Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jerusalem UFO Update, Breaking UFO News - 4/5

So, you know how there were those two fantastic Jerusalem UFO videos, that were then followed up with a confusing and inconsistent lot of hoaxed and seemingly authentic copycat videos? Of course you do.

New-ish Jerusalem Dome of the Rock UFO Sighting
Well, we've got a brand-new video for you. Check out this more typical looking UFO hovering over the Dome in the daytime. Is this another hoax, or attempt at disinfo?

Jerusalem UFO, the Movie
If you want more of the original sighting, here's the most recent "cinema-like" version of it. Even the original witness is not claiming it's the real deal, but he won't elaborate on how he came across this.

This video has some cryptic references to the 1991 Barbury Castle Crop Circle. Can you figure out the meaning?

MUFON Closes the Jerusalem UFO Case
Whether or not this most recent addition is bull shit, the original Jerusalem UFO videos, and witness (who's still investigating the thing on Facebook), remain. So, why did MUFON rule the whole event as a hoax when they focused their investigation on the videos that followed the 2 originals? The Examiner, well, examines... So, what's going on here? Is the Jerusalem UFO some out-of-control film school project/prank, is there a cover up going on...?

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