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Is Leonid Elenin Trying to Tell Us Something? WTF? Comet Elenin Update, 4/22

As you all know by now, I've been carefully following all the hubbub about Comet Elenin along with its own discoverer, Leonid Elenin. There have been all kinds of theories out there - and that's because there are all kinds of questions out there.

Here's the conversation that Elenin's recent post, which shared Comet Elenin/earthquake correlations and the unsettling message "No comments,  your can make own conclusions… ", inspired on his blog and Facebook.

'friend': Hmmm. Wildness shizy around your comet - the subject of a separate study ...
Leonid Elenin The same was true about C/1995 O1, but that's why my choice on a comet ... It's a question ...
So, he's referring to parallels with Halle Bopp's popularity.

Blog comments (in particular read last comments):
kingkevin: So…your backing up the fact that each times its earth elenin sun it’s a big quake? I mean i’m so uncertain about this. Once is coincidence I could see that. 2 is odd, but still passable. But 3 large destructive quakes the last 3 times it has lined up with us and the sun seems far fetched to call a coincidence. I hear what your saying, and what the gov is saying, and the media….oh wait, they’re not reporting on any of this. But I understand what your saying that it’s not, but the facts and research shows….it is! So what can one possibly think of the situation? It’s extremely difficult to come out with a straight answer anywhere supporting either side. But JPL clearly shows, Feb 27 2010, Sep 5 2010, and March 11 2010 as alignments. These three alignments also sparked unknown anomalies like being moved off the axis? Whirlpools? Weird magnetic field? People NEED and want answers. Not what ifs…they can have those on their own. Thank you.
GLPac: So what you are saying is that this year is going to be a bad one when it lines up in September/October. What do you think of the theory that there is actually a Brown Dwarf following Elenin (or the other way around i should say) about one month behind? Pictures from this lady «Amy» who posted them in the comments below the article on this website: show Elenin, and then a red body of mass that looks eerily similar to the «hoax» red planet picture that surfaced on the internet awhile back. Thanks
Stewart: There really does seem a likely link to some of these, and the more I read about the electric universe, electrically charged comets etc the more evidence there seems to be.
Andrew: Can someone explain, or post a link to some info that explains the difference between the 2 diagrams in each image above? It appears to illustrate 2 different paths recorded on the same date?\
Leonid Elenin: I can explain. Left side of picture show conjunction with terrestrial planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars), the right side demonstrate conjunctions with distant giant planets.
Grant: I very much would like a response to GLP, kingkevin, and Stewart’s questions…
edgar: Comets do not produce earthquakes and conjunctions are not perfect.1. a comet is far away and is small in comparison to the earth has a gravitational influence ridiculously small.2. There can be no perfect alignment, as both the comet, the earth, have different inclination angles.Leonid I did not need this article, the mind of the conspiracy always tends to relate everything that has no real relationship.
Kenneth: Keep watching the sky for Planet X (Nibiru). There is evidence Google removed the coordinates from their software google sky so that people cannot see it. Microsoft too. But people like you can see it so keep looking for it and keep us informed at your website.
Alphada SATRIANSA: Thank you Mr. Leonard ELENIN for this preliminary investigation regarding whether there were conjunctions between comet Elenin alignment with Earth, and earthquakes on Earth..Me myself already did a similar comparisons on my facebook note «THE STORY OF ELENIN» @ I made comparisons between comet Elenin trajectory from NASA JPL orbital diagram, and earthquakes data from USGS. In my opinion, yes there were several conincidences between alignments of comet Elenin and Earth with other celestial bodies such as Sun or other planets with eartquakes.. The alignment combinations can be made up of Elenin-Earth-Sun, Elenin-Earth-Jupiter, Elenin-Earth-Venus, etc. In refer to your question,» that on March 11 2011, to the conjunction the comet with the Earth remained 3 days. Is it large or little time interval?» This question impress me that when the comet getting closer, then the effect will also be getting more bigger, thus a few days or more before the exact alignment, the ‘superposition’ of gravity field would already effective on Earth. Subsequently on 11 April 2011 the alignment of Elenin-Earth-Venus (the distance between Elenin and Earth was 1.873AU) had a coincidence with Fukushima earhtquake at 7.1SR. (what a big influence..?) From these coincidences, I think it is not a bad idea to bring along more sophisticated telescopes (on ground, and or on orbit) to get a better empirical data not only visually but also its characteristic on gravity, magnetic, and heat prior September 2011. Keep on the good work..!
Aditya: What is the second image in every image? i mean the one to the right? So… if this thing is really Nibiru, should we start preparing? When will we get to see it with the naked eye , if this comet is REALLY that big i.e 3 to 4 times the size jupiter… or is this comet revolving around Nibiru that is coming behind it, that we cannot see at the moment?
Dave: I also noticed this eq relationship, posted on fb about the alignment only days before the Japan quake. Disagree with you Edgar, you cannot know for certain what you say, reason being is that the Earth is a conductor and could be at sufficient charge differential, allowing an electrical coupling to occur. I am not talking about coulomb’s electrostatic forces or gravity, i’m talking about a flow of charge, much like the charge characteristics within a vacuum tube. Charge can flow in a vacuum! Tell me Edgar what potential difference, and charge capacity might we expect? I was in one of those earthquakes listed above, and saw a vivid resonating plasma in the sky above just as the main primary shock wave was generated? For me the correlation is obvious – there are charge couplings occuring. There is no need for an exacting geometric alignment either… when the distance, potential differences, and temperatures etc are tuned to trigger a coupling.
Leonid Elenin: We can’t see this comet by naked eye because this object is relative small comet, not a planet. If comet Elenin is Nibiru, we already catch it without any binoculars and telescopes. Comet coma is semi transparency and such large object as planet can’t lurking behind my comet. This is rubbish.
Leonid Elenin: I already answered on this question. And I will post it on FAQ page.Please read this
Stewart: Leonid What are your views on whether Elenin has smaller bodies accompanying it?
Grant: Any updates on the comet’s size? I remember there being an instance where an amateur astronomer posted his calculations different from NASA and resulted in the forums being shut down…
Аркадий: (translated) Leonid, finally figured out completely, that the comet is flying is not one - in pictures photo shows 3 other object, ie The idea is that this is a whole "something ") Yes, Leon, you have opened that will be something out of the ordinary, and by this I just proud of compatriot! Naturally, I assumed that these objects and just nothing happens - so whose is the activity? Zeitgeist itself is present in the present. But we are all free in our selection. And everyone is better to do consciously. Thank you, Leonid!

Leonid Elenin: Arkady, I can only completely refute your message.

Why has Comet Elenin's alignments with earth and the sun led to our biggest quakes over this past year, most notably Japan's (someone even predicted that quake via the comet's orbital path)? By its discover's OWN admission? By the way, Leonid also commented on a Facebook note I put out a while ago with alignments and corrected one of them for me, as if it were, well, important to know. 

Why was there a search for Planet X since the 1800s, possible warnings of it in Ancient texts, and then sudden abandonment just because NASA remeasured orbits in the 90s that justified the non-existence of Planet X? Even if NASA ruled out Planet X theory in the 90s, what’s with articles like these? From December 2010, “a giant in the outer reaches of our solar system.”

Why does the full English name Leonid Elenin spell out the whole Planet X conspiracy VERBATIM? If you translate it LITERALLY, here's what you get: "prophetic meteor shower coming from constellation LEO, extinction level event, lady Sumerian god/planet." And why, saying that, did Google decide to celebrate Yuri Gargarin, another Russian attached to a conspiracy theory (apparently he was given credit for being first man in space when he actually wasn’t), who was a famous resident of the city that Leonid discovered the comet in, in a recent logo that also featured a red planet and Xs?  What's with all this cryptic shit? IT'S PISSING ME OFF!

Why was YouTuber able to predict the March 11th quake, and subsequent increased earthquake activity around the world, based on Elenin's orbital path? And why was her latest (wrong) prediction not based on her same science before, and not include her likeness or voice? She has not posted since.

Why did the amateur "Planet X" astronomers completely drop off radar recently? One apparently got accused of some sex crime, but why remove videos as a result if you're already anonymous? And how did the rumor of the sex crime even get out??

Why are scientists pretending like they haven't heard of the theory?
 One scientist who I already have interviewed on video actually said to me, "What's Nibiru," as if he wasn't aware the topic even existed; but I swear, I saw fear in his eyes. As I've said, this is a journey of discovery for me too. I'm going into this without any preconceived notions about the existence of Nibiru, planetary pole shift, massive CMEs and the like. I'm not a scientist; when it comes right down to it all I am is a scribe recording what is happening as it's happening. As I learn, you will learn; and as the FORMER assistant D.A. in a South Florida county found out to his everlasting shame, I always find the truth no matter how many layers of BS it is hidden under.
What's going on with the solar flares? Why is media reporting that we're going through a normal solar cycle, when we're not - the activity is unprecedented!

Why is telling us that spring is fireball season? (It is not.) 

Why do and (also loosely related to NASA content, and partner or something to Life's Little Mysteries) seem to "tell" stories together - like with Jerusalem UFO and now the Russian alien body? Why has the media and government gone to such great lengths to confuse the Jerusalem UFO case and the recent alien body discovery in Russia? By the way, NEVER touches UFO stories, and FoxNews ALWAYS shapes them.

Why such an increase in UFO sightings, and the western media blackout around it? It's been INSANE in Japan.

Why did make the FBI documents new news, when it wasn't, following on the heels of other countries’ disclosures?

Why is Dr. Michio Kaku warning us about contact with dangerous aliens (who can control suns and stuff), and portals opening up, within the next century? (Keep in mind he tried to warn us about the Japan quake, too.)

What’s with the weird worm holes showing up in Russia and Norway skies?

What's with the weird rumbling noises heard around the world, compasses acting up, and random second suns showing up  in random places?

Why are Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas the only ones tweeting about an LA UFO sighting?Along with countless other pop/media hints at ET life and disclosure...they're even making a movie about Planet X. 

Why was there an article about Betelgeuse creating a second sun for us a while back that was then later retracted? And then, secondly,  why is the BBC and Fox News putting out articles about binary star systems (a potential reality that for our solar system that could explain an incoming brown dwarf star), which include UNSETTLING typos like this?
For planets orbiting two stars like our own, harmful radiation from intense stellar flares could lead to plants that develop their own UV-blocking sun-screens," he said.

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  1. The new article at begs the question ...
    1) How can 2 small comets have any Gravitational effect on our Planet from that great of a distance?

    2) If these 2 small comets are having a strong Gravitational effect on our Planet, then they must have a Mass far in excess of any known comet!

    3) If these 2 small comets are not effecting our Planet, it then stands to reason, that the Gravitational effects must be coming from the Brown Dwarf Star that is a month or more behind!

    This would also indicate that the closer this BDS approaches our Planet, its effects will continue to increase.