Saturday, May 21, 2011

Watch Out, Anonymous Planning UFO Hoax - Breaking UFO News

No idea how real this is, but apparently an online hacker group may try to pull a fast one on us tomorrow. What's most interesting about this to me is what is the motive? A group that has said it's interested in truth and freedom shouldn't waste its time with something like this, never mind how counter-productive it is. Methinks a government could be behind this (in an attempt to discredit the phenomenon)... but then again, this poster could have been made by someone unaffiliated with Anonymous as a hoax all by itself.

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  1. The thing with Anonymous is that it's not an organization per se, that poster is surely made by someone bored trying to gather a personal army for his own amusement. Real anons are keeping their hands busy against the "protect IP act".