Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Second Fireball Zooms Into Japan Volcano - New UFO Sightings, 4/13

Hey guys, so I was pretty ecstatic to experience my first UFO sighting...via the live web cams of the erupting Sakuraijima Volcano. The UFOs that popped in and out of these web cams, seemingly randomly, resemble very typical and consistent UFOs that have been spotted along ley lines (Stonehenge, pyramids, etc), and during natural disasters. This particular brand of UFOs has been all over the place in Japan right before and during the earthquakes and tsunamis.

This Isn't A New Thing In Japan
Here's just one of many examples of these orbs showing up on local Japan news. Watch how this orb glides across the water and then disappears in mid air. This is apparently normal behavior of UFOs like these.

My Second UFO Sighting
Well, I already shared screen shots with you of one of the moving orbs. Well, here's another! So not a fluke.

Well, as I took in the lights hovering around the Sakuraijima Volcano (again, via a live web cam, which admittedly had some rebroadcasts), I was lucky enough to watch two different orbs zoom into the volcano two different times. The first time it looked like a shooting star, and the second time the orb was a bit bigger and was extra fiery. Another point I saw a really big glowing ball that was unmistakable.

So, what's going on here?
As I mentioned before, there is a correlation with these types of UFOs, ley lines, and natural disasters. Is there an internal earth process creating this spiritual or perhaps mundane natural phenomenon? Is the volcano sucking the orbs into it, or are the orbs moving around in somewhat of an intelligent or intentional fashion?

Either way, we've got some true-blue UFOs on our hands. I suspect if this is a natural effect, it's one we're not privy to - perhaps it relates to Tesla's free energy technology, which also has strange ties to ley lines!

I welcome and and all logical explanations. I've done some research, but I'm no geology or volcano guru, so if you are - please chime in!


  1. I would venture to say that the lava/steam is electrically charged and those lights are plasma discharges....kinda like ball lightening.

  2. Yeah, interesting theory! I'm especially interested in this because I think it could explain other similar UFO sightings around volcano and certain areas. So you think the orb was basically sucked in?