Monday, March 14, 2011

Twitter UFO Sightings & Buzz, 3/14/2011

Local New Jersey news looking for UFO witnesses, new Marfa lights...

@cosmostv I liked a YouTube video -- UFO Over TOKYO 13 March 2011 Must Be Huge
@AlienUFOs Possible UFO sighting Northampton UK
@TomsRiverTV we are still receiving emails and phone calls about the recent sighting. If you or anyone you know witnessed this...
@PrettyWikked I thought I saw a ufo in memphis once though.
@ufoWatcherbot RT @graphicsexpress UFO emerges from volcano in Sakurajima, Japan 13-Mar-2011
@conspiracyboy Latest-UFO-Sightings: UFO emerges from volcano in Sakurajima ...
@BlakeVE Just saw UFO in Lafayette.
@graphicsexpress Daytime UFO activity over Phoenix, Arizona 13-Mar-2011
@alexsossah UFO in Paris sky #mothafuckinaliens
@marfak9 Sadly, the Marfa #UFO is now an IFO. :(
@TheUFOInquirer UFO in Marfa, TX! RT @marfak9 @TheUFOInquirer Lights are stationary, 2nd night visible will try for video tonight

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