Friday, April 1, 2011

Who is Leonid Elenin? Breaking UFO News, 4/1

Comet Elenin's discover, Leonid Elenin
No April's Fools jokes to see here, folks. This site's got plenty of bull shit as is.

Well, I'm pretty damned frustrated at all the confusion around Comet Elenin. So, I’ve temporarily steered this blog away from the UFO stuff (that will come later this week, promise!). Hopefully I can locate some semblance of a Smoking Gun.

So, I did some digging. If I could prove that the name Leonid Elenin was a concoction, I could prove that it's a codename. I discovered that Leonid Yelenin (or Леонид Еленин) does indeed exist, or did exist at some point...traces start to show up in 2008. But Leonid Elenin is a new, edited name showing up in 2010.

Is he real? Yes, thank God. Is Leonid Elenin his real name? Not quite.

Reasons why we should not worry
  • NASA says that there is no Planet X, and Comet Elenin is just another comet that will give us a nice show in October.
  • Elenin is not an unusual last name
  • Leonid is not all that unusual a first name
  • There are a handful of references to Yelenin Leonid/Leonid Yelenin from 2009 and 2008: Referred to as Yelenin Leonid, April 2008, 2008 astronomy forum, 2009 comet site
  • He is active on his blog, and chats with people regularly about the comet’s trajectory. He apparently knows Russian and English.
  • There are two photos of him on the internet, one attached to an interview, and one attached to an institution he’s a member of.
  • Here’s a local Russian story about the comet discovery, that gives Elenin some personality.
  • Here are some 2010 quotes from him in some news stories about space events, pre comet-discovery: quote 1, quote 2
  • He’s attached to real-life institutions: Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS, Researcher • Jul 2009 to present, Moscow Aviation Institute, class of 2004
  • His name shows up on this forum for a product, indicates he’s active on Internet – but this could be a chosen user name, too.
  • He has a Facebook page:

    Reasons why we should worry
    • The full name of Leonid Elenin translates to (in its realest, rawest form): Prophetic meteor shower from constellation LEO that peaks in November, extinction level event, Sumerian lady goddess. Of course, conveniently or inconveniently, this sums up the whole Planet X conspiracy theory in a nut shell…big planet or comet or asteroid headed our way, look to LEO, will get close in October/November…will cause mass extinctions…warned about in ancient Sumerian astronomy, planets as gods.
    • Comet Elenin’s orbital path and timing is nearly identical to Planet X’s (its orbit was mapped out before the comet’s discovery), the one hinted at/warned about by the ancients and theorized to exist for over a century by modern scientists - due to Uranis and Neptune’s odd orbits. Regardless, NASA admits they don’t know Elenin’s size and there’s always a small chance it could cause damage.
    • The full name of Leonid Elenin is completely original, in both Russian and English – I have found no one else with this name.
    • The English name Leonid Elenin does not start showing up until March-ish 2010, when a blog is set up that eventually documents Elenin’s December discovery.
    • There is no audio or video of Elenin, just two similar-looking photos, and quotes throughout articles and a few interviews.
    • His name on Facebook is Leonid Elenin, not his Russian name or accurately translated English name, which he apparently used before.
    • Furthermore, his Facebook page shows that he’s a fan of a lot of astronomy/comet pages (this looks forced/spam my to me). He also accepted  me as a Facebook friend. I think he’s accepting all friends. This is odd to me, for a guy apparently so private.
    • I’ve yet to find anyone who can verify that they’ve met him. Even interviews seem to be via text – no US media has interviewed the guy. Here’s a quote from someone who follows him on Google Buzz (Gmail contact) and Facebook, who I emailed: “Hi. I never met Dr. Elenin but I'm speaking with him by phone and by e-mail regularly”
    • And from another Facebook friend, someone who’s worked at a prominent US company: “Never met the guy (if there really is a guy to meet), I friended him on Facebook because I want to know the truth, just like you guys.”
    • Yelenin is an obscure amateur Russian astronomer (you have to translate a lot to find out any info), who seemed to discover Elenin almost by accident.


    1. Keep up the good work!!! Found a NASA article I thought you would find interesting, here:

      This talks about NASA installing "special" cameras worldwide to be able to track any and every meteroite/asteroid in contact with earth's atmosphere.

      Figured this would help you try to find the truth. My opinion, I believe when Earth passes through Comet Elenin's tail that Earth is going to be showered with rocks/asteroids of all sizes to cause an extinction level event.

      Have you ever checked out "Leonids" in Wikipedia??????Talks about a meteor shower from the LEO constellation that peaks in this is much to conicidence.....

    2. I too tried to google, yahoo, bing, etc etc whole day for his pictures with every possible way but could not find any besides the same 2 pictures one standing with telescope and the other one is close up version. I have read somewhere that he is not real person too. Since 2010 there is no new pictures of him out there why?? where is he these days??