Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Low-key, selective UFOs in PA - New UFO Sightings, 5/3

Here's some great extended footage of some fiery orbs in Pennsylvania. The videographer is well-acquainted with these orange meteor-like UFOs, and has even figured out some patterns to their locations and behaviors. Check out his comments:
These ones didn't morph Might not be too exciting to see on video as they are in person, but this is necessary to show just how low-key their behavior is. They typically do not do "tricks' that draw attention to themselves. You have to actively pay attention to the sky for all lights and look for strange colored ones that might not even be moving (or white ones that don't belong in that spot in the sky). They pick different spots that seem to be picked after a higher-flying craft scopes out the area from above for safety. This is why camping out in the woods DOES NOT WORK. They have to already be IN there for anyone to get closer, BUT since on several occasions we've witnessed the fast-moving meteor-like orbs whiz off into other patches of woods, it's likely that unless they ALLOW you to get closer, it's not going to happen.

BEGINNING OF VIDEO was filmed days later IN those woods they hang out in. Shot was not on top of hill. I will post the entire hike (minus the tick sucking on my stomach) hopefully soon. Like the other patches they've been seen coming out of -- no evidence was found (although I don't have a Geiger counter to check for radiation).

I HIGHLY recommend some quality night vision equipment to see them when invisible to human eyes (they don't 'disappear' btw, just somehow shift into infrared spectrum our eyes can't see well).

Yukon Night Ranger Binoculars (has VIDEO OUT jack to record) or BETTER night vision equipment. Good advice on additional UFO hunting/recording equipment can be found in forums on UFONV.com (run by UFONV on youtube -- guy who inspired me to get some).

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