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Victor the Alien Interviewer returns, and more Earthquake rumblings - UFO Message Board Finds, 3/18

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More ominious earthquake predictions

Did a GLP-er dream about an upcoming 9.0 quake in California
"I wrote this note on waking up.

Deaths 3,420,052
Time 6:04 am
Date 19 March 2011
Earthquake California
Tsunami approx 35m hig
That's not the only GLP dreamer:
"Now to the reason I’m posting on this thread. On jan 21st 2011, I had another dream, the kind which really bothered me like the previous one. After waking up feeling really distraught, I went online and looked up tsunami videos all day. I also called my mom and brother and told them about this dream which felt extremely real. Anyway, I’m sure you want to know about the details. I remember my house being by the shore in asia somewhere; in a village type place. For some reason I knew something wasn’t right so I drove my moped up to grandmother’s house which was only half a mile from the ocean. As I got there, I turned and looked back and saw a gigantic 100ft tsunami coming towards my village. I knew it was too late to save her but I didn’t want to leave so I stayed until the end. I had another dream the very same night. I was somewhere on the islands along the Philippines. I remembered running for my life along with everyone else as the water was crashing down the road but eventually I made it to higher ground. As I was standing there, I looked at the water levels and suddenly it started to climb very very fast. The next thing I knew I saw an enormous tsunami coming from behind a five story building…if you’re wondering, I didn’t make it. I had my third and final dream that night, it was based in California.. It wasn’t as horrifying as the previous two but then again it ended not too long after it started. I just remember myself driving along the cost when all of a sudden a five foot wave came onto shore and slammed into the side of my car. The dream just ended there. All of this could be coincidence, but just putting it out there in case you are interested."
And wait, more?
"i guess seeing as you are bold enough to go out there with this, i will do the same

two days this week i have had the same dream.
headlines online of a 9.6 quake
9.6, 9.6 all over the place, page after pages of news talking about the 9.6 quake
Lets hope it's just from me being on GLP a bit to much
guess we will see"
Yet someone else has a slightly different, slightly less dramatic prediction:
"It will be the 20th, at approximately 4pm. (give or take a couple hours.) It will be a 6.6 to a 7.2.
It will be made worse by the fact that it will be during high traffic hours, but also for that reason, many more will survive because they won't be in the buildings that are going to collapse. Those in cars on bridges will have issues but not all of the bridges will fall, and of course, that will save many lives.
Then a quake above 7 will hit Nevada within 3 weeks of that time. It will cause more damage monetarily then the Cali quake, but none of us will know why that is for months and possibly years to come.
Sometime in the next 16 months, the Cascadian Subduction Zone is going to put off a HUGE quake, that quake will cause a tsunami to hit the west coast with waves over 23ft high and up to 80ft high.
I am not a scientist of any kind, this is just my thinking given what I have seen, heard, read, and feel.
Prepare as you see fit. Believe or don't. I just wanted to throw this out there."
Has Victor the Alien interviewer returned?!?

Check out this video interview with Victor, the famed alien interviewer from 11 years ago. Here's some of GLP's discussion about it.
"4:00 into part two video:

"I am apparently not long for this world so this will be my final testament. As I intonated on the Arctel interview, My involvement with the S-4 and the alien interview program did come to an end in 1997 and I have not been involved with the black ops program for more than a decade. However, I have been in contact with certain individuals who are still involved in attempting to make sense of the information that was gathered before the aliens discorporated and i am here to tell you gentlemen that if i am not long for this world, you are not much longer. As the bible thumpers say, the end times are upon us. The end of the world. We have been tested and found wanting. The aliens came, they presented themselves to humanity. They were taken, and held, and questioned and allowed to die. And now the reckoning is at hand [laughs].

What is your final testament. "Thank you for your compassion."
Is YouTube seeing an uptick in UFO submissions? 

Check out this discussion of increased UFO sightings.

"Wow!!! Roughly 20,000 UFO videos uploaded to YouTube in the past 1 month... 10,000 of those this past week!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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