Monday, March 14, 2011

New UFO Sightings, 3/14/11

Japan UFO outbreak,  & a 5th angle of the Jerusalem UFO 
UFO sightings seemed to peek in late February and early March, but the latest reports are so intriguing that we wonder…are we due for another wave? And is that a good thing?

Were Japan's UFOs signs of disaster?
For starters, several local news videos covering the Japan earthquakes and tsunami feature UFOs – and one particular brand, a smoky/airy-like entity zipping around in such a fashion that it can’t be mistaken for a manned aircraft or even an insect. Did aliens watch as one of Japan’s greatest natural disasters unfolded? And if so, why didn’t they help?
Here’s one supposedly from right before the quake – very familiar site to UFO fans. About 7 orbs hover in formation
A speedy oval of white heads from left of the screen to the right – the newscaster even pauses at one point, as if he’s taking in the sighting himself. He may have just gotten tripped up with his words, though.

What is that slithering out of the ocean?
This UFO seems pretty close to the ground and is easily mixed up with the debris. Look closely, though, it’s zipping all over the place.
If it weren’t for the other videos, I wonder if this one would ever have been noticed. Anyhow, you can a few orbs hovering over the bright light in this video – they even seem to blink in and out of existence!
A new witness shares his Jerusalem UFO sighting
See a FIFTH view of the Jerusalem UFO
Okay, so the case of the Jerusalem UFO just gets more fascinating as time goes on. No hoaxers have come out of the woodwork, no movie studio has admitted to a viral marketing stunt…and meanwhile, a fifth angle of the UFO has been released on YouTube. As well, the original witness who spoke out, Eligael, continues to investigate the incident on his Twitter and Facebook page.  Although he doesn’t “seem” involved with this particular sighting, he’s helped to clear up the Arab comments – he believes this video was recorded at a hotel on the Arab side by a Palestinian. There is another video of the Jerusalem orb going around the Internet, and I’ll share it in an upcoming post (I don’t think it’s real, but who knows).

UFOs "invade" Atlanta
Atlanta skyline lights up with UFOs
Well, hopefully an earthquake isn’t headed for Atlanta, as a YouTuber posted this compelling Georgia sighting. Are these Chinese lanterns, like the ones mistaken for UFOs in San Antonio? Doesn’t seem like it… says there’ve been other emails about the sighting, but so far this is the only witness account I know of – nothing on the local news about this either.

Lowell UFO reported to MUFON, with video
Lights over Lowell

Okay, so this isn’t the most exciting UFO sighting ever, but it definitely qualifies. See supporting MUFON report below.

Foreign news reports Sicily sighting
Can anyone make sense of this overseas sighting? Google Translate only reveals so much.

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