Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Forget the Moon, Mars Has Way Cooler Stuff - Breaking UFO News, 4/26

Man in the Red Planet? 
So, apparently there are all kinds of faces, or landmarks that look like face, on Mars. The the European Space Agency Portal and the Mars Anomaly Research Society have recently discovered two new anomalies on the red planet. 
According to the observation of Basiago, the close resemblance of the profile to human beings can be used as evidence to confirm earlier speculations. The assumption that a group of humanoid beings on Mars are genetically related to Earthlings is now more founded. This is based on the similarities in their physical appearances.

SETI's Not in the Budget
Don't get it. The more and more evidence we get that there's life out there in the universe, and more and more warnings we get that it won't necessarily be all that friendly...the less and less funding SETI gets?
Astronomers worldwide are mourning the loss of the Searth for Extraterrestrial Intelligence program after funding was finally cut and resulted in the closure of the Allen Telescope Array that once gave hope to mankind that we would one day intercept an alien signal from space.  But while some are suggesting the shutdown is a sad sign of our times, others are suggesting we're pulling the plug for other reasons.  While the shutdown is termed temporary by the institute, others are afraid this could mean the end of one of the greatest undertakings the human race has ever embarked upon.

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