Monday, May 23, 2011

Russia is riddled with UFOs of late - New UFO Sightings, 5/23

So, this is super strange guys. AllNewsWeb and are reporting that there's been ANOTHER...that's right, ANOTHER...large UFO sighting in Russia:
"An important UFO sighting has taken place in the village Lesopilniy in the region of Khabarovsk again in Russia and receiving massive media attention in Russia while being blacked out by the international UFO cover-up in the West. One eyewitness states: "It was 200 meters in size, much bigger than a large passenger plane. Most residents hid in fear in their homes, however they sent one brave local out to spy on the craft."Residents of the village Lesopilniy in the region of Khabarovsk noticed a huge revolving object descend on the settlement."
This falls on the heals of multiple UFO sightings, and even the discovery of an alien body in Russia. This goes along with LOTS of evidence that the media, along with conspiracy site, is trying to cover up these stories. The Siberia UFO story, a very legit story that is still unresolved, was completely ignored by the West, and never followed up with in the local press. That followed with a video posted of an alien body discovered in the snow nearby the Siberia UFO (its leg chewed off by an animal, perhaps), an alien that looked an awful lot like another alien discovered in Canada wilderness. The news reports about this are ALL OVER THE PLACE and make ZERO SENSE WHATSOEVER. I am pretty sure that, even if the alien was a hoax or a fake or something, that there has been an attempt to hide the truth.

What is going on in Russia? What do you think?

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