Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The weirdness on Planet Earth continues - UFO Message Board Finds, 3/23

The Earth is still rumbling, weird stuff is still hanging out by the sun, and people are still really confused about Comet E.L.E.nin (elenin).

Wow, stuff is just getting weirder and weirder! I myself am an alien/planet X agnostic, meaning I'm just searching for the truth with an open mind and I don't know what that truth is just yet. I wanted to see what some of the ideas were about Planet X before Comet Elenin showed up on our radar (in December 2010) to see what was going on before the massive government disinfo. I recommend you educate yourself with as many unbiased resources as possible, but if you're new to the story, check out these two videos: Planet X update May 2008, Planet X flyby scenarios (we know now that we'd be #7, E.L.E according to video...before comet ELEnin was discovered).

Is the sun about to blow, and does a UFO have something to do with it?
"SOHO hiccuped revealing large UFO and something else!"
"Re: BREAKING: 5 hours ago, came up with the biggest explosion ever seen in the Sun Quote [+] #
BREAKING: 5 hours ago, came up with the biggest explosion ever seen in the Sun

Starting at

2011/03/29 20:48
Very similar to the one on the movie 2012"
"I live in southern Norway and I've been noticing increased auroral activity down here for the last year or so. Before that, aurora borealis was a once-in-a-century happening."
The debate about the existence of Planet X/Nibiru (or according to NASA, Comet Elenin) rages on...
"Right. That is called closed minded. I on the other hand have the ability to say that if credible evidence every surfaces on the existence of a planet that fits the properties ascribed to Nibiru, I can change my statement. You base your statement on no logic what so ever and cannot change your mind. That is why your belief is psuedoscience."
"The CONCEPT of a Px type object is immensely intriguing and fascinating to me. I have an almost Fox Mulder like "I want to Believe" attitude on the subject......but alas.. In well over a decade, nothing but crap has been served up as 'proof' so far. Tell me, tell all the AA's [amateur astronomers] where to point our scopes, and there will be so much proof that the PA's, NASA and the almighty PTB will not be able to stop the tsunami of evidence from overtaking the internet."
"Hey guys...check out these 2008 videos about Nibiru, pre comet elenin-discovery, discusses different orbit/scenario possibilties...the 8th worst case scenario is ELE and planet x could be comet-like object:[link to] also apparently there were youtube videos posting photos of nibiru from south pole telescope, that got removed?"
That mysterious rumbling noise I talked about a week or so ago is still making its way around the world. WTF is going on? Someone's even made a petition to get to the bottom of this!
"Hi there, I heard the same thing, I live in Miami and heard it around 4 something pm yesterday.
I have made a petition online for all of us who has heard it to sign to demand an answer from our representatives. I know it is not perfect english not being my first language but I tried my best.
"I have been noticing that, at least here in Portugal, numerous sightings have occurred near big microwave antennae. The microwave field could in some way interact with the propulsion system of the craft, revealing them to the naked eye. Or, it could be that they are attracted to those places for some reason."
"I live in Dollar, Scotland - yesterday at 2.30am i was having a cigarette out the back, this is the 3rd night in a row i've heard the heard the rumbling, sounds like thunder but it definately isnt thunder. "

Did the Yellowstone earthquake prediction, made by various forum posters, actually come true?

Speaking of predictions, 9Nania - the lady who accurately predicted the March 11th quake, and warned folks to get off of fault lines that day - is now worried about the 31st, as that's when Comet Elenin will be aligning with our Earth in an interesting way again. She's specifically concerned about San Francisco. And so are others:
"I'm in Northern Calif. I'm a little concerned because my 13 year old cat is really acting terrified tonight. She was hiding in her bed and wouldn't come out to eat. She's never done that before in the 13 years I've had her. She just acts totally scared to death. It has me a little concerned. She finally ate after stroking and cuddling her for a long time but still acts wide-eyed and freaked out!"
Meanwhile, compasses still seem to be tripping up...are the poles really shifting?

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