Monday, March 21, 2011

What's up with Comet Elenin - UFO Message Board Finds, 3/21

Are the poles about to shift? Compasses are acting funky.
" like I said earlier, I created a map based on the posts up to and including page 6 (but I can't figure out how to post an image directly to a thread) .....and it appears, that magnetic north is where is should be ...but there is a strong magnetic pull a few hundred miles off the coast of South Carolina that is interfering with compasses..."

"I think you hit on a New Theory about the quakes. We need to get exact readings of everyone that sent in about their compasses. Mine, 45 miles South of Little Rock Arkansas is exactly North East. Not North or East but in the exact middle. It would definitely answer even more the animal chages around here. No animals or bird since the quakes started back in Oct. 2010. We feed all of them year round so they are usually everywhere, it use to be nothing to see 5- 7 deer in the yard eating everyday. I am about 85-90 miles from the quake zone and really have been wondering what is going on in my area. Great Thread. I wonder if anyone on here or somewhere that is a Scientist to look at what we have discovered or do they all ready know."

Is NASA behing honest about Comet Elenin. ATS-ers doubt it.
"Because Elenin and its path/angle/position was the basis for validating 2 amazing Earthquake Predictions for Japans 9.0 Super-quake on 3/11 and is the first of 3 events still to occur connected to it this year that could be responsible for an even more catastrophic event around Oct 28, September 11th or November 11th. "

Check out these lights behind the cameraman - is that normal?
"i was watching sky news about an hour ago and there was a live feed on from tripoli and a cameraman was following some objects in the sky they looked low down too low to be planes as 2 mins before a u.s spokesman said that they would only fly high to avoid attacks from the ground."

UFOs aren't just in low orbit these days. 
Here's a great thread about the recent sightings around the sun and the moon.

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