Sunday, April 24, 2011

"There is something by the sun!!!" UFO Message Board Finds, 4/24

Something's up - with SOHO or the sun. Which one do you think has the glitch?
Check out SOHO's latest image of the sun and also watch the GIF video. there has been lots of crazy activity over the last couple of days but it's what has happened on 4/22/11 sometime after 21:00 or 22:00.
uhm, I think we're about to be in BIG trouble!!
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(can somebody shorten the above video to start on 4/22, Thanks!)
current pic of the sun (WTH?!)
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Yes on 4/22 between 08:00 and right around 18:00 we miss all that vid time, and then right on to 4/23. The picture right about 4/22 19:00 LOOKS HOT! Can someone explain?
Since about the 18th of april I noticed that black line coming from the sun Then as of yesterday it shifted to the other side on the soho image. It looks like neutrinos coming from a plasma beam from the sun. Since im not a suntard, can you experts please enlighten us as to what that thing is in the soho image?
Well, we've got some photos and videos to back up the SOHO oddities.
Say all the "2 suns" is false. That still doesn't explain those videos of the telescopes i believe in Hawaii that captured a low rising body of light and then drop down again below the horizon. Who knows if these sun videos are real, although i once saw a video of someone matching up times on SOHO pictures and his camera... mysterious body lined up perfectly.It makes sense there is some body out there as even the main stream media is beginning to talk about new planets, "star explosion", comet in a horseshoe, Tyche, Elenin, etc. i always forget about the Native (Mayan idea?) girl holding the tablet on one of the murals at Denver Airport clearly indicates a second sun.Please do not be so quick to write the idea off. By the way the top of Denver Airport was constructed with Kevlar (bullet-proof). This Elenin object is called a comet, however it is part of a bigger system that will at some point bring raining fire as we cross behind it.
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^^^Above picture is the same layout as the weird colours sticking out the bottom of the blacked out area on the sky programs.^^^
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All of these pictures are from this blog : [link to]
Good night and God speed everybody!

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