Friday, April 29, 2011

Cool-looking Crafts All Over the Place - New UFO Sightings, 4/29

This video of a UFO over Chile was posted April 27th, and as it's in Spanish, I imagine it's a local posting this. You can see three separate crafts - are these planes? - that seem to shape shift and morph into each other. Real weird - any ideas of what this could be?

Posted yesterday, this video features blinking, color-changing lights in Florida, a recent hotspot.

Someone videos two fast-moving, clearly connected lights with night vision. We've had similar sightings in Denver in the past few months: check out this one, and this one.
This was recorded about 11:40 a.m. On the 27 April 2011 over Southeast Denver Colorado flying from the West to the East. It was also very dark as there was no Moon. I have no idea as to what these objects are. What I do is record and post, these are VERY REAL UFO clips of what I have recorded and NOT FAKE !! DEAL WITH IT ON YOUR OWN TERMS !!

Here's a blue and red flashing UFO over London - could it be related to the UFO sightings around the Abbey that conveniently showed up the night before the Royal Wedding?
filmed over London, it' not very clear but the object has both blue and red lights, and moved up and down

There are a zillion UFO sightings, and there is NO WAY I can keep up with all of them, so I tend to feature only the ones with videos to back them up. (Along with MUFON reports and Twitter UFO sightings, that is.) However, I want to call out this apparent account of a UFO landing
"I watched it hover for 10 minutes and then fly across the river and land in someone's yard," the witness stated.
The witness then drove across the bridge "to find where it landed."
"By the time I got over there it had gone back up and started sitting, hovering above the bridge again. I stayed where I was, though, watching it. Finally it started moving right towards my car. I got to see that it was a triangle shape and very large in size. It was quiet and made no type of noise."

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