Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Strange craft(?) over Tasmania - New UFO Sightings, 5/31

Check out this line of blinking lights hovering over Mayfield, Tasmania in Australia. Skateboarder Brendon Hill managed to capture the great UFO sighting on camera. Is this a typical craft, lights on a hill, or something more? Check out more details about the encounter here.

You know all those great UFO documentaries that share the best cases and footage? Honestly, they've been dwarfed by YouTube uploads over the past year alone. Which brings us to ask ... has hoaxing increased THAT much?, have weird natural phenomenon and military crafts always been so common in our skies and we're just no noticing with the Internet?, or are genuine UFOs on the rise?

Youtube description: Skateboarder Brendon Hill managed to capture on film some strange flashing lights in the Tasmanian sky over Mayfield . Plane, UFO? No one seems to know.

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