Friday, June 3, 2011

Retired Police Officer Reports Alien Encounter - Cool Shit or Bull Shit? 6/3

Somehow I missed this sighting from a few days ago. A retired police officer noticed some strange lights outside his home, and then blinked out suddenly. What he then saw was a 50-foot black triangle UFO. And then this:
"He aimed his flashlight in the direction of the sound, but saw nothing. He then proceeded back to the yard, and focused his flashlight toward the direction of the original sound.
He was totally in shock of the sight before him - a very strange, short (approximately 4' tall), gray, humanoid-looking creature with big eyes standing there looking at him.
This unbelievable sight lasted only a second or two, then it just disappeared. He looked up into the sky - the triangle craft was also gone.
The policeman was baffled by what he had seen. It had frozen him in fear, and he also was puzzled by his dog. The Shepherd would not go outside, when normally he would at the drop of a hat.
Although he had received training from the FBI, in addition to his other training, nothing could have prepared him for what occurred on this particular night
Until his anonymous report to MUFON, he had kept many things to himself. He never woke his sleeping wife, and never told her what he had seen that night.
He thought the entire ordeal had lasted about 15 minutes, but in fact, he was gone from his bed for about an hour and 30 minutes. His face was also red, like sunburn.
Although he cannot understand why these things occurred, he knows exactly what he saw."

Not sure if this is a new MUFON report, as I'm behind on those, so I wanted to call this out in case anyone else had any info. Is this one heck of a tall tale, or did the story of a credible witness who doesn't want to get ridiculed?

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