Monday, April 4, 2011

Twitter UFO Sightings & Buzz, 4/3

@Zerbog I had a dream about a UFO last night that used a very peculiar air propulsion system out of holes at the bottom of the craft.
@seinaruyukiyuki (translated) Ah! Usou that! Just when you come back, shooting star?? UFO?? ψ s the view like a great light (`∇ ') quite large and fast blue tip pictmap ψ?? green? like I was looking for colors like ... A person staying or what? It was a moment
@stavrosfilm (translated) A friend told me in elementary school when I suddenly remember the UFO story. Went down in the coast of Kamakura. Adamski Shitarashii witnessed a group of type. UFO or sauce on the bottom of the base? Present there right now, and what do they think about him? I vaguely, Kenya nowadays, and more.
@jackie0010 ummm im pretty sure there are aliens&ufo's #justsaying
@VegasReportCard I saw a UFO other day?

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