Sunday, May 1, 2011

UFO Orbs by the ISS - New UFO Sightings, 5/1

Someone watching the live ISS cam caught a glimpse of this fleet of red unidentified flying orbs. Check out the amusing comments: 

there was some kind of special meeting planned for yesterday and Captn Kelly missed the party when Obama scuttled the shuttle after touring Tuscaloosa. But make sure to watch the next one as I bet dollars to donuts, these objects will come back for him. There's something freaky about Captn Kelly and I just have this feeling that there's more to this shuttle launch and mission than is being told to the public. The shooting of Gabby Giffords: was to delay or derail this flight?

@kapesun Yeah did you see the video from yesterday where I caught Obama putting something sneaky in his pocket after that captain dude shook his hand/handed it to him at the same time? That was weird, and hella obvious. Something doesn't want this flight to happen. Probably because they are messing with the universe in a way that could harm it. Maybe time-travelers came back to stop them. Maybe the aliens know whats up.. who knows. it's a particle accelerator, atom-smasher they are sending..

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