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Friday, June 17, 2011

Red Ball or Lens Flare Near the Sun? - New UFO Sightings, 6/17

Well, this will get the Planet X believers intrigued. Regardless, sounds like a neat UFO sighting. Someone captured a red ball with a ring around it on their camera phone, right by the sun. It wasn't visible to the naked eye, but showed up in his camera over a period of a few nights.  Could it be a simple lens flare? The local Action 4 News of Rio Grande, TX, is all over it.

Check out these comments:
its a ufo or something strange. i seen it too. Go outside after 11 pm, When its really dark, You can see something in the sky that keeps blinking & turns red sometimes. Its strange!

As an expert in both photography and UFO's, I'm sad to say this is merely a lens flare. He can re-create the phenomenon again any time he uses this camera, though the colors may be different. If you want the truth on UFO's watch this: You can also google to read files released from various other countries, including UK, Sweden, Canada, China, Russia, France, NZ, Brazil and many others. The USA still has most evidence under lock and key, feeling disclosure will bankrupt oil companies and end jobs once free energy is utilized across the board. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Controlled Brown Dwarf Star Headed Our Way? Comet Elenin, Planet X Update - 5/22

Update: For record, I don't think Comet Elenin poses a danger, and the alignments have been coincidental, and its discover has only seemed suspicious due to a cultural and language barrier. However, due to the next alignment on September 26, the VERY REAL science behind Planet X possibility, and my complete distrust in NASA (a PR front) and government...I will continue to follow this story!

Apologies for absence...but I will be back with a brand-new companion site where I'll store my more in-depth investigations and dig into other topics where truth is lacking in the media. I am of course still following the Comet Elenin story, which includes a recent video interview with its much-talked-about discoverer and this one from an amateur astronomer who believes that a brown dwarf star (naturally invisible, and also cloaked by "gravitational lens effects") is headed our way and will bring disaster with its next alignment on September 26. Keep in mind its last two alignments happened to fall on the dates of the Japan and Chile earthquakes, are two latest and greatest quakes. These coincidental alignments attached to natural disasters are not the only ones - go check out the laundry list, that's where the worry is coming from. It's a compelling watch, and I believe this guy is well-researched and genuine. We'll see if this summer is as brutal as people are predicting...

By the way, go watch Deep Impact! A guy named Leo (Leonid Elenin...) discovers an apocalypse-baring comet, which is kept secret by government and leaked out to public by an official who pretends to leave for a mistress called "ELE."

Also, I found another weird connection between Leonid Elenin and Yuri Gagarin, the Russian cosmonaut Google featured in its logo a while back. Not only did Elenin discover the comet in the same town Gagarin is famous for residing in, but the institution he is associated with - a very prestigious one, even though he's apparently just an amateur astronomer - the Institute of Applied Mathematics - is also famous for its role in a Gagarin flight.

YouTube description:
This is my introductory ELEnin Comet/Dwarf Star Warning video with links to resources so others can run their own ELE investigations.
Make viral: Everyone may upload this video to your own account, so long as you include these descriptions and a link back to this channel:
The data says we are looking at an inbound dwarf star that has been causing earthquakes on our planet since 1965 and causing magnetic pole migration since about 2004. The evidence indicates that Earth will experience a pole shift event around 9/26 to 9/27, when the Sun, Earth and this ELE object are on the ecliptic/celestial planes that intersect at the autumn equinox. Everyone is warned to prepare for what is coming later this summer that will make Japan 3/11 look like a walk in the park.

Seismicity Paper:
Magnetic Portal Paper:
Gravity Well pic:
ELE JPL:;orb=1;cov=1;log=0;cad=1#cad
Planet X ELE Timeline:
Russian Warning Link:
Track ELE Post:
ELE 48/49/44 Leo Pic:
ELE JPL Coordinate Updates:

Join our Planet X Dwarf Star Research room with comments and questions:

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Our channel:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"There is something by the sun!!!" UFO Message Board Finds, 4/24

Something's up - with SOHO or the sun. Which one do you think has the glitch?
Check out SOHO's latest image of the sun and also watch the GIF video. there has been lots of crazy activity over the last couple of days but it's what has happened on 4/22/11 sometime after 21:00 or 22:00.
uhm, I think we're about to be in BIG trouble!!
[link to]
(can somebody shorten the above video to start on 4/22, Thanks!)
current pic of the sun (WTH?!)
[link to]
Yes on 4/22 between 08:00 and right around 18:00 we miss all that vid time, and then right on to 4/23. The picture right about 4/22 19:00 LOOKS HOT! Can someone explain?
Since about the 18th of april I noticed that black line coming from the sun Then as of yesterday it shifted to the other side on the soho image. It looks like neutrinos coming from a plasma beam from the sun. Since im not a suntard, can you experts please enlighten us as to what that thing is in the soho image?
Well, we've got some photos and videos to back up the SOHO oddities.
Say all the "2 suns" is false. That still doesn't explain those videos of the telescopes i believe in Hawaii that captured a low rising body of light and then drop down again below the horizon. Who knows if these sun videos are real, although i once saw a video of someone matching up times on SOHO pictures and his camera... mysterious body lined up perfectly.It makes sense there is some body out there as even the main stream media is beginning to talk about new planets, "star explosion", comet in a horseshoe, Tyche, Elenin, etc. i always forget about the Native (Mayan idea?) girl holding the tablet on one of the murals at Denver Airport clearly indicates a second sun.Please do not be so quick to write the idea off. By the way the top of Denver Airport was constructed with Kevlar (bullet-proof). This Elenin object is called a comet, however it is part of a bigger system that will at some point bring raining fire as we cross behind it.
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]
^^^Above picture is the same layout as the weird colours sticking out the bottom of the blacked out area on the sky programs.^^^
[link to]
All of these pictures are from this blog : [link to]
Good night and God speed everybody!

UFO Right by the Sun, South Pole Telescope, 4/22

So, alongside all the personal snap shots of objects by the sun, and the funky SOHO images showing up (and getting quickly covered up) over the past few days, the South Pole Telescope - the best view of supposed Nibiru, ironically - has revealed an object by the sun.

Can anyone identify this sun kissed UFO?

Friday, April 22, 2011

"Melancholia" Planet X Movie Has Company - Breaking UFO News, Comet Elenin

Hey guys, so lots of movies are coming down the pipeline that are playing off the emerging psychology and cosmic awareness of people on Earth. "Melancholia," on the other hand, isn't so subtle. It's pretty much made for the conspiracy theorists, as it's flat-out the story of Planet X, whether director/screenwriter Lars von Trier admits it. Well, now we've got another move slotted for July about a second Earth - there's even a shot of someone looking up at the planet in the sky.

Were there movies about Y2K? Do you guys recall?

Is Leonid Elenin Trying to Tell Us Something? WTF? Comet Elenin Update, 4/22

As you all know by now, I've been carefully following all the hubbub about Comet Elenin along with its own discoverer, Leonid Elenin. There have been all kinds of theories out there - and that's because there are all kinds of questions out there.

Here's the conversation that Elenin's recent post, which shared Comet Elenin/earthquake correlations and the unsettling message "No comments,  your can make own conclusions… ", inspired on his blog and Facebook.

'friend': Hmmm. Wildness shizy around your comet - the subject of a separate study ...
Leonid Elenin The same was true about C/1995 O1, but that's why my choice on a comet ... It's a question ...
So, he's referring to parallels with Halle Bopp's popularity.

Blog comments (in particular read last comments):
kingkevin: So…your backing up the fact that each times its earth elenin sun it’s a big quake? I mean i’m so uncertain about this. Once is coincidence I could see that. 2 is odd, but still passable. But 3 large destructive quakes the last 3 times it has lined up with us and the sun seems far fetched to call a coincidence. I hear what your saying, and what the gov is saying, and the media….oh wait, they’re not reporting on any of this. But I understand what your saying that it’s not, but the facts and research shows….it is! So what can one possibly think of the situation? It’s extremely difficult to come out with a straight answer anywhere supporting either side. But JPL clearly shows, Feb 27 2010, Sep 5 2010, and March 11 2010 as alignments. These three alignments also sparked unknown anomalies like being moved off the axis? Whirlpools? Weird magnetic field? People NEED and want answers. Not what ifs…they can have those on their own. Thank you.
GLPac: So what you are saying is that this year is going to be a bad one when it lines up in September/October. What do you think of the theory that there is actually a Brown Dwarf following Elenin (or the other way around i should say) about one month behind? Pictures from this lady «Amy» who posted them in the comments below the article on this website: show Elenin, and then a red body of mass that looks eerily similar to the «hoax» red planet picture that surfaced on the internet awhile back. Thanks
Stewart: There really does seem a likely link to some of these, and the more I read about the electric universe, electrically charged comets etc the more evidence there seems to be.
Andrew: Can someone explain, or post a link to some info that explains the difference between the 2 diagrams in each image above? It appears to illustrate 2 different paths recorded on the same date?\
Leonid Elenin: I can explain. Left side of picture show conjunction with terrestrial planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars), the right side demonstrate conjunctions with distant giant planets.
Grant: I very much would like a response to GLP, kingkevin, and Stewart’s questions…
edgar: Comets do not produce earthquakes and conjunctions are not perfect.1. a comet is far away and is small in comparison to the earth has a gravitational influence ridiculously small.2. There can be no perfect alignment, as both the comet, the earth, have different inclination angles.Leonid I did not need this article, the mind of the conspiracy always tends to relate everything that has no real relationship.
Kenneth: Keep watching the sky for Planet X (Nibiru). There is evidence Google removed the coordinates from their software google sky so that people cannot see it. Microsoft too. But people like you can see it so keep looking for it and keep us informed at your website.
Alphada SATRIANSA: Thank you Mr. Leonard ELENIN for this preliminary investigation regarding whether there were conjunctions between comet Elenin alignment with Earth, and earthquakes on Earth..Me myself already did a similar comparisons on my facebook note «THE STORY OF ELENIN» @ I made comparisons between comet Elenin trajectory from NASA JPL orbital diagram, and earthquakes data from USGS. In my opinion, yes there were several conincidences between alignments of comet Elenin and Earth with other celestial bodies such as Sun or other planets with eartquakes.. The alignment combinations can be made up of Elenin-Earth-Sun, Elenin-Earth-Jupiter, Elenin-Earth-Venus, etc. In refer to your question,» that on March 11 2011, to the conjunction the comet with the Earth remained 3 days. Is it large or little time interval?» This question impress me that when the comet getting closer, then the effect will also be getting more bigger, thus a few days or more before the exact alignment, the ‘superposition’ of gravity field would already effective on Earth. Subsequently on 11 April 2011 the alignment of Elenin-Earth-Venus (the distance between Elenin and Earth was 1.873AU) had a coincidence with Fukushima earhtquake at 7.1SR. (what a big influence..?) From these coincidences, I think it is not a bad idea to bring along more sophisticated telescopes (on ground, and or on orbit) to get a better empirical data not only visually but also its characteristic on gravity, magnetic, and heat prior September 2011. Keep on the good work..!
Aditya: What is the second image in every image? i mean the one to the right? So… if this thing is really Nibiru, should we start preparing? When will we get to see it with the naked eye , if this comet is REALLY that big i.e 3 to 4 times the size jupiter… or is this comet revolving around Nibiru that is coming behind it, that we cannot see at the moment?
Dave: I also noticed this eq relationship, posted on fb about the alignment only days before the Japan quake. Disagree with you Edgar, you cannot know for certain what you say, reason being is that the Earth is a conductor and could be at sufficient charge differential, allowing an electrical coupling to occur. I am not talking about coulomb’s electrostatic forces or gravity, i’m talking about a flow of charge, much like the charge characteristics within a vacuum tube. Charge can flow in a vacuum! Tell me Edgar what potential difference, and charge capacity might we expect? I was in one of those earthquakes listed above, and saw a vivid resonating plasma in the sky above just as the main primary shock wave was generated? For me the correlation is obvious – there are charge couplings occuring. There is no need for an exacting geometric alignment either… when the distance, potential differences, and temperatures etc are tuned to trigger a coupling.
Leonid Elenin: We can’t see this comet by naked eye because this object is relative small comet, not a planet. If comet Elenin is Nibiru, we already catch it without any binoculars and telescopes. Comet coma is semi transparency and such large object as planet can’t lurking behind my comet. This is rubbish.
Leonid Elenin: I already answered on this question. And I will post it on FAQ page.Please read this
Stewart: Leonid What are your views on whether Elenin has smaller bodies accompanying it?
Grant: Any updates on the comet’s size? I remember there being an instance where an amateur astronomer posted his calculations different from NASA and resulted in the forums being shut down…
Аркадий: (translated) Leonid, finally figured out completely, that the comet is flying is not one - in pictures photo shows 3 other object, ie The idea is that this is a whole "something ") Yes, Leon, you have opened that will be something out of the ordinary, and by this I just proud of compatriot! Naturally, I assumed that these objects and just nothing happens - so whose is the activity? Zeitgeist itself is present in the present. But we are all free in our selection. And everyone is better to do consciously. Thank you, Leonid!

Leonid Elenin: Arkady, I can only completely refute your message.

Why has Comet Elenin's alignments with earth and the sun led to our biggest quakes over this past year, most notably Japan's (someone even predicted that quake via the comet's orbital path)? By its discover's OWN admission? By the way, Leonid also commented on a Facebook note I put out a while ago with alignments and corrected one of them for me, as if it were, well, important to know. 

Why was there a search for Planet X since the 1800s, possible warnings of it in Ancient texts, and then sudden abandonment just because NASA remeasured orbits in the 90s that justified the non-existence of Planet X? Even if NASA ruled out Planet X theory in the 90s, what’s with articles like these? From December 2010, “a giant in the outer reaches of our solar system.”

Why does the full English name Leonid Elenin spell out the whole Planet X conspiracy VERBATIM? If you translate it LITERALLY, here's what you get: "prophetic meteor shower coming from constellation LEO, extinction level event, lady Sumerian god/planet." And why, saying that, did Google decide to celebrate Yuri Gargarin, another Russian attached to a conspiracy theory (apparently he was given credit for being first man in space when he actually wasn’t), who was a famous resident of the city that Leonid discovered the comet in, in a recent logo that also featured a red planet and Xs?  What's with all this cryptic shit? IT'S PISSING ME OFF!

Why was YouTuber able to predict the March 11th quake, and subsequent increased earthquake activity around the world, based on Elenin's orbital path? And why was her latest (wrong) prediction not based on her same science before, and not include her likeness or voice? She has not posted since.

Why did the amateur "Planet X" astronomers completely drop off radar recently? One apparently got accused of some sex crime, but why remove videos as a result if you're already anonymous? And how did the rumor of the sex crime even get out??

Why are scientists pretending like they haven't heard of the theory?
 One scientist who I already have interviewed on video actually said to me, "What's Nibiru," as if he wasn't aware the topic even existed; but I swear, I saw fear in his eyes. As I've said, this is a journey of discovery for me too. I'm going into this without any preconceived notions about the existence of Nibiru, planetary pole shift, massive CMEs and the like. I'm not a scientist; when it comes right down to it all I am is a scribe recording what is happening as it's happening. As I learn, you will learn; and as the FORMER assistant D.A. in a South Florida county found out to his everlasting shame, I always find the truth no matter how many layers of BS it is hidden under.
What's going on with the solar flares? Why is media reporting that we're going through a normal solar cycle, when we're not - the activity is unprecedented!

Why is telling us that spring is fireball season? (It is not.) 

Why do and (also loosely related to NASA content, and partner or something to Life's Little Mysteries) seem to "tell" stories together - like with Jerusalem UFO and now the Russian alien body? Why has the media and government gone to such great lengths to confuse the Jerusalem UFO case and the recent alien body discovery in Russia? By the way, NEVER touches UFO stories, and FoxNews ALWAYS shapes them.

Why such an increase in UFO sightings, and the western media blackout around it? It's been INSANE in Japan.

Why did make the FBI documents new news, when it wasn't, following on the heels of other countries’ disclosures?

Why is Dr. Michio Kaku warning us about contact with dangerous aliens (who can control suns and stuff), and portals opening up, within the next century? (Keep in mind he tried to warn us about the Japan quake, too.)

What’s with the weird worm holes showing up in Russia and Norway skies?

What's with the weird rumbling noises heard around the world, compasses acting up, and random second suns showing up  in random places?

Why are Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas the only ones tweeting about an LA UFO sighting?Along with countless other pop/media hints at ET life and disclosure...they're even making a movie about Planet X. 

Why was there an article about Betelgeuse creating a second sun for us a while back that was then later retracted? And then, secondly,  why is the BBC and Fox News putting out articles about binary star systems (a potential reality that for our solar system that could explain an incoming brown dwarf star), which include UNSETTLING typos like this?
For planets orbiting two stars like our own, harmful radiation from intense stellar flares could lead to plants that develop their own UV-blocking sun-screens," he said.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Comet Elenin and Earthquake Data from Leonid Elenin Himself - Comet Elenin Update, 4/20

The discoverer of the comet we've been tracking on this blog - Leonid Elenin - has some updates for us. He's gathered earthquake history and the comet's orbit, so that we can all pick it apart. Awesome, huh? Please check out his blog post here.
"No comments,  your can make own conclusions… I just want to note that on March 11 2011, to the conjunction the comet with the Earth remained 3 days. Is it large or little time interval? I think it’s difficult to judge."

It's Really Looking Like There's No Planet X (YAY) - Comet Elenin Update, 4/21

So, I recently shared a theory about Planet X, and I want to give some follow up. An astronomy expert that's been helping out with the debate had the following to say about Amy Evan's research:
"Oh good god, the image on the right side is a false color rendering based on the image; you can make ANY comet look like that at some point in its orbit if you put it through the same processing. IRAS, not IRIS, produced false color images as well, and if you wanted to you could make it show a similar color scheme, but it need not be that way because the color is an arbitrary assignment since the images were shot beyond human visual wavelengths."

"No, but if you compare say a heat map generated from an image to a false color image from another source you're not comparing apples to apples and because the colors can be assigned arbitrarily there's a good chance you can find a similar looking image from another source. And yeah, if you butcher any comet image long enough, you can probably get a couple of dark pixels to appear somewhere near the nucleus... along with a ton of other dark pixels scattered all over the image. That's not proper image analysis, that's just massaging until you get a fun response."
And this:

The Starviewer team is not an official body. It is a fraud, run by one guy, Rafael Lopez, who posts false info and frequently uses stories from The Onion as 'evidence'.
Elenin is also just one object, and the pictures honestly look nothing alike. 
 I don't think conspiracy theorists are lying, but they may be dangerously misunderstanding the data and the science.

I still need to talk to some more experts on this topic. I'll have some updates by this weekend, hopefully!

Why all the weird coincidences? They the media hype?
I'm guessing all the mixed mainstream media messages and hype about it ("Melancholia") are really just to riding on the coattails of the conspiracy theories - they make a topic popular, and then media gives them entertainment and news stories to talk about and drive traffic to.

I'll be putting together all the facts for you soon. Meanwhile, check out NASA's stance (or propaganda) from November 2009.
"Solar activity has a regular cycle, with peaks approximately every 11 years. Near these activity peaks, solar flares can cause some interruption of satellite communications, although engineers are learning how to build electronics that are protected against most solar storms. But there is no special risk associated with 2012. The next solar maximum will occur in the 2012-2014 time frame and is predicted to be an average solar cycle, no different than previous cycles throughout history."

They may still be lying to us, though, I still don't have my mind made up. Stay alert.

Planet X & ET Disclosure, YouTube Sessions - 4/21

Since there's so much misinfo, disinfo, and confusion about 2012, I find it's best to go and search for information about it from before the topic was popular. There are loads of videos about the search for Planet X and its predicted orbit, and the second video here is one of those - but it's equal parts goofy and chilling. The first video here is a lecture from Dr. Michio Kaku about ET's very real threat.

In this recent video, Dr. Michio Kaku (remember, he gave us a pretty good warning about the Japan quake...he may know more than we realize) scares the crap out of us with his predictions for ET contact within the next century. Aliens will be mean.

A goofy pyschic talks about increased earthquakes, solar activity, and tsunamis due to Planet X... this is an old video, recently uploaded - "Planet X Killshot." 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Planet X Plot Thickens, Comet Elenin Update, 4/20

Am I on to something or really high? It is 4/20, after all...

Is Google warning us about Planet X?
If Google is one of the good guys, and Planet X is one of the bad guys, hopefully Google would throw us a bone. Even if Google was immune from government suppression, I’m not sure they would spill the beans and send everyone into panic mode. But they might give us a hint…a clue

So, when Google updated their logo with a red planet, an astronaut, and five Xs, I saw “PLANET X.” Of course most people didn’t see this. As I dug deeper, things actually got heavier.
  • Yuri Gagarin studied in the same city where fellow Russian Leonid Elenin discovered the comet, Lyubertsy; Yuri is even associated with this town on Wikipedia
  • Yuri, like Elenin, is attached to a conspiracy theory, which was followed up with a suspicious death. Check out this movie about it. Plot line: “In 1961 President John F. Kennedy started the United States on a path of discovery and exploration that captures the best of mankind's spirit. On April 12th, 1961, the Soviet Union reports the successful launch, orbit and reentry of the first man in space, Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin pushing the cold war into a space duel. With the collapse of communism and the rise of freedom in the Russian Federation, recent access to documents in the Kremlin archives reveal a story intended to remain buried forever. Yuri Gagarin, the icon of triumphant communism known world over, was not the first man in space. He was preceded by Vladimir Ilyushin, an unsung hero and the man at the center of this decades old conspiracy.” So, we have two real Russian guys, rumored to be given credit for something they didn’t do.
  • According to some interpretations of Sumerian astronomy, Nibiru had five moons; there are five Xs in the logo, and they look like they are orbiting the red planet - literally. You actually have to read into this logo to take away the "accepted" meaning, if you look at it literally, it is more sinister. I’ve yet to find a clear or good explanation for what those Xs are, which have reflections in the astronaut’s helmet.
  • The planet does not look like Earth (red for Russian). Brown dwarf stars are red/orange.
  • Coordinates of so-called Planet X are blocked out of Google Sky, and have been for a while. Is Google telling us where to look, and implying that Google Sky is actually more accurate than other official NASA sources? Or are they part of the conspiracy? Or is it just another coincidence to add to the pile?
Planet X About to Hit the Box Office
Of course there’s also "Melancholia," the new movie about a planet colliding with Kirsten Dunst’s boobs, that's arriving at theaters next month. And rumors that Chipotle is even mentioning Planet X in their latest radio ads!  (Heard it? Let me know!) Of course the enigmatic writer/director of "Antichrist" makes no mention of the conspiracy theory, but I'm sure the timing of the movie will pay off.

Media Obsessed with Binary Sun Systems
Rumor has it if Planet X was something to worry about, we’d first see it as a second sun (by this summer). Well, curiously enough, an article about Betelgeuse creating a temporary second sun for us came out, and then was later retracted . 

As well, Fox News posted an article about “black tree” survival in a binary star system, (the most common of all solar system "varieties), where a planet would have two suns, and then refreshed it today as a new story.  Recently, as well, @HubbleTelescope tweeted an article about how chances for life are extremely high in binary star systems (can’t find article, sorry).

Meanwhile, take a look at this chain of stories:
Is Comet Elenin One Step Ahead of Planet X?
A lady named Amy Evans (apparently a PHD in pediatrics who likes conspiracy sites - I did my research but don't want to share all the pages I found on her, feel that's kind of personal) has taken to the web to spread around her compelling research and investigation into Comet Elenin, or Planet X. As far as I can tell, she’s sincere and not an idiot. Is she right? I don’t know about that… she may be chasing a story that just sounds too good to pass up (I can relate). So, I’m going to share it here – if there’s anyone at all who’s good at astronomy, I’d really appreciate your two, better yet hundred, cents on this topic. I’ll try to get in contact with some experts, in the meantime. Here it goes.

This is an analysis of the photo taken by Muler of Elenin. This looks like the image from the 80's taken by IRIS. My analysis follow the first photo which is Mulers. I'm getting the impression that there are two objects that are approaching the earth. A brown dwarf and a comet. Marshall mention that comets acquire tails when near the Jupiter orbit. PX is being followed by a dust cloud that will be illuminated and comets have tails that form near Jupiter's orbit.

This object is showing a tail like formation and is letting us know that it is inbound towards the sun and at least nearby the orbit of Jupiter.
This is posted on this website: [link to]

It's a image of Comet G2 taken in April 12, 2010. The analysis shows two parts to this object. A object in front followed by an object behind, possible a dust cloud. This is one formation made up of two objects as outlined in black as shown in the enhancements where magnified.

Here is the image for ELEnin ...

Latest News and Pics of Comet Elenin has gotten one photo of Comet Elenin from the 13th and 12th of April, but apparently the full moon is making it hard for them to snap any other shots of it.    

No Peep from Elenin
We don’t have any new updates, besides FAQs, from Elenin’s site about the comet since the 10th. He hasn’t been as active on Facebook, either.

Monday, April 18, 2011

March 27th Photo of Comet Elenin - Comet Elenin Update, 4/18

This is a photo of Comet Elenin taken on March 27th of this year, by one of the discoverer's Facebook friends, Alan Hale. This image is a public photo. Here's the description for it:
"Ten-year-old camera (that I haven't played with in three years) and hardware (RS-232 serial cables, anyone?), achingly slow software interface between Mac and Windows, winds that were gusty at times . . . it isn't very pretty, but this is an image I took last night of Comet Elenin (discovered last December by Russian astronomer -- and Facebook friend! -- Leonid Elenin) that may become quite bright later this year. It's the fuzzy object just to the left of top center."
You can compare this picture to the more recent April photos. Hopefully this will help with your search and trajectory tracking.

The comet has proved elusive of late, but I guess Dr. Hale got lucky in March. A reader did some digging and discovered that Dr. Hale is an expert in binary sun systems. Make of it what you will.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Pics, Story Developments - Comet Elenin Update, 4/17

People are still concerned about Comet Elenin. Why? There's an eerie media blackout around it, despite the fact that it's a real comet that really will pass by Earth in November (no one knows for sure how close it will get).

Is there a Planet X cover up?

Comet Elenin Leads to Japan Quake?

Keep in mind this YouTuber's last video was unlike her others (did not feature her voice or image, and her prediction was not based on same science she used before) and she has not returned. Hopefully her account has not been hijacked, and she was just wrong with her last prediction and now hiding out in mountains.

Every time the comet has been in alignment with Earth and the Sun, there's been a massive earthquake (a Comet Elenin "tracker" even predicted the Japan quake with this info). Plus, all ancient astronomy, which is still relevant and accurate today, points to some 2012 natural event that will either destroy, or completely change this planet. Not to mention, Elenin seems to have some company - with other asteroids and comets, leading some to believe it's a lot more than a comet, or is the first in a long line of well as an almost identical orbit to the hypothesized Planet X. 

Leonid Elenin = Code Name?
There's even some speculation around the comet's original discoverer, an amateur Russian astronomer. His name is ominous - "Leonid Elenin" spells out the whole Planet X conspiracy theory; many people think it's really a code name - has NASA concocted the discoverer's personality, or given Elenin undue credit? There are a few photos of Elenin on the web, but he won't put up a single up-to-date video of himself or meet with anyone in person. The conspiracy about who he is has been going on for a while now, so Elenin is not new to the debate.
No One's Met Elenin
I've done LOADS of research on this, and have communicated on and off with Mr. Elenin. He's very responsive, seems to have a great handle on English, and I've gotten many of his cohorts to confirm he exists. Plus, he runs a blog tracking the comet. No one's MET the guy, though. They all interact with him remotely. He has ties on the Internet that go back to 2008, and I've talked to one person who's known him (remotely) since 2007. How long has NASA known about Comet Elenin - since December 2010, when Elenin was lucky enough to stumble upon it with his radio telescope? Or have they been anticipating this comet for much longer than we all realize?
New Pics of Comet
The search for Comet Elenin has finally begun. Astronomers were disappointed at first, however, when they couldn't spot it. But they've now located it and the tracking can really happen now. Meanwhile, GLP-ers are taking to NASA's new WISE data release to check it out themselves.

NASA Insider Spills Beans?
 Someone got some scary info from a NASA insider, or supposedly they did:
"I'm going to keep this short, but sweet. I have some inside info on elenin and its trajectory. NASA is worried that comet elenin will hit, (yes, physically collide with), the International Space Station (the exact phrasing was "nasa space station"). This means the official .24 au passing distance is a lie. It also explains the media silence. Most comets recieve large, global news coverage. "Haley's comet" is a household name, why not Elenin?

There seems to be a massive disinfo campaign concerning this comet, several youtube accounts have been deleted along with all their videos, for no reason. Nasa shut down its own buzzroom over a single comment stating:

"these are my calculations, but I've revised the 0.24AU's down to 0.0004617 AU's on 21.42pm 16th Oct 2011 (pretty god dam close!)"

On videos with lots of views containing elenin information, click on posters who dismiss elenin with a superior air and sound intelligent, and you will find many of them have accounts made shortly after elenin was found. I'm not saying all of them are part of the disinfo, but you will probably notice the pattern too.
Why am i posting this? people have a right to know.
i will try to find out more.
this will probably come to bite me in the ass...but i have a nasa source."
Expert in Binary Sun Systems (Planet X?) Took Photo of Comet Elenin in MARCH
Despite everyone's lack of success in spotting Comet Elenin, Dr. Alan Hales has an image of the comet on his Facebook from March - according to a reader who's done some digging. Check out what they found:
"I have some information that may only at this stage, confuse even more!
As you say, reported Alan Hales lack of success in spotting this elusive comet on 4th and 5th April. Strangely however, Dr Hale carries on Facebook, an image he captured of said comet on 27th March? Dr Hale is a FB friend of Dr Elenin, so the image is available to view, and Dr Hale does not have many images in his page, roughly 6 in total. As there was a disconnect here, I switched to investigation mode and educated myself a little on the eminent Dr Hale, and interestingly his phd thesis was enttled..."Orbital Coplanarity in Solar-Type Binary Systems: Implications for Planetary System Formation and Detection". He was also born in Japan, which is a connection thats popped up a noticeable number of times for me now, but only in relation to this particular subject.(though I accept this could just be a string of co-incidences) mmm, and why so much symbolism seemingly all pointing in the same general direction - ? It reads like a Dan Brown novel, scripted almost. I would be glad to hear your thoughts on this.
Kind regards"

Compare this to the following articles from (one from 2010, and then one recently...keep in mind THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SPRING FIREBALL SEASON):

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh Comet Elenin, Let Me Count the Ways You Confuse Me - Comet Elenin Update, 4/12

Update: Leonid Elenin has found the "galaxy" the star gazers (read below) stumbled upon, near the MIA Comet Elenin, and he shared a link with me. I don't know entirely what this means, but I'm guessing it means there's not much to worry about. Elenin did not answer my question about how he was able to discover a comet so far and faint, though, as early as December 2010. But hey, guys, I'm gradually picking up on this to rely on the astronomy experts, amateur or pro, for now.

Wow, as if this Japan UFO madness isn't, well, mad enough. Now, we've got some incoming Comet Elenin news. And the news is there's no news. Move along folks, nothing to see here....

No Comet Elenin. But what is that? A galaxy?
Turns Out, Comet Elenin Isn't All that Bright
What appeared to be a growing concern, a comet with a growing coma, is not quite as baddass. Astronomers just can't seem to find the darned thing - it's not very bright, so it may not give us such a show this fall. As a result, telescopes are proving useless in the current search for the comet. Leonid Elenin posted a link to this story on his very own Facebook.
"It's still early in the game, but reports from visual and photographic observers over the past few weeks have tempered expectations somewhat. Those looking for Comet Elenin by eye have found it elusive. Only two observers — Jakub Koukal, using a 9½-inch (24-cm) reflector in the Czech Republic; and Juan José González Suárez, using an 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain in Spain — feel certain they glimpsed it by eye in early April. But it was a no-show for comet-hunter Alan Hale, who had a larger telescope at a pitch-black site 7200 feet (2200 m) up."
The very next day, confirmed this story.
"This is the latest picture of where Elenin should be…. and it should be located right smack in the middle of the picture. We will process this picture later to look for any signs of comet Elenin."
But that's not the interesting part - never mind that Comet Elenin is a rumored cover story,  - no, seriously, NEVER MIND THAT, it's apparently not interesting at all that astronomers can't spot the comet. Here's the interesting part.

What's That Galaxy Doing There?
"But we did notice something unusual. In the bottom left hand corner we have pointed out an interesting object which in all purposes looks like a galaxy. But we are not exactly sure which one it is because according to our star charts, there shouldn’t be one in that location."
We Can't See It. But We've Known About It Since 2010.
Anyone understand how the comet's discoverer, an amateur astronomer, might have spotted it in December 2010, if it's so elusive? Perhaps it was just bigger or reflecting more light then? I wish I understood this more...I'll just go back to my head scratching.

Today's Google logo.
You've Got To Be Kidding Me, Google
On the surface, and to most sane individuals, today's logo is a harmless, artsy tribute to the first man in space. Russia's celebrated Yuri Gagarin, red planet, CCC on the helmet for Russia, 5 Xs for 50th anniversary, on and on. To us conspiracy miners, the red planet is red planet, with xs all around it (and orbiting around a planet like a moon would), and a Russian cosmonaut who may have gotten credit for something he didn't do........ sound familiar? Recap: Nibiru is brown dwarf star or ET planet, it had 5 moons according to Sumerians - Comet Elenin even rumored to be one of these moons - X marks the spot, right?, it was referred to as Planet X, and its discoverer is an amateur Russian astronomer who may have gotten credit for something he didn't do.

Hey, I don't think Google is telling us anything, but I do think they know all about those Google searches we've all been doing as a curious collective (I work in the Internet industry, so I know Google, plus know what searches lead here) and are very intentionally fucking with us.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Leonid Elenin: Code Name or Man? Comet Elenin Update - 4/10

Leonid Elenin
I recently started investigating Leonid Elenin, the amateur Russian astronomer who discovered a comet currently headed our way. Although NASA, Elenin, and others are actively tracking the bugger, which seems to grow in size with every new measurement, it's apparently no big deal.

It doesn't help that the comet follows along the very same orbit as the hypothesized Planet X, a large brown dwarf star, asteroid, comet, or planet, that will bring with it the apocalypse. The apocalypse the Mayans, Hopi, Babylonians, and Sumerians might have predicted with their astronomical smarts way back when.

Leonid Elenin is a completely unique name (so far) in both Russian and English, and literally translates to: Prophetic meteor shower from the constellation LEO that peaks in November (defines Comet Elenin almost perfectly), extinction level event (ELE), and Nin (Sumerian lady god - the Sumerians referred to planets and stars as gods). So, since the person attached to it is an inconveniently private man who has limited traces online - mostly in Russian - many people have leeped to the conclusion that there really is no Leonid Elenin at all, that NASA has been anticipating this bad boy comet/planet/dwarf star for a while, and in reality Leonid Elenin is just a hint to us all that something really dangerous is up. Pretty compelling story, huh? Well, you can watch part of it on the big screen: Melancholia is coming out next month.
It Just Keeps Getting Bigger, and Bigger, and Bigger Fortunately, I've had many conversations with Leonid Elenin and his cohorts via Facebook. And most of them have shared their 2 cents on the whole Planet X conspiracy, in a nut shell they've (understandably) scoffed at it. Saying that, there is a sincere interest in this comet, and a back-of-mind concern that it could get a little too big or close for comfort. Check out Elenin's latest update on his blog, in fact:
April 8th at our observatory we carried out planned observations of Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin). An analysis of the results of the observations shows a rapid growth of the coma. Besides the internal compact gas envelope, the forming rarified external coma is also visible in the image. It’s diameter exceeds 1 minute of arc, or 80,000 km! It is possible that such a rapid growth of the coma is associated with the apparent superposition over it of the comet’s dust tail, which after opposition, still remains invisible to the Earthly observer.
The brightness of the comet also has crossed the 16m boundary, and according to the calculations of Artem Novichonok, has reached 15.4m. Such an estimate is supported by the first visual observations of the comet by Jakub Koukal and Juan Jose Gonzalez on the 4th and 5th of April respectively. It is worth noting that another well-known visual comet observer, Alan Hale, 1995 co-discoverer of comet Hale-Bopp, was not able to find Comet Elenin on April 5th with his 41-cm reflector…
In the image at left still another event is captured – the close approach of Comet Elenin to asteroid 4336 Jasniewicz. Here the closeness of the objects, which are only 11 arc minutes apart, is not an optical illusion but a real physical closeness of two celestial bodies. At the time the image was obtained, the distance between the comet and the 6-km asteroid was just 1,495,000 km (0.01 AU), which is only 3.9 times the average distance between the Earth and Moon (LD). Closest approach of the two objects was several hours earlier; they were only 1,120,000 km apart (0.008 AU).
So, I'm going to keep a steady watch on this until it's on its way out of our solar system. But I think we can all breathe a big sigh of relief that Leonid Elenin is a real dude.  

Leonid Elenin Is No Island
While I've yet to track down anyone who's actually met the guy in person, I've tracked down more than a few people who've worked with him via email and phone, and can verify that he is indeed a real person. One of Elenin's contacts even sent me a photo of Elenin with his daughter, which although I can't share, I can definitely say that it matches up to the other photos of Elenin on the Internet.

Here's a quote from Leonid Elenin himself:
I'm not a public man and don't like interviews and photos. But in the near future you can warch 1 minute interview with me :) I will post it on my site. You can read my position about the comet on my site. This is real comet, not a planet or brown dwarf. This comet not dangerous for us. If you have any questions feel free to ask, but I can answer with some delay...
 Here are some quotes from Elenin's peers
"My work with him [since Spring 2008] has been via email but then again the majority of people I work with in IASC I've never met and only work with through email.  The communication I've had with him has been extensive.  He's analyzed many, many datasets for IASC, worked on a supernova search project, and helped as we brought a 32" telescope up to speed for student discovery follow-ups.  If he has the time IASC will work with him on an asteroid search program in Russia organized through the Russian Academy of Sciences.  In fact, I wish he had more time to help in IASC because is very, very good at measurement and discovery. For people to think that his credibility is in doubt...that's ridiculous.  It was just a comet that he discovered, nothing more or nothing less.  What is the deal?  I don't get it.  There is nothing to debate other than what people have invented in their minds.  In that context I understand why he is not giving out interviews."
 "Hi! yep, i know him personally. We worked together a few time ago and i know him from 2007."
"No. I'm just having contact with him trough his website (also here in Facebook) but I'm sure he is a real person, because some friends of mine, professional astronomers, had personal contact with him way before his last discovery in December"
"Yes, I know him personally. I know him since March 2008."
"Hi, I haven't met him, but I have talked to him though emails and Facebook. I have no doubt that he's real. "
NASA and the government would have to have gone through a great deal of effort to create this personality just to warn us. Now that I have proof that Elenin is a real guy, I find this theory very hard to swallow. But we may still have something on our hands to worry about...which makes his birth name all that odder!!!....I still would love to get a quote from someone who's met him, or see an up-to-date video of him.  

New Photos of Comet Elenin!   
One of Elenin's contacts, another astronomy expert unsurprisingly, was kind enough to provide some new images of the comet.
"Attached is a photograph of the comet that four of my university students and I took last week on April 4-5.  To see it move, flip back and forth between the two images.  They were taken about 1 hour apart using a 16-inch telescope equipped with a scientific digital camera (CCD).  Currently the comet is located about 285,000,000 km  from Earth (730 times the distance of the Moon) and it is about 1500 times fainter that what the human eye can see."
These photos were taken by the Ironwood North Observatory (Phoenix, AZ) and Hardin-Simmons University Spring 2011 astronomy students.

Friday, April 8, 2011

If Earthquakes Were Spaghettios ... Comet Elenin Update, 4/8

So,  not only is HAARP apparently shutting down its web site, or showing funky activity any time there's a big quake, but apparently the government is hiding earthquakes, especially along the surprisingly active New Madrid fault line. So not cool.

 Meanwhile, Japan was hit with another traumatic 7+ quake, also predicted by a YouTube-er, mind you, due to interesting planetar alignments with Jupiter. There was also a 6.5 in Veracruz Mexico, a series of small quakes in Arkansas, and that loud humming is back.

Latest NIbiru/Planet X/Comet ELENin Sightings - New UFO Sightings, 4/8

Is this Nibiru in the UK?
YouTube description: "I'd like to thank the skeptics, hecklers, debunkers, and plain shit-talkers for pushing me to create a video in 1' time lapse of the Sun, Nibiru, and 2 others disks in undeniable motion and view. Please check out the video from 2 days prior and you will see the objects/planets in the same place and no, a sun glare doesn't turn into a planet, people. If you don't wanna wait 8 minutes, simply scroll the play bar back/forth and you will see that the Sun and 2 object are all locked into place move together."

GLP-er Snaps Shot of Nibiru
No photo evidence provided yet, though. Make of it what you will
I been taking pics o the sun for bout a week now,seeing if i could catch something,and for the 1st time today,its clear blue sky,and my pics have turned out something planet looking at about 2 o clock from the sun.i made sure i could see the lens flare on the opposite side so looks convincing.Cant upload pics just now as i need a stupid card reader thingy,but if any1 else is up in scotland,go take some pics and see if i am right.
I'm not even sure if thats where i should be looking,but even the missus is slightly dubious
*whispers*...she is shill :P
And Another Second Sun
It won't let me post this to the blog for some reason, but here it is.

Celebrities Gear Up for the End of the World - Comet Elenin Update, 4/6

Real or not, some high-profile folks are getting antsy about the end of the world...time has just ticked far too long for us human beings to still be around. So, what's going on here? Are celebrities just giving into fear like your Average Joe? Do a handful of them know something we don't know?

Tom Cruise was way ahead of the game. 
Adorable Suri Cruise's weird Scientologist dad has been prepping since 2007.
Concern for the survival of one’s family in the event of a nuclear attack or massive world war is only natural, and maybe if I had a quarter of a billion dollars I would consider setting up a giant underground bunker too. I really doubt it though. The only preparations I made on December 31, 1999 were getting an outfit and having my nails done for a New Year’s party. Stockpiling water and supplies for the millennium just wasn’t high on my to-do list.
Ashtion Kucher : End of the World, Miley Cyrus : Salvia*
According to In Touch magazine, Kutcher recently spent $4,000 at Los Angeles' Surplus Value Center on survival gear for himself and his family.

An insider tells the publication, "He is obsessed with the idea of either an earthquake or massive uprising and the store specialises in anything you might need for basic survival in the event of a natural disaster."
Joe Rogan: "Could you imagine what kind of chaos there would be in this world if we saw a planet coming our way?  ... people would be losing their FUCKING minds."

Jesse Ventura Sneaks Around the Denver International Airport Searching for Top-secret Bunkers
If there's nothing to worry about, then why does there seem to be something to worry about? 

Ride out the apocalypse in style.
Well, this is quite some profiteering: luxury doomsday bunkers. And the kind of profiteering you can continue to get away with, year after year. But shoot...if I had that kind of would be worth that much luxurious peace of mind. But then agian, not if you had to leave behind friends or family.

*I wonder if I will get some traffic from those terms. 

New Nibiru movie "Melancholia" starring Kirsten Dunst & more - Comet Elenin Update, 4/8

Nibiru - Now It REALLY Is a Star
As if the comets hurdling toward earth in the Britney Spears music video and the CGI Disney cartoon aren't enough, now Nibiru is really, truly coming to a theater near you. Check out this super engaging trailer for director Lars von Trier's upcoming apocalyptic saga, driven by an eerie and blatent Planet X plot line. It's scheduled for May 2011, and stars Kirsten Dunst, Kiefer Sutherland, and Stellan Skarsgard.

Britney Spears has some more cryptic crap up her sleeves, too! 
Check out her latest music video, (as if she needs one already? haha?) featuring an apocalyptic chorus.

"Futurama" Spotlights Planet XXX
Also, check out this fun "Futurama" episode summary (I caught it, myself, on Hulu recently and was surpirsed to hear "Planet XXX" pop into the dialogue, though you can't find that reference anywhere online):
"In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela" is the second episode of the sixth season of the animated sitcom, Futurama. It originally aired directly after "Rebirth" on Thursday, June 24, 2010 on Comedy Central.[1] In the episode, Zapp Brannigan and Leela end up on a Garden of Eden-like world after fighting a planet-destroying satellite called V-Giny.

The episode was written by Carolyn Premish, who created the story for the episode with Futurama co-creator Matt Groening. Dwayne Carey-Hill directed. It features references to Adam and Eve, and Matt Groening's other show, The Simpsons, along with self-parody. The episode received positive reviews from critics.

Notably, "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela" is the first of several episodes to use a significantly shortened intro sequence this season, and consequently is the first episode in the series not to show a brief clip of a classic cartoon before the opening credits.
PS, Monster Ball Report
In recent news, I saw Lady Gaga in concert this week and she was amazing. No great symbolism or anything to take away, however...the message, for what its worth, was "be yourself." 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Comet Elenin, Planet X, Leonid Elenin Update - Breaking UFO News, 4/5

So, I've been in contact with Dr. Leonid Elenin, the much-talked-about, but rarely interviewed discoverer of a VIC (Very Important Comet). The recently-located comet, size and threat level to Earth TBD - even by NASA's own omission, happens to have an orbit that mirrors the trajectory and timing of the much-anticipated Planet X, and since Leonid Elenin translates to: "meteor shower that peaks in November and comes from LEO constellation, extinction level event, Sumerian lady god," some people think the comet's a cover for a much bigger danger. The "code name" spells out the whole Planet X conspiracy theory, with roots going back to the 1800s and then ancient times. What a coincidence. I mean, conspiracy or not, is the universe trying to tell us something? The so-called Planet X (or Nibiru), could be a planet, massive asteroid, or conveniently invisible brown dwarf star, and if it does exist, it would be approaching from the South Pole or behind the sun, and would be difficult to spot with the naked eye until late summer and fall - except we might be able to track its moon or satellites. So, is that what comet Elenin is? Is that why NASA is so interested in it? Will it collide with Earth in 2012, fulfilling Mayan prophesy and bringing meaning to ancient texts, and even crop circles?

Or is it just another harmless comet?
Well, even if Elenin is a threat to us, it's at least appearing that Leonid Elenin is a real guy, and not a code name. Here's the latest evidence to prove this (though please check out the full investigation, as I can't carry everything over post to post): part 1, part 2.
1. He's recently participated in a conversation about his identity with a few people in a Yahoo group.  
2. Many of his Facebook contacts have assured me that he is indeed the real deal, and even they are interested in the Comet Elenin/Planet X debate! While they rule out the conspiracy theories, they're still watching the comet closely because it is possible for it to get scary close to Earth, and other comets are keeping it company. One Facebook friend of Elenin's was very helpful and gave me a local lead, so I've got more updates to come!
3. Elenin has been very responsive and seemingly sincere, and he's not even poo poo-ing the conspiracy theorists, which tells me he's not some fake personality, ie puppet of a NASA cover up. Not to mention, there is a bit of info on him on the Internet going back to 2008, he's attached to real-life institutions, and you can find photos of him.
4. Although he's going by his English name now, he went by his Russian name before the blog...and in Russian, only his last name has any cryptic meaning.

But here are a few points I'm still hung up on:
1. While many of Elenin's Facebook friends are assuring me that they know him personally, I have yet to talk to anyone who's met him. It would be perfectly easy for NASA/government to steal or make up an identity, and have that identity remotely correspond with coworkers/etc.They would have had plenty of time to plan.  
2. I have yet to find traces of him from before 2008, and almost all are from 2010. His blog and article commentaries in 2010, pre comet discovery, seem staged, as if someone was building an identity.
3. He claims to be a private person who doesn't like photos or video, but he's been very responsive with me on Facebook and immediately accepted my friend request. Meanwhile, he won't do a single high-profile interview (there have been maybe two, tops, local Russian stories about him) or provide additional photos or video to help prove his identity.  
4. His Facebook contacts are assuring me that Elenin is real by providing links to articles I've already found in my own research.
5. Even those who claim to know him and seem to be a part of the astronomical community, are curious about Comet Elenin, although they're not hopping on the 2012 bandwagon just yet.
6., known for disinfo (at least I've come to this conclusion), put out a story about how spring is fireball season. BUT IT'S NOT! Perhaps NASA is preparing for the debris and meteors that are about to rain down on us due to the comet, the comet NASA has been telling us is harmless. Meanwhile, check out these "fireball" UFO sightings: Ontario green fireball, New Zealand desk-sized meteor

7. Every perfect alignment with comet Elenin, the Earth and the sun, has correlated with Earth's biggest earthquakes over this past year. Including Japan's - someone even predicted the Japan quake due to Comet Elenin's coordinates. There have been multiple warnings about this comet, not just coming from the conspiracy junkies.