Friday, April 15, 2011

Video of Sakuraijima Volcano Eruption & UFOs - New UFO Sightings, 4/15

You're gonna wanna order this video extra-large - pop on over to YouTube to watch.

Check out the different varieties of white orbs!  
Someone has recorded the live cams of the Sakuraijima Volcano UFOs. Check out the many Japan UFO sightings documented on this blog and then compare to this footage. Keep in mind those lights at the bottom of the volcano are not from cars - I watched them morph into a giant ball of light that hovered in middle of volcano for what seemed like hours. Is this a natural phenomenon, is this ball lightning? Or is this volcano under attack? Please compare this video recording to my screen shots below, and keep in mind that this UFO orb phenomenon is not unusual and is TYPICAL around ley lines (think Stonehenge, Great Pyramid, military sites), and natural disasters... and have been showing up in DROVES in Japan up until and during the earthquakes and tsunamis.

I'll be back soon with a bunch of new UFO sightings, MUFON reports, UFO tweets, a Comet Elenin update, a Jerusalem UFO update (apparently there's even more evidence of hoax, and this is just the wackiest, strangest, most irrational UFO story I've ever come across).

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