Monday, April 11, 2011

Japan UFOs, Hovering Over Volcano RIGHT NOW - Breaking UFO News, New UFO Sightings 4/11

Okay, guys, the Japan UFOs have been as out-of-this-world as they've been out-of-control. Following on the heels of a number of amazing UFO sightings around the world, this latest batch is really a doozey. What's going on here? Is there a natural explanation for these white orbs congregating around the Japan earthquake and tsunami disasters? Why do some zoom around like they're under intelligent control, while others just blink in and out of existence, remaining stationary? (These orbs are similar to those that often pop up along the Earth's "Ley Lines," featuring sacred sites like Stonehenge and the pyramids.) Why do some flat out disappear in front of our eyes? Is there something going on with the cameras, or the time lapse? Is this an illusion?

And if this is no illusion, what are these orbs doing in Japan? Are they friends or foes?

Before we get into the live footage, here is a compilation of some the recent UFO sightings in Japan:

Here's a link to camera 9 of a certain Japan volcano (not sure which, URL is not labeled), and a screen shot below if it doesn't load for you. I've been watching the cam, and the orbs are mostly not moving, but they seem to pulsate a little bit and occasionally will move around. Is this something happening on the lens, or on the ground?

Live Cam Footage of Volcano UFOs

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