Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh Comet Elenin, Let Me Count the Ways You Confuse Me - Comet Elenin Update, 4/12

Update: Leonid Elenin has found the "galaxy" the star gazers (read below) stumbled upon, near the MIA Comet Elenin, and he shared a link with me. I don't know entirely what this means, but I'm guessing it means there's not much to worry about. Elenin did not answer my question about how he was able to discover a comet so far and faint, though, as early as December 2010. But hey, guys, I'm gradually picking up on this stuff...got to rely on the astronomy experts, amateur or pro, for now.

Wow, as if this Japan UFO madness isn't, well, mad enough. Now, we've got some incoming Comet Elenin news. And the news is there's no news. Move along folks, nothing to see here....

No Comet Elenin. But what is that? A galaxy?
Turns Out, Comet Elenin Isn't All that Bright
What appeared to be a growing concern, a comet with a growing coma, is not quite as baddass. Astronomers just can't seem to find the darned thing - it's not very bright, so it may not give us such a show this fall. As a result, telescopes are proving useless in the current search for the comet. Leonid Elenin posted a link to this story on his very own Facebook.
"It's still early in the game, but reports from visual and photographic observers over the past few weeks have tempered expectations somewhat. Those looking for Comet Elenin by eye have found it elusive. Only two observers — Jakub Koukal, using a 9½-inch (24-cm) reflector in the Czech Republic; and Juan José González Suárez, using an 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain in Spain — feel certain they glimpsed it by eye in early April. But it was a no-show for comet-hunter Alan Hale, who had a larger telescope at a pitch-black site 7200 feet (2200 m) up."
The very next day, SydneyStarGazers.com confirmed this story.
"This is the latest picture of where Elenin should be…. and it should be located right smack in the middle of the picture. We will process this picture later to look for any signs of comet Elenin."
But that's not the interesting part - never mind that Comet Elenin is a rumored cover story,  - no, seriously, NEVER MIND THAT, it's apparently not interesting at all that astronomers can't spot the comet. Here's the interesting part.

What's That Galaxy Doing There?
"But we did notice something unusual. In the bottom left hand corner we have pointed out an interesting object which in all purposes looks like a galaxy. But we are not exactly sure which one it is because according to our star charts, there shouldn’t be one in that location."
We Can't See It. But We've Known About It Since 2010.
Anyone understand how the comet's discoverer, an amateur astronomer, might have spotted it in December 2010, if it's so elusive? Perhaps it was just bigger or reflecting more light then? I wish I understood this more...I'll just go back to my head scratching.

Today's Google logo.
You've Got To Be Kidding Me, Google
On the surface, and to most sane individuals, today's logo is a harmless, artsy tribute to the first man in space. Russia's celebrated Yuri Gagarin, red planet, CCC on the helmet for Russia, 5 Xs for 50th anniversary, on and on. To us conspiracy miners, the red planet is red planet, with xs all around it (and orbiting around a planet like a moon would), and a Russian cosmonaut who may have gotten credit for something he didn't do........ sound familiar? Recap: Nibiru is brown dwarf star or ET planet, it had 5 moons according to Sumerians - Comet Elenin even rumored to be one of these moons - X marks the spot, right?, it was referred to as Planet X, and its discoverer is an amateur Russian astronomer who may have gotten credit for something he didn't do.

Hey, I don't think Google is telling us anything, but I do think they know all about those Google searches we've all been doing as a curious collective (I work in the Internet industry, so I know Google, plus know what searches lead here) and are very intentionally fucking with us.


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  2. This is a great post by ufo enquirer, I just checked out Dr Elenins facebook and found his arts and entertainment choices interesting;
    Movies- Star Wars and Lord of the Rings trilogy
    Games - The Elder Scrolls, fallout, DCS: Black Shark, LOCK ON: Modern Air and finally best of all, Elite. Make of that what you will but I would say someone is trying to say something to those that can read.
    Personal thanks to The UFO Enquirer for all time spent.

  3. Thank you for that great feedback! AS I dig more and more, the comet and the conspiracy story is looking less and less of a deal, but there are still many questions, and yes I appreciate those insights into his Facebook. What a great eye!!! I'll be sure to give you credit (as much as I can) if I do a post on that stuff. Thanks for catching that and sharing.

  4. Hello UFO enquirer,
    I have some information that may only at this stage, confuse even more!
    As you say, SpaceObs.org reported Alan Hales lack of success in spotting this elusive comet on 4th and 5th April. Strangely however, Dr Hale carries on Facebook, an image he captured of said comet on 27th March? Dr Hale is a FB friend of Dr Elenin, so the image is available to view, and Dr Hale does not have many images in his page, roughly 6 in total. As there was a disconnect here, I switched to investigation mode and educated myself a little on the eminent Dr Hale, and interestingly his phd thesis was enttled..."Orbital Coplanarity in Solar-Type Binary Systems: Implications for Planetary System Formation and Detection". He was also born in Japan, which is a connection thats popped up a noticeable number of times for me now, but only in relation to this particular subject.(though I accept this could just be a string of co-incidences) mmm, and why so much symbolism seemingly all pointing in the same general direction - ? It reads like a Dan Brown novel, scripted almost. I would be glad to hear your thoughts on this.
    Kind regards

  5. Hmm interesting, i''ll be doing a new update soon with all the recent developments - what's your email addy?

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  7. yeah woops haha ! didn't think about that, anyways i'll talk to you soon