Monday, April 18, 2011

March 27th Photo of Comet Elenin - Comet Elenin Update, 4/18

This is a photo of Comet Elenin taken on March 27th of this year, by one of the discoverer's Facebook friends, Alan Hale. This image is a public photo. Here's the description for it:
"Ten-year-old camera (that I haven't played with in three years) and hardware (RS-232 serial cables, anyone?), achingly slow software interface between Mac and Windows, winds that were gusty at times . . . it isn't very pretty, but this is an image I took last night of Comet Elenin (discovered last December by Russian astronomer -- and Facebook friend! -- Leonid Elenin) that may become quite bright later this year. It's the fuzzy object just to the left of top center."
You can compare this picture to the more recent April photos. Hopefully this will help with your search and trajectory tracking.

The comet has proved elusive of late, but I guess Dr. Hale got lucky in March. A reader did some digging and discovered that Dr. Hale is an expert in binary sun systems. Make of it what you will.

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  1. Binary Sun Systems ... WOW!
    It does make seanse when you remember that NASA discovered a massive object out beyond Pluto back in 83, then clammed up about it. Dr. Harrington and a team of Scientists started working on it, and he was going to go public with their findings ...... the other Scientists continued the work, and published several papers on Nemesis, and Dark Star, and recently Tyche. A Brown Dwarf Star out beyond Pluto with 6 Planets interacting with our Solar System, and now it appears to be coming in closer than anyone predicted ... who would have thunk!

    Seems like Dr. Harrington and Mr. Sitchin just might have been right all along