Monday, March 14, 2011

MUFON UFO Sightings 3/11 - 3/13

Texas outbreak of UFOs, stuff around the moon, and Lowell MA UFO...

Florida (1)
Deerfield: Triangle

California (2)
Long Beach: Dim orbs traveled in sync for 10 seconds and then separated out into sky, as if they were dancing
North San Juan: Metallic egg-like object with sound

Louisiana (1)
New Orleans: UFO hovering and morphing in lunar crater

Maryland (1)
White Hall: Bright, round pink and red light in sky, seemed close

Massachusetts (1)
Lowell: Bright spherical objects drifting 100 to 200 ft in sky (see YouTube video above) 

New Jersey (1)
Absecon (see Twitter UFO sighting in Tom’s River): Weird lights in sky

Texas (7)
Denton: Close-up sighting of bright green and blue circles
Mansfield: Green shape appeared out of nowhere, and then shot back into sky
Jacksonville: Blue orb in sky, 3/4th size of moon
Powderly: Green fireball, comet-like tail in sky
Fort Worth: Moon-like globe shoots from left to right of sky
Killeen: Lime green, circular object appeared to be searching for something, then vanishe
Austin: UFO shadowed a jet liner on the co pilot’s side the plane in front of the wing but along side like staying even with the cockpit.

Washington (1)
Vancouver: Blue star-like object

West Virginia (1)
Ming: Star-like sphere circles moon

These are all the recent sightings reported in to MUFON.

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  1. Tonight my children cousin and I were in the parking lot of a local ball park.My cousin who is 16 he looked up and froze and murmured out what the hell is that I quickly turn my head to see a large round object in the sky it was a bright neon green light as soon as I saw it it disappeared we could not tell if it went up in the air or down onto the ground but it vanished quickly. It scared us really badly. As I left the ball park a tree was down on the side of the road where the bright round object went over. I would really like to know what we might have saw. We live in Columbus Ga.