Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Aliens at the Royal Wedding? Breaking UFO News - 4/5

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Did aliens get invited to the Royal Wedding?
The retired Air Force major and head of the National UFO Center, Gary Filer, thinks that Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton won't be the only sights to see at the April 29th Royal Wedding. UFOs may make an appearance, too:
Filer says his center averages more than 1,000 sightings a month, and he expects to get a few UFO reports from the area surrounding Westminster Abbey, the site of the April 29 wedding.
Whatcha gonna do with all that space junk?!
Phew. Looks like the astronauts aboard the ISS are safe now after a run in with a really monstrous pile of space debris.

Want to find ET? Follow the mining trail...
The idea is that at some point, our home planet will run short of natural resources, and when that happens we will have to tap asteroids for sources of metals and other materials that will enable future economies and technologies. Any other advanced, intelligent civilization would likely face the same challenge, and by scanning faraway asteroid belts for signs of interplanetary mining operations, we should be able to pick up signs of life with current and future telescope tech.
UFO: 1. Norway Airport: 0. 
Looks like we've got another airport shut-down, due to UFO, on our hands. This time it's in Norway. 

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