Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"10 Unidentified Cigar-Shaped Crafts 'Glide" Over Hillsville, VA" - MUFON UFO Sightings, 6/14

Looks like Michigan's a hot spot right now...some pretty intriguing sightings reported into MUFON recently.

California (2)
Unknown City: UFO preenting crash with other UFO

Unknown city: low flying fast light in sky

Illinois (2)
Addison: Multiple sightings all day and night while chemtrails were being sprayed
Chicago: Strange Shape Shifting Anamoly Over Chicago Search Youtube 1080p Video

Indiana (2)
Logansport: Ball of light-Hi-8 video recorded of object.
Fort Wayne: three white lights traveling together

Florence: very bright very fast moving object

Michigan (3)
Lansing: Lights moving in sky 4th night in a row, hovered above my house. Cigar Shaped Object got very close
Chelsea: Bright, star-like object moves quickly west to east, zig-zag/wobbling
Bay City: Very bright white light low over Saginaw Bay

St. Anthony: A ball of light that travelled slowly and made no noise.

Tupelo: A single bright white light no sound at all

Knoxville: Star-like bright blue orb lazily drifting downward & to the north-east

Virginia (2)
Roanoke: weird thick low huge cigar cloud 30mins, poof gone in 5min re-check
Hillsville: 10 Unidentified Cigar-Shaped Crafts 'Glide" Over Hillsville, VA

West Virginia
Huntington: Silver bullet-shaped object crossing sky from North to South

Kirkcaldy: My friend Emils and i were taking some pics of the burnoff from a local factory

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  1. I moved to Hillsville Virinia in April 2012 .We live on a montain close to the Blue Ridge Parkway .We went out on our deck one night looking at the stars .My husband and myself are sceptical about UFOS ,but Late July we were stargazing and we saw unbelievable flying objects that couldnt be explained .One of them came over the horizan and came to a dead stop .and the after about 3 minutes starting moving very quickly .another one was flying and stopped and turned around and starting the other way, planes dont do that to our knowledge .also we did see a plane and a flying object came out of nowhere and in a speed of light caught up with the plane and seem to be toying with it flying over it then under it .My husband became a changed man that night.It really shook him up we are both in the medical profession so we disect everything ,and what ever it was it shocked us rather it was UfOs or military we are not sure but it didnt seem like anything we had ever seen before ,That paticular night we saw at least 2 dozen flying objects that couldnt be explain .Now we stargaze on our deck at night when weather permits and still see theses starnge moving objects not as many but they are up there .Watch they sky because something really strange is going on