Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Comet Elenin, Planet X, Leonid Elenin Update - Breaking UFO News, 4/5

So, I've been in contact with Dr. Leonid Elenin, the much-talked-about, but rarely interviewed discoverer of a VIC (Very Important Comet). The recently-located comet, size and threat level to Earth TBD - even by NASA's own omission, happens to have an orbit that mirrors the trajectory and timing of the much-anticipated Planet X, and since Leonid Elenin translates to: "meteor shower that peaks in November and comes from LEO constellation, extinction level event, Sumerian lady god," some people think the comet's a cover for a much bigger danger. The "code name" spells out the whole Planet X conspiracy theory, with roots going back to the 1800s and then ancient times. What a coincidence. I mean, conspiracy or not, is the universe trying to tell us something? The so-called Planet X (or Nibiru), could be a planet, massive asteroid, or conveniently invisible brown dwarf star, and if it does exist, it would be approaching from the South Pole or behind the sun, and would be difficult to spot with the naked eye until late summer and fall - except we might be able to track its moon or satellites. So, is that what comet Elenin is? Is that why NASA is so interested in it? Will it collide with Earth in 2012, fulfilling Mayan prophesy and bringing meaning to ancient texts, and even crop circles?

Or is it just another harmless comet?
Well, even if Elenin is a threat to us, it's at least appearing that Leonid Elenin is a real guy, and not a code name. Here's the latest evidence to prove this (though please check out the full investigation, as I can't carry everything over post to post): part 1, part 2.
1. He's recently participated in a conversation about his identity with a few people in a Yahoo group.  
2. Many of his Facebook contacts have assured me that he is indeed the real deal, and even they are interested in the Comet Elenin/Planet X debate! While they rule out the conspiracy theories, they're still watching the comet closely because it is possible for it to get scary close to Earth, and other comets are keeping it company. One Facebook friend of Elenin's was very helpful and gave me a local lead, so I've got more updates to come!
3. Elenin has been very responsive and seemingly sincere, and he's not even poo poo-ing the conspiracy theorists, which tells me he's not some fake personality, ie puppet of a NASA cover up. Not to mention, there is a bit of info on him on the Internet going back to 2008, he's attached to real-life institutions, and you can find photos of him.
4. Although he's going by his English name now, he went by his Russian name before the blog...and in Russian, only his last name has any cryptic meaning.

But here are a few points I'm still hung up on:
1. While many of Elenin's Facebook friends are assuring me that they know him personally, I have yet to talk to anyone who's met him. It would be perfectly easy for NASA/government to steal or make up an identity, and have that identity remotely correspond with coworkers/etc.They would have had plenty of time to plan.  
2. I have yet to find traces of him from before 2008, and almost all are from 2010. His blog and article commentaries in 2010, pre comet discovery, seem staged, as if someone was building an identity.
3. He claims to be a private person who doesn't like photos or video, but he's been very responsive with me on Facebook and immediately accepted my friend request. Meanwhile, he won't do a single high-profile interview (there have been maybe two, tops, local Russian stories about him) or provide additional photos or video to help prove his identity.  
4. His Facebook contacts are assuring me that Elenin is real by providing links to articles I've already found in my own research.
5. Even those who claim to know him and seem to be a part of the astronomical community, are curious about Comet Elenin, although they're not hopping on the 2012 bandwagon just yet.
6., known for disinfo (at least I've come to this conclusion), put out a story about how spring is fireball season. BUT IT'S NOT! Perhaps NASA is preparing for the debris and meteors that are about to rain down on us due to the comet, the comet NASA has been telling us is harmless. Meanwhile, check out these "fireball" UFO sightings: Ontario green fireball, New Zealand desk-sized meteor

7. Every perfect alignment with comet Elenin, the Earth and the sun, has correlated with Earth's biggest earthquakes over this past year. Including Japan's - someone even predicted the Japan quake due to Comet Elenin's coordinates. There have been multiple warnings about this comet, not just coming from the conspiracy junkies.

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