Sunday, April 17, 2011

Japan's Sakurajima Volcano UFO Update - New UFO Sightings, 4/17

All kinds of funky UFOs are showing up on the live web cam (when there is a time stamp, it's live - otherwise it is a alternates) of the Sakurajima Volcano eruption in Japan. Sometimes the UFOs aren't there, sometimes they're REALLY there. As of 8:53 central time this morning, there were a few white orbs around.

Following on the heels of Japan's UFO "outbreak," which correlated with the earthquakes and tsunamis, this is especially interesting - or disturbing. I am no geology expert, but I have scoured the Internet for information on what could be causing these lights! Are we witnessing earthquake lights and/or ball lighting? And if so, why are these same sightings showing up all over Japan, but in other contexts, and why aren't they behaving like earthquake lights or ball lighting?

Check out this recent Japan UFO sighting...from the local news:

Look how this orb glides across water, and then disappears in mid air.

Wow, it's a whole fleet! Those are not birds, guys... 

UFO fleet over Iceland Volcano

Now, compare to the UFOs spotted on the volcano:

What I've personally witnessed so far....and keep in mind these types of UFOs, however natural they are, are typical around ley lines, important historical events, and natural disasters...
  • White orbs blink in and out, wiggling around, hovering in mid air, occasionally changing positions, or zooming down into volcano
  • Fiery lights at bottom of volcano that, at first, look like car headlights, but on closer inspection, clearly are not. I watched two fiery lights, for example, interact with each other than then explode into a gigantic ball of light that sat on volcano for a long time, and then broke up into two lights again. This same ordeal happened at a different Japan volcano recently, too!
  • Strange colored balls of lights hovering over volcano for long periods of time.  
Are there internal earth processes creating these effects, or is there something more intelligent going on here?  Here are some other sightings, from the message board tracking these viewings.
"Blue orb on this cam...^^^^"

"there are hundreds of ufo's on the screen now."
"What is the light at the bottom of the mountain moving back and forth?"


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