Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mothership Over Peru - Cool Shit or Bull Shit? 6/1

Here's some great CGI or a great UFO sighting captured in a local Guancayo, Peruo news report. What's super unique about this one, though, is it got local press (that's what this video is, a local news report) and the witness is open with his name and encounter. Hoaxers tend to be anonymous. It definitely looks fake to me, but one thing I've tried to keep in mind - a lot of videos of normal crafts look fake! For example, watch the planes crash into the buildings on 9/11 - they look totally fake. So, sometimes seeing isn't believing with second-hand videos.

Translation from YouTube:
TRANSLATION: "... That is been captured in the city of Guancayo; there you can see a weird looking object hovering the sky. Take a look at this, our viewer is called Henric Snider Solano de la Cruz, and told us that as soon as he devised this object, went for his video camera to record the moment, and send it to us. What does this look like? It could also be that someone might be looking at the "plane" from above, no no...

...Very interesting, Henric told us that he could not hear any sound coming from the object; and that's how he assumed that this was not an airplane or known object. Well it seems we have to investigate this one to determine what it is. Very interesting... here it goes again, you can see that something very big is flying through the clouds."

Absolutely Incredible! ORIGINAL FOOTAGE ADDED! I wouldn't normally post a video of this nature as it's unquestionably "too good to be true". The fact that this was broadcast on a Peruvian news channel is what has me interested. An immediate translation of this story is a must if we want to get started on the investigation.
I've been unable to locate the original source as of yet, perhaps a translation will bring this information to light. 

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