Friday, April 8, 2011

FBI Releases Roswell Documents, Is this the beginning of disclosure ? Breaking UFO News, 4/8

Wow, FBI files that imply there was a Roswell UFO cover up, for real? And following on the heels of other countries' collective UFO disclosures?

Well, everyone's been eager for some sort of ET disclosure and it seems like it's been coming down the pipeline. With all the random astronauts and air force members and presidents and military veterans coming out about their own UFO and ET experiences left and right, and UFO sightings on the up and up, I do imagine it's getting hard to keep the secret.

And keep in mind I don't know what that secret is. I just believe the government knows if aliens have visited us, in ancient times, or throughout history, or never, and they have kept this knowledge from us so they can use it against us.

Anyways, here's the original FBI document, it will take a while to load. The gist is that an air force investigator reported that there were three crashed flying saucers, each with 3 human-shaped bodies wrapped in a fine texture-like cloth - they were a mere 3-feet tall each! There is no explicit mention of aliens, but this is a 1950s report from Roswell and, well, this is a little beyond foreign-sounding. Anyways, we know government will say the report is false or hoaxed, but it's very revealing that the government is revealing this. I mean, really, think on it - what's the agenda? They certainly didn't have to release this little report.

Anyways, there were lots of goodies in these FBI files, which have actually been around for a little while (not sure why the news is fresh, but whatever), so here's a nice wrap up of the coverage:

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