Friday, April 8, 2011

Latest NIbiru/Planet X/Comet ELENin Sightings - New UFO Sightings, 4/8

Is this Nibiru in the UK?
YouTube description: "I'd like to thank the skeptics, hecklers, debunkers, and plain shit-talkers for pushing me to create a video in 1' time lapse of the Sun, Nibiru, and 2 others disks in undeniable motion and view. Please check out the video from 2 days prior and you will see the objects/planets in the same place and no, a sun glare doesn't turn into a planet, people. If you don't wanna wait 8 minutes, simply scroll the play bar back/forth and you will see that the Sun and 2 object are all locked into place move together."

GLP-er Snaps Shot of Nibiru
No photo evidence provided yet, though. Make of it what you will
I been taking pics o the sun for bout a week now,seeing if i could catch something,and for the 1st time today,its clear blue sky,and my pics have turned out something planet looking at about 2 o clock from the sun.i made sure i could see the lens flare on the opposite side so looks convincing.Cant upload pics just now as i need a stupid card reader thingy,but if any1 else is up in scotland,go take some pics and see if i am right.
I'm not even sure if thats where i should be looking,but even the missus is slightly dubious
*whispers*...she is shill :P
And Another Second Sun
It won't let me post this to the blog for some reason, but here it is.

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