Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jamie Maussan Revisits Recent Poland UFO Fleet - New UFO Sightings, 6/16

Awesome paranormal investigator Jamie Maussan takes a second look at a recent Poland UFO sighting. Several witnesses, several orbs, and lots of movement. What's going on here? Are these flares, as one YouTube comment suggests (read below)? Or perhaps Chinese Lanterns?

YouTube description:
Marilu Carrillo Reporting UFO fleet last night in Poland on May 21, 2011

YouTube comment:
(translated) I repeat: The lights are flares launched Mexicali U.S. border to detect illegal immigrants, is very common to see them. Not that insist on presenting evidence UFO. I am a follower of the program, but these situations make me doubt their research.
(translated reply) We would like to take some kind of image they appear these flares, we have already presented some respect and do not look anything like what he says. We would greatly help your videos or pictures.

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