Friday, March 18, 2011

MUFON UFO Sightings, 3-14 to 3-17

California and Minnesota are UFO hot spots this week !

Unknown city: “snow removal around runway.I was driving the dozer when I knowtest a red light about 300ft from me.I thought it was the taik light of a snow machine with no head light ,it was to smooth like it was flooting I watched it cross the frozen lake shoot up”

Benson: “lights in the shape of an isoscoles trapezoid flew over the local high school, the white lights blinking irregularly, heading west to east, flying low and slow with no sound”

California (4)
Lodi: “object was taveling south E it was bright ornge altatude appox”
Sacramento: “While proceeding thru interchange I5 Capitol City Fwy I observed first one than two flying craft executing high speed and stopping maneuvers while airborne”
Newbury: “Saw triangle shaped ufo going slow across the sky from east to west,no sound”
Santa Barbara: “Twin lights bob and weave northward above Southern California”

Florida (2)
Cocoa Beach: “flew over home in neighborhood very low”
Tampa: “Unexplained phenomenom seen in the sky above New Tampa”

Stone Mountain: “My family and I were on our way to the store. As I was standing in the drive way I saw something that appeared to be a star but it was a little dimmer than a regular star.(note this is not the first time I have seen this star like object. I have seen it a…”

Schaumburg: “Frozen In Mid Air with a red pulsating”


Minnesota (3)
Mankato: “15Witnessed numerous ufos short period of time” & “Multiple "watcher" ufo sighting(20)”
-Check out the video that support these sightings. 
Granite Falls: “A Triangle - Not well lit, very quiet, low.”

Unknown city: “Red lights making shapes in the sky”

Omaha: “No sound. Red and orange hue around outside of object.”

New Brunswick
Fredericton: “Still object (s) hovering at approximately 1000 feet above ground in a remote rural area”

Unknown city: “was stationary for 2 min south of us @ the horizon , object flared up and diminish , then flared up for 2 seconds moved to the right then disappeared”

Wildomar: “Dome shaped craft with light emitting from bottom, dropping objects. moved horizontally and then disappeared.”

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