Monday, April 11, 2011

John Titor the Time Traveler, More Proof - Breaking UFO News, 4/11

John Titor's Time Machine
Scroll down for info on John Titor's so-called Florida Fighting Diamondbacks Militia. Read the intro, however, if you're not familiar with the story.

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In the meantime, let's revisit John Titor, a self-proclaimed time traveler from the year 2036 who decided to spill the beans about future physics discoveries and political outcomes for us, on message boards in 2000 and 2001. As promised, he disappeared from the forums in March 2001, apparently returning back to his original time.

Before moving on with this story, ask yourself this: Is time travel a possibility in our distant future? If you think there's a good possibility, then ask yourself: has anyone from our distant future come back to visit us?

Who's John Titor?
John Titor shared details and photos of his time traveling machine, and answered every question that was asked about him during his time on the message boards. He predicted a number of events to unfold, and some have, while others have not (most notably the US has not devolved into civil war). Of course, there could never be any holes to his story, as he was not just returning to a past time, but to a parallel time. In 2036, time travel allows you to travel back to a similar, almost identical past, but a parallel universe - not quite your own.

So, I know what you're thinking... yes, he was hanging out with his younger self, who apparently referred to him as Uncle, and no, there's no paradox.

So, why did he come here?

John Titor claimed that he was headed back to our time to get the unique IBM 5100, which had a secret function needed in 2036 to fix up some code. As bizarre as this sounds, no one knew of the IBM 5100 secret at the time Titor started posting, and well, he was right about this.
According to Bob Dubke, the second engineer on IBM's 5100 team in Rochester (who now co-owns a locally-based company called eXport Ventures Corp. and also works for Edina Realty), that secret function was his contribution to the design of the computer. The function, which IBM suppressed because of worries about how their competition might use it, was an interface between the assembly code surrounding the computer's ROM exterior, and the 360 emulator hidden beneath it. (IBM declined to comment for this story.) The 5100's emulator gave programmers access to the functions of the monstrous, and much less portable machines, that IBM had produced during the 1960s. An imprint of a hook on the outside of the 5100 symbolized the ability of Dubke's interface to drop into what Titor called "legacy code," and scoop out any necessary operating instructions. 
John Titor was either a great storyteller who was somehow privy to this super obscure, top-secret info, or he was...strange enough...the real deal.

"Fighting Diamondbacks Militia"
John Titor's Fighting Diamondbacks Militia Is Real
Titor claimed that at the age of 13, in 2011, he joined the Florida Fighting Diamondbacks Militia. At the time he wrote this, there was no Florida Fighting Diamondbacks Militia. The term "fighting diamondbacks" has been used here and there to refer to grassroots militant organizations, but other than that it's rarely used, and never in context of Florida, and never with term "militia" after it. Well, until 2010.

Could this be John Titor, or a friend of his?
In 2010, a mention of the Fighting Diamondbacks Militia, based in Texas and/or Florida, popped up on the Internet. A photographer documented the group, consisting of adults and kids of all ages essentially preparing for the next civil war. Anyways, this looks to be another crazy weird and obscure John Titor prediction. I emailed the photographer in an attempt to get more info about the group, but he did not get back to me.

This page has been cached since 2010, but folks are only starting to discover it. This just adds more weirdness to the table - this is not being used by to promote John Titor, and it almost seems like it's showing up on the Internet on accident (pretty sure the diamondbacks are an anonymous group).


  1. It's really incredible. I'm happy to read these news because of the story can be true and i'd love to travel in time. BUT i'm also scared about this because of the WW3!!!!

  2. I have been researching Titor for years. Fake or not, he fascinates me,

  3. Watch Steins;Gate, this anime contains John Titor Story and CERN plus WW3. It's a very good Anime!

    1. Well not exactly the wwIII that real tutor predicted happens in 2015 where as the one from the Anime is an uprising against CERN.

    2. Titor inspired me to think and look outside the box, now I can't see or be inside the box because everything seems so fabricated.