Thursday, March 10, 2011

Breaking UFO News, 3/10/2011

Just what we need, more asteroids! 
We feature recent UFO sightings in a our New UFO sightings series. Here is where to find breaking news related to UFO, space, and the paranormal.
Well, when it comes to Outer Space and Planet Earth, stories don't get much bigger than this: Discovery lands for the last time, at 27-years-old. Next up? A machine's version of the retirement home: the museum! 
Are you ET-phobic? MSNBC knows why. And no, Battle: LA is totally not helping. Seems we should be more afraid of a newly-discovered asteroid. Planet X is just a red herring.Or is it? Here's one for your Nibiru-loving conspiracy theorists: NASA is suddenly prioritizing an anti space debris program that gives special focus to orbital paths.
Meanwhile, could Saturn's moon support life?
Yahoo News
Climate change is in the air. Earthquakes, like this one, are off the charts. As a bonus, the Navy has to prepare for the effects of global warming - melting ice caps - for upcoming missions to the Arctic. But it seems it's all Mother Nature's fault. Should we laugh or cry?
In Hollywood happy time news, Battle: LA has arrived...and so have the retrospective news stories.
Uh oh, this must be serious. Even is tracking that pesky and terrifying asteroid Apophis. And here's another article inspired by Battle: LA, aw how inspired - suggesting Alien attackers would most likely be of the robot variety. OK, it's ON then.
Come into the light, the light....but seriously, click for a lovely picture of one big beautiful sun. Speaking of the sun, its paler counterpart, the moon, will get some much-needed attention beginning March 19th, when it shines brighter and bigger than ever it'll be closer than ever (or since forever, it seems like, maybe 20 years). Although this so-called SuperMoon has been tide to a lot of...I'm sorry, conspiracy-theorist-slip...natural disaster in the past, Popsci assures us that it's all about correlation versus causation. Despite all that assurance, it may be about time that we move it on up, to the other side, to that deluxe apartment in outer space.  
Guess all that message board chatter about solar flare activity was right. Northern Lights-style displays of, well, light, could be visible from New York City, DC, and on. Crazy!
Guess NASA wants us to watch out about that Global Warming stuff.
Woa, National Geographic has lots in store for us! For starters, it turns out life can exist on a planet with an oddball - or, lack thereof - orbit. But life is indeed precious. After all the comets you're already having nightmares about, there's still another that lurks in the corner of the universe, waiting to kill - or at least deeply damage - us all: Hartley 2.
Check out this super secret space plane!
UFO Blogs
One of my favorite UFO blogs, UFO Disclosure Countdown, has a great run-down of the latest sightings  - with video, including the should-be-much-talked-about Siberia UFO sighting.
Do you think Battle: LA is bad for ET Disclosure...on purpose? That's what UFO-Blogger is suggesting. Well, before you rule that theory out, consider this: NASA's totally allowed, and seemingly encouraged, to lie about certain issues.
RealUFO's last few posts are great - take a look at recent UFOs in Chile and Phoenix.

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