Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chris Brown believes in aliens - Twitter UFO Sightings, 4/19

Don't have too many UFO sightings, per say, but a lot of buzz about UFOs and aliens on Twitter due to FBI release of documents, the alien body found in Russia, and tweets by famous people about the topic. A few days ago, it was Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus. Now a well-known fan of UFOs and the like, Chris Brown is tweeting.

@chrisbrown I believe in aliens!!

@antoniaunan I saw that UFO video that chris brown retweeted ages ago and I just saw it now again which reminded me how scared it made me :( omg

@HolaRayy All these ufo videos are scaring me!! We probably invaded their planet why shouldnt they invade ours, hope theyre friendly

@MedsVoice @Classic_GQ yeah seen it on CNN iReport. Apparently a UFO crashed in Russia about a month ago.

@ChayTee Ya'll need to go on worldstar and watch thr UFO sighting video..shit is scary and will turn you into a believer I promise.

@Niburu_2012 They say the UFO sightings are happening to warn people in certain places. You guys should spend a vacation day googling planet x

@jcaoagdan RT @LaurenAntonette: I want to see a #UFO

@OfficialLeander Is there an Adventist stance or belief on UFO's?

@MotherNatureNet Our #1 article on Google News right now: "FBI opens Roswell vault" http://is.gd/11bcI5 (proving that you can never guess what will hit :)

@Chris_Moody The world, explained. RT @Drudge_Report REPORT: JFK Demanded UFO Files 10 Days Before Assassination... http://drudge.tw/eoSh4G

@OVONiko This UFO/ Alien talk is tripping me out.

@realniggaz1987 I'm starting 2 believe in UFO! SMH it's coming 2 an end Believe it or not

@kobouz I saw a strange green light across the sky during a jog, I asked some friends of my daughter "UFO seen!" It seems that a lot of yelling and that. (translated)

@reecesko Y'all better watch out for these UFO's, they gone invade our world and fuck us up like on independents day......

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