Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Maybe Katy Perry Should've Married Sammy Hagar - Breaking UFO News, 3/23

From alien abducted rock stars to wannabe believers at NASA, it was a busy week for ET and UFO-related news. Here are the latest headlines. If you're trying to track down new UFO sightings, click here.

NASA Wants to Believe
In a really interesting local news report, NASA administrator Charles Bolden admits he believes the potential for alien life is great, and as a former astronaut, he'd love to see one. Apparently, this sentiment is common throughout the NASA chain of command. However, while Bolden says he's got no proof of alien life - let alone, alien visitations on Earth - he didn't dismiss astronaut Edgar Mitchell's claims that proof exists. MUFON's director Clifford Clift was also interviewed. Apparently, MUFON is on top of the Jerusalem UFO case (though we've yet to have any insight into their investigation, they do have an agent in Israel), and thinks NASA has something to hide about UFOs. 

Capitalism Killed Life on Mars, According to Hugo Chavez
We'll, we've got a new high-profile believer to add to the list: Venezuela's enigmatic president. The leader believes that life on Mars existed, due to evidence of water  found on the planet, but that "imperialism arrived and finished off the planet." 

Former Van Halen rocker abducted by aliens got quite the scoop when chatting with aging rock star Sammy Hagar. Hagar believes his mind was hijacked by aliens while dreaming, and that the aliens downloaded something from it. He's also witnessed a real-life space craft. Lucky guy! Perhaps aliens target the same individuals over and over again, so their stories get too prevalent and funky to accept? Or maybe Hagar is trying to pull a Charlie Sheen?

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