2)
Columbus: The Sound
Saint Marys: Extremely Bright Light Zipped Across The Sky

Pittsburgh: Orange Glowing Disk

South Carolina
North Myrtle Beach: From 9:35-10:35 saw multiple Red-Orange spheres light up from N. Myrtle Beach   

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Bright, saucer shaped, oblong, slow moving." - MUFON UFO Sightings, 6/7

Sorry for not keeping up with MUFON reports - I'll try to be more consistent from hereon... here are all the RECENT sightings reported to MUFON. Lots of great sightings, including a bunch of triangles.

Bentonville: fiery light flew across the sky - south to north east

Exeter: Looked like a star,got dimmer & brighter,moved in all directions

Alberta: Triangle seen at  Spruce Grove 

Lakeland: Appeared as an extremely fast moving, bright pale blue, circle possibly with a trail.

Illinois (2)
Chicago: I noticed a almost dim white object in the sky above my house moving n to s at low altitude below the clouds  
Morris: Numerous high and low altitude spheres

Auburn: A star=like figure suddenly appeared in sky

Cedar Rapids: 3 orange lights hovering over Shueyville

Maryland (2)
Walkersville: Bright, saucer shaped, oblong, slow moving.
Baltimore: orange glowing ball silently moving across the sky  

Lee's Summit: Bright Star-like Figure

Lincoln: Orange to Red ball of light moving above North east Lincoln NE

Rhode Island
Woonsocket: lights in trees primarily, caught on video and eyewitnessed.,etc... shiny moving object in sky.

Nashville: 3 bring lights in triangular form hovering and disappearing

Funston: Silent/Hovering Triangular-Formation of Lights Suddenly Took Off

Monday, April 25, 2011

"Bright Star-like object heading East, escorted by Aircraft" - Mufon UFO Sightings, 4/25

Not much on MUFON lately, which means there's not much going on in the US. Sure enough, along with the decrease in sightings overall, we're seeing and uptick in Canada.

Canada (2)
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan: "Bright Star-like object heading East, escorted by Aircraft"
Carman, Manitoba: "was jsut lights without shape, the light were symmetrical descending in a cone. "

Kanawha: "repeated abductions"

Crestview Hills: "saw flying object wth lights on bottom"

Unknown city: "Ancient alien ruins located on the lunar surface VIDEO!"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Large triangular, low flying, craft traveling from south to north" - MUFON Reports, 4/19

Here are the most recent sightings reported into MUFON - from 4/14 to 4/18 (remember, I don't share reports of old sightings here). California seems to be a hot spot this week. 

California (3)
Los Angeles: "two reddish-orange sphere & one white sphere all star sized"
Petaluma: "Bright light mistaken for a star, moving slowly, dimmed, then disappeared."  
Oxnard: "Ball of light, moving upward, then in a square pattern, then turned red and dissappeared" 

Gainesville/Archer: "2 UFO's over Archer, Florida. One Neon Blue the other White. Same location 5-7 seconds visual time." 

New Jersey
Atlantic City: "Large triangular, low flying, craft traveling from south to north." 

Sunnyvale: "Security Camera showing strange objects"