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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jerusalem UFO Update, Breaking UFO News - 4/5

So, you know how there were those two fantastic Jerusalem UFO videos, that were then followed up with a confusing and inconsistent lot of hoaxed and seemingly authentic copycat videos? Of course you do.

New-ish Jerusalem Dome of the Rock UFO Sighting
Well, we've got a brand-new video for you. Check out this more typical looking UFO hovering over the Dome in the daytime. Is this another hoax, or attempt at disinfo?

Jerusalem UFO, the Movie
If you want more of the original sighting, here's the most recent "cinema-like" version of it. Even the original witness is not claiming it's the real deal, but he won't elaborate on how he came across this.

This video has some cryptic references to the 1991 Barbury Castle Crop Circle. Can you figure out the meaning?

MUFON Closes the Jerusalem UFO Case
Whether or not this most recent addition is bull shit, the original Jerusalem UFO videos, and witness (who's still investigating the thing on Facebook), remain. So, why did MUFON rule the whole event as a hoax when they focused their investigation on the videos that followed the 2 originals? The Examiner, well, examines... So, what's going on here? Is the Jerusalem UFO some out-of-control film school project/prank, is there a cover up going on...?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Jersualem UFO is ready for its close up - New UFO Sightings, 3/22

An amazing close-up shot of the craft.
Just when I've thought the Jerusalem UFO case would quiet down and give me to time to do a write up on it, it keeps getting more interesting. Eligael (the original witness who is investigating the sighting on Twitter and Facebook) says he can't provide more info on this video, which has us wondering...are the hoaxers needing more time to finish up this video, or is the person who supplied it afraid to come forward?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New UFO Sightings, 3/10/11

Australia and Pennsylvania UFOs remain, well, UFOs.
Because of the quantity, though not always lack of quality, of new UFO sightings, I feature only the most credible and interesting. If you hunger for more, follow @TheUFOInquirer for real-time UFO sightings.
Did Ghost Hunters MISS a ghost?!? 
So, my husband and I were watching "Ghost Hunters." Specifically, this episode: Haunted Town. Check it out at 20:50 and wait until the camera gives you a nice view of the stairwell. Watch carefully, a shadowy ghost thingy walks in front of the stairwell real quickly!
9th March UFO over South Australia
Australia, Russia, Pennsylvania... Multiple UFO Sightings, Multiple Days... Still Unsolved!
You probably remember Mayborough. And now it's happening in Australia. Not to mention, the Russian spirals and Moscow and Siberia UFOs happening in that chunk of the world. And I know these aren't the only isolated pockets of UFO sightings, either.
New Chile UFO
Remember that Brazil UFO? 
So, I can't seem to recreate this...but I did indeed catch the frame in the very compelling Brazil video where the UFO is MIA - right before the truck passes by. About the :28 mark I believe. Anyways, I accidentally deleted the screen shot and can't seem to find the frame on this lap top. Will try again later, but pretty sure it's a fake!
The Vancouver one wasn't real either.
Just a kite. A really ginormous kite with out-of-control LED light action. 
Siberia UFO Witnesses
Siberia UFO Update
To recap, the put out a story about a large, loud glowing ball witnessed by many. Like, people made a fuss. But no one really discussed this story much because they were instead focused on the other Russia UFO story...the one with the questionable YouTube video with questionable timeliness that featured Russians apparently interacting with aliens speaking in a cat-lake language...but it was indeed followed up with a local Russian news report. Locals were pretty stirred by it, although official reports suggested a meteorite. That'd be okay, if the sighting didn't happen a second time in a row! What the heck is going on?
Jerusalem UFO Update
My investigation of the Jerusalem UFO incident has died down a bit, and so I'm reeling out a feature right now...will probably post it within next few days. In the meantime, Eligael is continuing his investigation and may have even gotten some new video witnesses!
Is this crazy close Devon UK footage of low-flying saucer real?
I have no way of proving this to be a fake, so the verdict's out until I see some compelling video analysis to back up my gut. It just doesn't look real or right to me. Forum Experiences Real-time UFO Sighting
Cool, someone shared their Iowa UFO sighting on a message board! Still waiting on some pictures, though...
Brooklyn UFO
YouTube UFO Finds: Hungary, New York, Minnesota, Australia!
"UFO observing our seagoing craft! 3/08/2011"
"UFO Over Williamsburg, Brooklyn 2011"
"Triangle Formation UFOS: Three UFO's INTERACTING-Huge Event! March 9, 2011 Mankato, Mn" (& more)
"UFO In NJ, 3/8/11, (Original)"
"UFO 2011-03-10 Hungary, Budapest. Zoomolt"
"UFO Over Australia 9th March - 2011" (& more)
"UFO FRESNO white blinking light dissapears in clouds tonight !!"
"A UFO in toronto"
Twitter UFO Sightings
@marfalight75 More UFO lights reported on FB to the north and to the east of Marfa TX!
@Jaimito8 Saw a ufo I swear to baby jesus
@YO_SHANK I swear I just saw a fucking UFO.
@Oudivegirl Whoa! Did anyone else see the crazy bright green shooting star-like thing that dropped over south Flower Mound??? Crazy! #UFO
@RobRogers1 I swear I just saw a #UFO and I'm not even #High
@Fleet_CashwooD I jus saw a UFO>>means im hi as shit •• Not yet
@KMuey totally just thought i saw a ufo. my mom wouldn't pull over because she was freaked out!
@HeyImAnthonyy WTF a UFO just flew past my window I swear !!
@Youngprinceee Seen something floating away and mary said it was a ufo lmao
@luke_jl @beckyjeannn I really did just see the UFO!!!! #dazright I did! No lie!!
@dsixda Is there something the government/Hollywood is trying to tell us with all these recent UFO/alien movies? #disclosure
@xDeidaraxart There's noise outside that sounds like an ufo landing in my backyard. + weird light is shining through mah windows. Ooooh. I want to look :D
@eastbaycitizen Two residents report seeing a #UFO in #Fremont yesterday. Scouting to buy land next to the Tesla plant?
@amandalutha I just saw a #UFO no kidding.
@immeaganlouise There's a strange bluey-white light shining really bright outside my bedroom window. Think it's the UFO's about to abduct me.
@alexisaghost Might of just witnessed a UFO,odd sized silver looking floating in a weird way machine. The sky is clear blue so I'm not just seeing things.
@will_perdomo Damn just heard something that sounded like a UFO outside my house! Fuugg! #battlelosangeles
@emctoo19 My ex neighbor told me that she saw an UFO. I thought, what on earth did she smoke?
National UFO Examiner/MUFON Reports
Seems a white round light was keeping busy (second report) in North Dakota on March 6. Meanwhile, in South Dakota, a man claimed to have an experience with soft-ball sized lights and even real alien beings! On, you guessed it, March 6th. It's not just the Dakotas getting the UFO love. Hardly. Amid the myrida - that's right, MYRIAD - of reports Robert Marsh offers up, there's this dog whistle thing in South Carolina, all kinds of weirdness (from caterpillar-like UFOs in Moscow to that strange one in Siberia.
I leave out reports of sightings more than a month old.3/10/11 reports (see actual dates of sightings below) include:
2 in California: San Luis (case 1, red lights attached to craft moving slowly through sky... case 2, second night in row seen lights move through sky), 3/08/11 & 3/09/11
1 in Arizona: Kingman (light yellow orb), 3/911
1 in Georgia: Summerville (bright sphere shape above trees), 3/9/11