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Comet ELENin - Is it our biggest UFO yet? Breaking UFO News, 3/30

So, I'm relatively new to the whole Planet X debate (got myself thoroughly introduced to the topic, though, with this here blog). Apparently, it's been going on for a long time. So, here's what I've found out so far. Please go get yourself educated on this topic before you tune me out, I'd rather you come to the conclusion that there's nothing to worry about on your own, as opposed to coming to that conclusion because you blindly trust NASA and the mainstream media - this is FAR TOO IMPORTANT to ignore.

1800s Search for Planet X
-Throughout the 1800s, astronomers were trying to locate a so-called Planet X, a huge planet in our outer solar system that would explain the odd orbits of Uranis and Neptune. Essentially, the hypothetical planet would be tugging on these two guys, and helping to define their orbits. It seems as though scientists were pretty much in agreement that this planet had to exist.

1990s Ends the Search for Planet X
-In the 90s, NASA sent Voyager out into the outer solar system and it took new measurements of Uranis and Neptune's size...turns out, there's nothing weird about the orbits at all, but that inaccurate calculations led to the questions. No more Planet X needed. Book closed....

...or not?

The Ancients May Have Warned Us
-Well, it's not just modern-day humans that have been curious about Planet X. You can find potential references to it in Sumerian, Mayan, Hopi, and Babylonian ancient astronomy/texts (and later on, biblical) - and of course it all ties to the cyclical nature of the Earth/solar system and catastrophic events/rebirth. Now, I tend to trust the ancients sometimes more than myself, as they were viewing the world in a very raw, real way, and they nailed the astronomy with observations versus assumptions. Anyways, universally in all these texts, we see cycles of the Earth being tied to events in solar system/gods, and of course Planet X's timing coincides with the ancient Mayan calendar. You'll have to read the texts yourselves, but it's kinda creepy! (It's worth noting that many crop circles feature the solar system, and the Jerusalem UFO hoaxers or aliens apparently want us to pay attention to the 2008 Barbury Castle crop circle, for what it's worth.

Comet Elenin Discovered in 2010
-In December 2010, an amateur astronomer in Russia named Leonid Elenin discovered comet Elenin, and apparently it wasn't a big deal? But NASA is actively tracking and acknowledging it, and they can't even 100% rule out that it's not big enough to cause major destruction when it gets real close to us. They're not worried, though, apparently. Anyhow, this comet has the same orbit/timing that the predicted Planet X would have. Also, the discoverer is a bit elusive...some people question if he's actually a real person, or if the traces of him on the Internet (including a photo) are fraudulent. One person even tried to get a real-time convo going with Elenin and whether it was due to language issues or IQ issues, this person was pretty convinced Elenin is no astronomer.

If Leonid Elenin is a real guy, though, and he discovered this comet...there are some weird coincidences that arise with his name:
  • Leonid = prolific meteor shower associated with the comet Tempel-Tuttle, in constellation LEO, tend to peak in November...
  • ...Comet Elenin is in LEO constellation and will likely peak in November...
  • ELE = extinction level event
  • nin = Sumerian (and later Hebrew word) for lady goddess
These terms also have other double, eerie meanings.

There apparently is another comet that people are worried about, that's going to come along with Elenin and maybe even hit closer to home...could Elenin be a red herring?

Accurate Predictions of Earthquakes, due to Comet Elenin alignments...
This is the reason I'm watching this stuff so closely.

People Seemed to Have Predicted Comet Elenin...via Planet X
And even before comet Elenin showed up on our radar, an astronomy journo outfit gave us this 2008 update on Planet X, saying it could very well be a comet-like object! And since these people didn't know the orbit of the hypothetical Planet X yet, they gave 8 scenarios for how the comet might impact us. In the 7th scenario, the comet or planet X is swinging by us in the exact way that comet Elenin is (literally, by NASA's own admission)...and this scenario is referred to as E.L.E - extinction level event. Remember, this video was made before comet Elenin was a known object in space:

Is this all a big coincidence? Or did NASA and company know Planet X was on its way, and so when they finally figured out its orbit and nature, code named it for elites/perceptive people to then be able to pick up on threat and track it - without avoiding worldwide panic.

Prediction for March 31st (likely LA) Quake Based on Comet Elenin alignment

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