Friday, April 8, 2011

Celebrities Gear Up for the End of the World - Comet Elenin Update, 4/6

Real or not, some high-profile folks are getting antsy about the end of the world...time has just ticked far too long for us human beings to still be around. So, what's going on here? Are celebrities just giving into fear like your Average Joe? Do a handful of them know something we don't know?

Tom Cruise was way ahead of the game. 
Adorable Suri Cruise's weird Scientologist dad has been prepping since 2007.
Concern for the survival of one’s family in the event of a nuclear attack or massive world war is only natural, and maybe if I had a quarter of a billion dollars I would consider setting up a giant underground bunker too. I really doubt it though. The only preparations I made on December 31, 1999 were getting an outfit and having my nails done for a New Year’s party. Stockpiling water and supplies for the millennium just wasn’t high on my to-do list.
Ashtion Kucher : End of the World, Miley Cyrus : Salvia*
According to In Touch magazine, Kutcher recently spent $4,000 at Los Angeles' Surplus Value Center on survival gear for himself and his family.

An insider tells the publication, "He is obsessed with the idea of either an earthquake or massive uprising and the store specialises in anything you might need for basic survival in the event of a natural disaster."
Joe Rogan: "Could you imagine what kind of chaos there would be in this world if we saw a planet coming our way?  ... people would be losing their FUCKING minds."

Jesse Ventura Sneaks Around the Denver International Airport Searching for Top-secret Bunkers
If there's nothing to worry about, then why does there seem to be something to worry about? 

Ride out the apocalypse in style.
Well, this is quite some profiteering: luxury doomsday bunkers. And the kind of profiteering you can continue to get away with, year after year. But shoot...if I had that kind of would be worth that much luxurious peace of mind. But then agian, not if you had to leave behind friends or family.

*I wonder if I will get some traffic from those terms. 

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  1. Joe Rogan: "Could you imagine what kind of chaos there would be in this world if we saw a planet coming our way? ... people would be losing their FUCKING minds."
    "Can you imagine how many people are going to die because they were not warned ahead of time, and could not prepare as best they could for the coming disaster?"

    TPTB, the Elite & the Filthy Rich will already be safe in their Bunkers & DUMB's before the rest of us. Look at who donated huge sums of money for the "Doomsday Seed Vault" ...

    We knew more about Comet Shoemaker-Levi a year before it hit Jupiter, than we know about "Elenin & the Brown Dwarf Star" now ... and these dang things are coming very close to the Earth!

    You ask why am I sticking my neck out on this? ... others like myself are getting angry that the News Media are not even talking about this ... this should be all over the news ... WOW, a Comet coming very close to the Earth in October of this year! .... nothing!

    If my friends and I can warn, and save one person by allowing them to prepare as best they can, then it was worth it.


    There are less than 6 months to prepare