Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Screen Shots of Japan UFOs at Sakuraijima Volcano - New UFO Sightings, 4/13

So, I've been watching the semi-live Sakuraijima Volcano web cam (when there's a date stamp, it's live, when there's not, they're rebroadcasting). I haven't caught any new orbs clearly moving around, but there is some weird light/plasma/gas activity at the bottom of the mountain. I had been seeing lights flash around and it, they looked like cars' headlights (though why the hell would there be cars around this volcano).

Well, strange enough, these "car lights" then morphed into one giant ball that got really big and then got small again.

I have a gazillion screen shots, but here's a few to show how the big ball of light explosion got.
It's worth it to note this ball of light shows up in another Japan UFO volcano video - could be a natural phenomenon. I don't understand it, though. And with the typical white orbs hovering over it...anyone's guess is good at this point.

Here are the lights around the volcano, they move around oddly. Then two lights zoomed into each other (see the balls next to each other at bottom) and created a huge ball of light that got really big (didn't get that screen shot) and finally it returned to a more moderate size. The ball of light was still there when I exited the web cam, and it seemed to emit other lights that zip around the volcano. Compare to clear lens artifacts and reflections.

One red orb. (It was wiggling a lot as I was watching it.)

Becomes two red orbs. 

Is there a natural explanation for all this? Any ideas? Keep in mind these types of UFOs - well the white orbs that blink and change formations, and occasionally zoom around - are common around ley lines, sacred sites, and natural disasters. Could there be a correlation?

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