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New Pics, Story Developments - Comet Elenin Update, 4/17

People are still concerned about Comet Elenin. Why? There's an eerie media blackout around it, despite the fact that it's a real comet that really will pass by Earth in November (no one knows for sure how close it will get).

Is there a Planet X cover up?

Comet Elenin Leads to Japan Quake?

Keep in mind this YouTuber's last video was unlike her others (did not feature her voice or image, and her prediction was not based on same science she used before) and she has not returned. Hopefully her account has not been hijacked, and she was just wrong with her last prediction and now hiding out in mountains.

Every time the comet has been in alignment with Earth and the Sun, there's been a massive earthquake (a Comet Elenin "tracker" even predicted the Japan quake with this info). Plus, all ancient astronomy, which is still relevant and accurate today, points to some 2012 natural event that will either destroy, or completely change this planet. Not to mention, Elenin seems to have some company - with other asteroids and comets, leading some to believe it's a lot more than a comet, or is the first in a long line of well as an almost identical orbit to the hypothesized Planet X. 

Leonid Elenin = Code Name?
There's even some speculation around the comet's original discoverer, an amateur Russian astronomer. His name is ominous - "Leonid Elenin" spells out the whole Planet X conspiracy theory; many people think it's really a code name - has NASA concocted the discoverer's personality, or given Elenin undue credit? There are a few photos of Elenin on the web, but he won't put up a single up-to-date video of himself or meet with anyone in person. The conspiracy about who he is has been going on for a while now, so Elenin is not new to the debate.
No One's Met Elenin
I've done LOADS of research on this, and have communicated on and off with Mr. Elenin. He's very responsive, seems to have a great handle on English, and I've gotten many of his cohorts to confirm he exists. Plus, he runs a blog tracking the comet. No one's MET the guy, though. They all interact with him remotely. He has ties on the Internet that go back to 2008, and I've talked to one person who's known him (remotely) since 2007. How long has NASA known about Comet Elenin - since December 2010, when Elenin was lucky enough to stumble upon it with his radio telescope? Or have they been anticipating this comet for much longer than we all realize?
New Pics of Comet
The search for Comet Elenin has finally begun. Astronomers were disappointed at first, however, when they couldn't spot it. But they've now located it and the tracking can really happen now. Meanwhile, GLP-ers are taking to NASA's new WISE data release to check it out themselves.

NASA Insider Spills Beans?
 Someone got some scary info from a NASA insider, or supposedly they did:
"I'm going to keep this short, but sweet. I have some inside info on elenin and its trajectory. NASA is worried that comet elenin will hit, (yes, physically collide with), the International Space Station (the exact phrasing was "nasa space station"). This means the official .24 au passing distance is a lie. It also explains the media silence. Most comets recieve large, global news coverage. "Haley's comet" is a household name, why not Elenin?

There seems to be a massive disinfo campaign concerning this comet, several youtube accounts have been deleted along with all their videos, for no reason. Nasa shut down its own buzzroom over a single comment stating:

"these are my calculations, but I've revised the 0.24AU's down to 0.0004617 AU's on 21.42pm 16th Oct 2011 (pretty god dam close!)"

On videos with lots of views containing elenin information, click on posters who dismiss elenin with a superior air and sound intelligent, and you will find many of them have accounts made shortly after elenin was found. I'm not saying all of them are part of the disinfo, but you will probably notice the pattern too.
Why am i posting this? people have a right to know.
i will try to find out more.
this will probably come to bite me in the ass...but i have a nasa source."
Expert in Binary Sun Systems (Planet X?) Took Photo of Comet Elenin in MARCH
Despite everyone's lack of success in spotting Comet Elenin, Dr. Alan Hales has an image of the comet on his Facebook from March - according to a reader who's done some digging. Check out what they found:
"I have some information that may only at this stage, confuse even more!
As you say, reported Alan Hales lack of success in spotting this elusive comet on 4th and 5th April. Strangely however, Dr Hale carries on Facebook, an image he captured of said comet on 27th March? Dr Hale is a FB friend of Dr Elenin, so the image is available to view, and Dr Hale does not have many images in his page, roughly 6 in total. As there was a disconnect here, I switched to investigation mode and educated myself a little on the eminent Dr Hale, and interestingly his phd thesis was enttled..."Orbital Coplanarity in Solar-Type Binary Systems: Implications for Planetary System Formation and Detection". He was also born in Japan, which is a connection thats popped up a noticeable number of times for me now, but only in relation to this particular subject.(though I accept this could just be a string of co-incidences) mmm, and why so much symbolism seemingly all pointing in the same general direction - ? It reads like a Dan Brown novel, scripted almost. I would be glad to hear your thoughts on this.
Kind regards"

Compare this to the following articles from (one from 2010, and then one recently...keep in mind THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SPRING FIREBALL SEASON):

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  1. The images posted of Elenin are mostly coming from Spain ... and in those images, you clearly see two objects almost side by side. Enhancing the images revealed some interesting information that very few would believe. The two objects are also surrounded by numerious smaller objects ... more than likely space debris that is coming along for the run.
    Newer images of Elenin reveiled a Brown Dwarf about a month or more behind the first two objects ... this new image is an exact match for images our South Pole Telescope caught in 2008!

    Images will be made available upon request